Diablo III Patch 1.0.2 Notes

The first patch notes are now available. As promised previously, this first patch mostly addresses stability issues. We’ll be seeing more fine-tuning in the following two patches. This includes some of the hotfixes we’ve seen rolled out over the last week.

diablo 3 patch 1.0.2

Diablo III Patch 1.0.2 – v.


Active Skills

  • Serenity
    • Skill Rune – Tranquility
    • Duration of immunity granted to nearby allies from crowd control effects reduced from 2 seconds to 1 second

Bug Fixes
For a full list of documented game and service bugs, please review the Known Issues sticky located in the Bug Report forum.


  • Players should no longer receive an “Error 14009” when logging in
  • The “Select a Hero” menu will now also display the difficulty level for each character
  • Several speed improvements have been made to the streaming downloader


  • All players in a party should now receive “Till Death Do Us Part” even if they don’t have Haedrig Eamon as their active follower

Act IV

  • Witch Doctors should no longer receive an error if they kill a Shadow Clone with a Damage-Over-Time (DoT) skill after it’s launched a Firebomb but before it’s reached its target

DiabloWikiAuction House

  • The auction log in the Completed tab will now display a player’s activity (bids, buyouts, sales, etc) in the proper order
  • When placing a new bid over a previous bid on the same auction, players will now be provided with the correct warning message: “Raising your maximum bid on an Auction you are already winning raises your current bid to just above your previous maximum bid. Are you sure you want to continue?”
  • Players will now receive an error message if they attempt to purchase an item after the 50 item limit has been reached in the Completed tab
  • The “DiabloWikiPhysical Damage” Preferred Stats option for rings has been renamed to “Bonus Minimum Physical Damage”
  • The “All Damage” Preferred Stats option for weapons and armor has been removed and replaced with bonuses of specific damage types
  • Items which have been purchased from a vendor and equipped by the player can now be sold on the Auction House
  • Listing items on the Auction House from a different character than the one currently selected should no longer cause item display issues


  • The public chat list will now sort alphabetically

DiabloWikiWitch Doctor

  • Spirit Vessel (Passive) no longer clears debuffs when using waypoints or changing equipment
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    37 thoughts on “Diablo III Patch 1.0.2 Notes

    1. Guessing the Tranquility nerf was to avoid organized 4 monk teams from chain-immuning. 2 seconds of group immunity isn’t really worthy of a nerf, but I can see 8 second of group immunity being an issue.

      • That Athene no-lifer did mention they abandon their race for world-first Inferno clear for this very reason. They went 4-monk chain-immunity and this was hotfixed.

    2. I wanted to see more achievement fixes, since some more seem to be broken now. But whatever, the real thing I’m really looking forward is 1.0.3.  I can’t wait to see what will the guys do with the legendaries.

    3. Battle.net

      The public chat list will now sort alphabetically

      …. how about adding proper loby like in D2, so we wount feel soo f-ing alone when bored of playing?
      I’d like to talk to some ppl that are near my location (default national chat), like we had in D2, tons of fun talk and stuff that made game eaven more superiour than it is… 

      • Do you want me to go send your comment ot Blizzard, or you are able to realize that this is a wrong place to ask for this yourself?

        • I belive you’r able to recogning a whining on this front. This issue falls on a death ear at blizz side :S

    4. Stupid game no longer runs after this poxy update.

      launcher says game is up to date – when you log in though it kicks you out saying that an update is available.

      Worst crap i have ever experienced – I waited so long for this rubbish, should’ve spent my money on something else.

        • Downtime was supposed to be over 15 minutes ago, and you can indeed now get past the first stage of login, which means the patch has been deployed. Right now, I launch the game and am told it is up to date. After login I get a message saying that a new patch is available and that D3 will now close to download it. The game minimises to the updater for a few seconds and then a new pop-up says the game is already running before it all shuts down. Attempting to restart has the same results.

    5. I get just error 3003 and nothing else, in the morning before update the game still worked.

    6. just logged in and it looks like they removed a merchant in the hidden camp in act two. (in nightmare by the way).

      • They outlined it in their state of the game update posted yesterday. They address stability issues in .2, .3 will have more tuning, and 1.1 will have major updates.

    7. Um, there are more changes on the post now.  There’s another monk change, and something about auto-joining general chat.

    8. When I got in earlier post patch, I noticed I was getting nephalem valor in hell.  Is this an undocumented change perhaps?  Does anyone know if you get it in all difficulty levels now?

      • Yes. lvl 60 is the only thing that needed. Then u can farm with valor on normal 😆

    9. So after 8 hours of a 2 minute patch, error 37’s across the board for many users. The D3 team has no clue. Please get people that know what they are doing.

    10. “Players will now automatically join general chat when they log in.”

      What? Are there people who actually wanted this? For me, now step one of every game is leaving general chat. Awful change. Would have been much better as “you will now rejoin every chat channel you were in when you last logged out.”

    11. Im getting an issue whilst downloading, i go onto diablo, attempt to log in but when it goes to authencating credentials it asks me to do the update, so i click okay (it says something like ‘a new patch is avaliable, click okay to close diablo and begin download) so then diablo closes and then it says ‘diablo 3 has stopped working, Windows can check online for a solution to the problem, -check online for a solution and the close the program or -close the program. When i view problem details it says this… Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
      Application Name: Diablo III.exe
      Application Version:
      Application Timestamp: 4fe14230
      Fault Module Name: ntdll.dll
      Fault Module Version: 6.1.7601.17725
      Fault Module Timestamp: 4ec49b8f
      Exception Code: c0000005
      Exception Offset: 000222b2
      OS Version: 6.1.7601.
      Locale ID: 3081
      Additional Information 1: c2a8
      Additional Information 2: c2a8c718731fef45c93d04acf896c02f
      Additional Information 3: 39b4
      Additional Information 4: 39b4183dbe64d792822765a9a74f4e1c

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