Fmulder spotted an interesting tidbit from Joystiq; Diablo III will be optimized to look pretty on the super high image quality of the new Mac laptops.

    Apple revealed the “next generation” of its MacBook Pro laptops this afternoon, along with a refresh of its current line of Pro products. One particular standout of the Nvidia Kepler-powered Pro: Apple’s decision to use its gorgeous Retina display, as revealed during the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote.

    Like the last iPad refresh, however, applications and games will have to be updated to utilize the new Retina screen. During his keynote, Apple’s Phil Schiller revealed Diablo 3, Blizzard’s latest addiction, will be updated for the upcoming laptop model.

    There are some useful reader comments in fmulder’s thread about what this means visually, but basically the new macs have such a high resolution display that they make most things look like crap. Website graphics appear blotchy and jagged, like if you zoomed way into images on a normal monitor, and presumably that would be true for video games as well. Thus software like Diablo III needs to run higher quality images for retinal display products.

    These new macbooks cost $2200 and up, which is about double the price of a comparable PC laptop, but if price is no object and you really want things to look pretty, Diablo III should be amongst them.

    Here’s a video review showing how Diablo III performs on the MacBook Pro. It’s just video of the computer; so the picture doesn’t give any indication of how pretty it looks, but you can see the display settings and FPS and such. (Which the narrator inexplicably and hilariously pronounces, “Fips.”)

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