Diablo III Optimized for MacBook Retinal Display

Fmulder spotted an interesting tidbit from Joystiq; Diablo III will be optimized to look pretty on the super high image quality of the new Mac laptops.

Apple revealed the “next generation” of its MacBook Pro laptops this afternoon, along with a refresh of its current line of Pro products. One particular standout of the Nvidia Kepler-powered Pro: Apple’s decision to use its gorgeous Retina display, as revealed during the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote.

Like the last iPad refresh, however, applications and games will have to be updated to utilize the new Retina screen. During his keynote, Apple’s Phil Schiller revealed Diablo 3, Blizzard’s latest addiction, will be updated for the upcoming laptop model.

There are some useful reader comments in fmulder’s thread about what this means visually, but basically the new macs have such a high resolution display that they make most things look like crap. Website graphics appear blotchy and jagged, like if you zoomed way into images on a normal monitor, and presumably that would be true for video games as well. Thus software like Diablo III needs to run higher quality images for retinal display products.

These new macbooks cost $2200 and up, which is about double the price of a comparable PC laptop, but if price is no object and you really want things to look pretty, Diablo III should be amongst them.

Here’s a video review showing how Diablo III performs on the MacBook Pro. It’s just video of the computer; so the picture doesn’t give any indication of how pretty it looks, but you can see the display settings and FPS and such. (Which the narrator inexplicably and hilariously pronounces, “Fips.”)

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22 thoughts on “Diablo III Optimized for MacBook Retinal Display

  1. Ok, how about you show the retina macbook pro screen with 300+ms australian lag aswell as the “newgame” insta-lag that I have been getting on my own macbook at the start of every single game I have made since launch, o wise apple-lady!

  2. not sure if man or woman -.-
    also it constantly mixes up its resolutions…

    on a side note: why would i pay 2200,- for something that cant even run D3 at 19×12 with 60 fps?

  3. I went to the Apple store the other day to check one of these out. I have a couple 1080p monitors at home, and the resolution has never been quite good enough to make fonts look “natural” (read print “quality”), something that is very important for someone who works with text all day long.

    So here’s my verdict on the Retina display: font that is optimised for the Retina resolution looks print quality for me, but everything else looks like crap. Even going to the online Apple store in Safari, the regular font on the page looks awesome, but the big font either in pictures or just not optimised looks like Flux said: zoomed too far in.

    I will eventually get a display with this resolution, but not until a good amount of computer content (e.g. websites, etc.) is optimised for it and not until the GPUs are able to handle it a bit better.

  4. You can’t expect a 650M to crank out at 2880×1800. Kepler is powerful, but that is a lot of pixels to draw. That said, I’m glad someone broke the 1680×1050 and 1080p droughts that we have been stuck in.

    BTW, it is “Retina”, and the “pixelation” is because they scale the GUI (which is the correct approach in my opinion) instead of making everything microscopic in size. Info from the WWDC is that devs have been instructed to design for this display moving forward to avoid the “pixelation” (see safari vs. chrome screenshot example).

    Does everyone forget the ridiculous 15″ 1900×1200 thinkpads that were out a few years ago… Windows didn’t scale, so reading text required either perfect 20/20, or a magnifying glass.

    It’s just an expensive proof of concept, like the MacBook Air… would we have ultrabooks that demolish the Air if not for the original POC? Just food for thought.

    • Yeah, I hadn’t realized that D3’s text in the GUI/HUD scaled to the screen resolution until seeing this video. Agreed that this approach is much better as long as it makes good use of hardware scaling to do it.

  5. Sigh. At the risk of being branded a fanboy, I’m going to go ahead and correct several inaccuracies in the article. First, the new laptops don’t “make most things look like crap”. That’s a bizarre way to describe an increase in screen resolution. Did we complain about most things looking like crap when we went from 640×480 to 800×600? A more accurate way to describe the new resolution is to say that the higher resolution shows more clearly the flaws in images designed for lower resolution displays. Folks, people will catch up to higher resolution displays as they become more common place. Let’s not blame progress.

    Second, and perhaps more damningly, there is absolutely no support for the statement that the new laptops are “about double the price of a comparable PC laptop”. What you are saying is that you can get a nice PC laptop for a grand, but this PC laptop will NOT be comparable in any way shape or form. It won’t have the new display, it won’t have the combination of fast CPU and fast GPU, it won’t have the SSD, it won’t have the slim light form factor, or it won’t have some combination of those things. You get what you pay for, and the notion that Macs are priced double the cost of a PC is a terribly tired trompe l’oeil that no respectable reasonably intelligent person utters any more.

    And now, @Raesene, let the hater comments begin.

    • It’s true that the Max tax is much less than it used to be thanks to Intel, and I agree that many people don’t realize that.

    • i think flux was just ironic. with that double the dough comment.

      but still, macs are macs are macs dude.

      and while i like the implementation of more than HD displays – with their horrible ppi we have now – we are talking about a laptop with a retina display.

      so, i totally agree that it makes sense to _finally_ introduce the finer grained ppi displays to the pc world… but i would have started with specialized graphics displays, then went into mainstream desktop marked AND THEN went into the mobile market.

      but… apple has it their way and everybody is going to approve.
      i am merely voicing my concern of how reasonable their move is

    • Neither the GPU nor the GPU are actually fast. The GPU is decent but the GPU is clearly bad and not upgradable, had it been something like Radeon HD 7970M things would probaly have ran much more smoothly.

    • Know what else the new PC won’t have? Glued in batteries, soldered in memory, and a proprietary SSD. But hey, if you can’t upgrade on your own, you just have to buy a new one or send it in for overpriced service! 😀

    • And let’s not forget software. I own both Mac and Windows machines, and I found that despite the lower cost of Windows hardware, the software that most people need (which comes installed on Macs) will jack up the price to the equivalent of an Apple product.

      • Well your forgetting about the free open source software, the only software you need to buy for a PC is a copy of windows. Anyway if your looking at it from a gaming prospective there’s still the problems of most games not supporting Macs.

  6. How is that “optimized”

    If the framerate isn’t sufficient at this resolution what’s the point?

    • I think it’s all marketing and BS. Blizzard has had a terrible launch on Mac and have already released one optimization patch. If I had to guess, they are working with the new OpenGL API which shows promising frame rate increases on newer hardware. I’m thinking that is definitely playing into these new MBP Retina optimization articles that keep popping up.

      For those that don’t know what I’m talking about, I play at 33fps in OS X – on the same machine I can bootcamp into Win 7 and play at 45-50fps. Not an OSX problem – D3 ran at the same framerate as Win 7 until beta patch 16.

      OpenGL optimization needed across-the-board.

  7. If you ever hooked up a Genesis or SNES to a giant 1080 flat screen TV, you know how this happens. It’s almost like the Married W/ Children episode where Al buys glasses for the first time, and now that he can actually see, he looks around and is horribly disappointed/frightened of the awful things he sees everyday; his terrible house, his beat up car, his loser kids, and of course, Peggy. So at the end, he smashes the glasses and is content to live in blurry ignorance. I got the same feeling when I hooked up Super Street Fighter 2 for Genesis on a flat screen LED. Man did it look like crap.

    • Yeah the problem is the software not made for the resolution. Look at D2 try playing that on a large high resolution and a 800×600 monitor it will look better on the 800×600 monitor.

  8. 20 fps in retina mode, playing D3, with Shadows at medium? Forced to get the extended warranty because if anything it breaks, you basically need to get the whole thing replaced..

    Boss was going to buy me one for work, but I think I’ll save him some money and get a windows laptop.

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