Diablols 3 Opening by Carbot Animations

On the 2nd Anniversary of Diablo III’s release Carbot Animations is at it again with its Diablols animation and this time its take on the opening cinematic of vanilla diablo III. You can check out their other video Diablols Reaper of Souls. Just like with the first video this one is also a must see for laughs and more.


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  1. He does such a great job with all of these. So funny!

  2. Poor Decky, screwed by the movement cap.

  3. I clicked this with legitimately high hopes, since the RoS one was brilliant. Alas, it’s not as good. Didn’t have so many tiny amusing details, like Tyrael eating the sandwich and Malty’s head tilt, or the one guard never even turning around.

    This one changing the history from Leah’s dream to Cain playing with toys was a nice touch, though.

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