Diablo III Open Beta Starts Now: Updated

Diablo 3 Stress TestAs a note: please make sure you’ve used the beta client and not the full client for the game. You will be unable to log in with anything but the beta client. If you can’t get in, don’t worry. They’re working on it. Many people think that the beta is broken currently, but they actually have hundreds of thousands of people in and playing right now; they’re just working on expanding that limit.

Update: Beta is live!

The #D3 open beta is now LIVE! #gogogo

Update 2: Tip for those using non-US clients. Change your region to “Americas.”

If you are connecting from a non-US #D3 client, be sure to change your region to “The Americas” in your game options for the open beta.

Update 3: From Bashiok on “No License Error.”

We’re investigating why some people are seeing a ‘no license’ Error 12 for the #D3 open beta. Hang tough.

Update 4: From Bashiok on capped concurrency and errors.

We’ve temporarily capped #D3 open beta concurrency until we can address some stability issues. Expect Error 37 and login failure.

The open beta has begun and we’ve been extremely successful in that we’ve already managed to break a few things. We’ve capped the open beta concurrency until we can resolve some stability and service issues, and until it’s resolved you will likely see an Error 37 when attempting to log in.

  • Error 12 – This is an error we’re still investigating, but should only be appearing for Korean accounts which are not able to participate in the open beta. If you do not have a Korean account, we’re still investigating this issue but suspect it may simply be due to the Battle.net Account services being slammed by the high volume of traffic.
  • Error 3003– Click Options, under Account change your region to The Americas. The open beta is only being held on US hardware.[…] We have a ton of people in-game and playing right now. We’re just working on trying to get a ton more in.

Many people have been met with “Error 3005” along with “Player Disconnected” messages. According to a recent blue, this error is intended. One poster explains that they were actually able to log in after repeated attempts, but the servers are actually down for maintenance that should conclude in about 13 or so minutes as was posted in a tweet by DiabloWikiBashiok.

Vasadan said the following:

Hey guys, sorry for the late response. We are in the process of doing some server updates right before Open Beta begins. If you continue getting this error message, come back in an hour or so 🙂

A tweet a few minutes ago popped up from Bashiok on the same matter:

Approximately 24 minutes until #D3 open beta… #crossesfingers

I’m sure the “crosses fingers” part is in the hopes that nothing goes wrong in the maintenance necessary before the servers are flooded with beta participants. Bashiok posted this about 10 minutes ago, so we should see servers up and running in about 10 to 15 minutes.

Good luck with the tidal wave that is sure to come! Thanks Ady for reporting this.

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  1. Yayyyyyyy for everyoneeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. o.0 umm we already knew its starting in 8 mins.. Should just wait 8 mins and say ITS LIVE

  3. I was wondering, should I pick ‘The Americas’ as the region, or can I pick any?

  4. gonna level every freaking class to lvl 13 !
    if i manage! 

  5. Nothing better to come as close to 12:00am on May 15th than opening the flood gates to everyone and their mom! As is intended, hopefully this works out any major issues now instead of release night.

  6. I give the servers 10 seconds. Then they’ll explode.

  7. I just got back from picking up the pills at the pharmacy. Grandma and I are taking off our orthopedic shoes and large UV-blocking sunglasses. We’re logging on to the AOL computer machine… ready to play!

  8. 10 seconds? Dude, it didn’t even get off the ground.

    This better translate into a stable release, lol. Has anyone actually managed to log in?

  9. I am getting error 3003 not error 3005 or ‘disconnected’. Someone please tell me if that’s OK too?

  10. My prediction?

    “The servers are busy at this time. Please try again later. (Error 37)”

    All weekend long, for 9 out of 10 of us trying to play the damn demo. 

  11. I keep getting the “servers are busy message”, and then after a long while I got “There is no Diablo 3 key attached to this account”.

  12. Updated to reflect new information. If you are foreign, you will need to select “Americas” as your region of choice.

    • I did that, still getting “no diablo 3 license associated with this account”. Lets hope the servers will sort themselves out in a few minutes.

      • Let’s hope! I’ll keep the article updated with any new tidbits regarding the issues.

      • same error a couple of times… 
        I live in europe and i downloaded the Diablo3USbeta… i hope i did it right, even because it is the only one that i found.  

        • I think it’s just server pains currently.
          Captcha was: it will pass.
          And it will! It’s good that they’re addressing this now so we can have a smooth launch.

  13. Can’t get past the login screen…

  14. Taking forever just to login.

  15. Yeah, I’m having login troubles, too.
    You type in your name/password and hit “log in” (or whatever) and your password disappears, you’re able to check/uncheck “remember me” (or whatever) but can’t type in your password again. *shrug*

  16. Servers were already pretty chunky with the new 275k invites, I’ll be surprised if this works at all.

  17. Error 37. It’ll probably be like this all weekend. Oh well, nice gesture but doesn’t look like it’s going to pan out.

    • Kept trying and get error 75 as well, “temporary outtage of B.Net”, I guess they thought they were only going to get a couple thousand people trying to log in and instead got a million or more…

  18. it s normal eoor : “no diablo III key attached to the account”???
    help me ^^ plzz ^^

  19. I wonder if this is what May 15th will be like.

  20. It says there’s no D3 beta associated with my account, and won’t let me on to battle.net. Well, duh! That’s why it’s the open beta, right??

    • I got this too.  I have the pre order digital d/l and have it installed.  I have just tried to log in to Battle.net and it won’t let me….. we melted Blizzard!!!! MUHAHAHHAHHAA … *cough*

  21. I was playing just before it all happened. Server message came up telling me 60 seconds until server shuts down. Then 30 seconds message popped up. Now I can’t get back in. Good luck Blizzard getting it all sorted out!! 😐 It’s worth not playing right now knowing that hopefully the servers will be ready for release day.

  22. Do you kids really not understand what Stress Test means?

    • Well, it says to me that my Account information is not correct, i shall try again. 
      I’m just wondering why the main problem seems to be the login server, i mean hey,
      it’s Blizz, they got 16 Million People on WoW… ^^ 

  23. 500
    Internal Server Error
    An error occurred. Please try again later.
    Error ID: N3MOF
    the D3 forums not working now or what!?

  24. after 11 years it’s finally here.  i’m in for the first time.  feel stupid that it makes me this happy.  cheers.

    • nope, not really.  was so stoked that i made it to character creation that i though it might actually be working…  here’s to stress tests, cheers again.  hope i’ll still be sober when it finally clears up.

    • I think you’re in good company. You’re surrounded by others that have waited nearly a decade, and some even more.

  25. “You have been disconnected…”

  26. Is anyone on, or did the attempt to go open close the whole game down for everyone?

  27. Error 12 Nooooooooo!!!

  28. thx for update on “error 12” ^^ I don’t have beta but ^^ error 12 ^^ wait & see?? 🙂

  29. This shit aint working, if they know their servers can’t handle the traffic then what’s the point of the open beta?

    • To find out that their current server infrastructure cant handle the load? No no, it would totally be better to find out on launch day…

  30. servers busy…weeeeeeeeeeeeee

  31. better to happen now than May 15  

  32. Anyone been able to log in since the open beta started?

  33. it seems that they are testing our stress 😆

  34. I don’t think anyone who was able to login will step out to tell you

    • Oh I’ve been able to log in multiple times now. When it comes to actually starting a game or creating more than one hero it’s a different story.

  35. I tried few times to log in and it works, then it took number of attempts and I managed to create my Monk. After another few tries I’ve started a game 🙂 Get to first check point and going to sleep. Btw. it looks awesome 😀

  36. I’ve been able to log in two separate times, but once inside my current/completed auctions aren’t showing… which sucks, because I had ~30000 gold invested when the servers shut down.

  37. This is promising.  It is a fantastic opportunity for the tech guys at Blizzard to iron out the kinks and to appreciate the level of demand for D3…. which I suspect is more that they thought! 

    I think this is a cracking move to make sure we have a smooth release day.  

    Keep the pressure on and help them out! 

  38. Servers are apparently busy.
    Makes you wonder why there is no queue system in place.

  39. Figures… even when I don’t need a beta to have access, I still don’t have access… damn servers are full

  40. Lol… and now the beta server is down:  Error 75
    One would think Blizzard would be better prepaired

    Nevermind…. seems I got farther into the login process before being denied… back to Error 37.

  41. Welcome to failfest 2012. On a brighter note, Blizzard’s server techs should draw plenty of overtime the next few weeks.

  42. I have 2 Battlenet accounts.  I was trying with one that doesn´t have an authenticator like a hundred times and couldn´t log in.  But then switched to the one with the authenticator, and after putting the code, it logged inmediately!

  43. I was able to play but it’s a slideshow not sure if it’s my laptop or it’s just laggy

  44. They just posted that they have capped the number of players they are letting in while they work on solving the login issues.  You will likely now see the Error 37.

  45. I love all the people on here complaining about not being able to log into a beta stress test.

  46. I can understand this is exactly the kind of issue to expect from a stress test. But at the same time, being unable to log on to an online-only game is the single worst possible issue a paying customer can ever have. So here’s hoping we don’t see this at launch.

  47. been playing for a few hours… the GREAT news is that it runs relatively well at almost max settings, on my “crappy old” macbook pro unibody 2008. expect full CPU load at 90° celcius on that model though… actually it seems to be running much better than Starcraft 2.

  48. Error 37 is our enemy !!

  49. Guess I was lucky and got in under the cap. Took out the SK with a barb and surprisingly no lag whatsoever on my end.

  50. I am getting error 3003 cintinuously although my acc is set to the americas…

  51. the constant error 37 reminds me of the old silkroad online log-in issues 😀

  52. i have problem with ‘error 12’ if sb can help i would appreciate that

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