Diablo III Beta: One of the Chosen

So we’ve spent months and months testing and providing feedback for the DiabloWikiDiablo III beta. As a thank you and commemoration for all of those that were invited to the test, all invitees will be receiving a nice, shiny Feat of Strength achievement and sigil for your account: “One of the Chosen.”

In celebration of a successful beta test, all players who were invited to participate in the Diablo III closed beta will receive the commemorative Feat of Strength, “One of the Chosen.” For eligible players, this feat will appear automatically in the Feat of Strength list after logging in for the first time as well as unlock a unique sigil that can be used on character banners.

In order to be eligible for “One of the Chosen,” you must have had a Diablo III closed beta license attached to your Battle.net account (it isn’t necessary to have downloaded or logged into the beta itself). Please note that players who participated only in the Open Beta Weekend, but were not invited to the closed beta, will not receive this Feat of Strength.

Thank you once again to all of our beta participants. We look forward to seeing you in Sanctuary!

Based on the small pool of participants that were actually invited to the beta, this “Feat of Luck” will be a relatively rare addition to a player’s account profile. Congratulations to all those that received this little bit of e-flair.

For those of you who were not invited, this Feat of Strength will not provide anything other than an extra badge on your achievements tab and an aesthetic option for your banner. There’s no title, point value, or other reward that comes attached. It would have been a decent title had they decided to provide them though…

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182 thoughts on “Diablo III Beta: One of the Chosen

    • Seriously. What a load of crap. Beta keys (or Bnet accounts, as I’m sure someone will get technical) went for $1000+ early on. So, an achievement and sigil rewarded for owning, and attaching, Diablo I and Diablo II to your Battle.net account would make a lot more sense.
      Also, the few people that earned (or entered for) beta keys through contests requiring real skills, i.e. art, are the ones that should be rewarded.

      • Blizzard knows how to upset the fan base, that is for sure. Those of us who were not chosen not only did not get to play, we miss out on the achievement and the banner option. Blizzard should give an achievement for those of us who have been with the series from the beginning.

        • It’s an achievement.. Relax dude. It’s not like you’re missing some lore from the game or something like that.

          Tbh i couldn’t care less. Congrats to the ones who got picked for the Beta and provided feedback.  

        • Do you even understand what you’re talking about? You’re saying players who won beta by luck don’t deserve the feat, but those who were lucky enough to be born in time for D1/D2 do deserve it?

          You grumpy old troll, you. 

          • you can attach d1 and d2 to your account any time. its your choice. getting selected for the d3 beta is not a choice. it is luck.

          • That’s not what he said. Furthermore, as I said before, feats are not effort. Feats are luck or no effort or both.

    • Its just a flag.  A flag is a symbol and I leave symbols to the symbol minded.  -G. Carlin.

  1. I was in the Beta and will get this achievement.
    Still I do not understand why I get rewarded for winning the rng…

    • Because Feats aren’t achievements? Look at WoW, almost every feat either required no effort or is luck based, or combination of both (e.g. be a hunter AND have 3% legendary bow drop for you).

      Select few feats require TOO MUCH effort, and can’t be used as achievements because not everyone could get them. Like getting Realm firsts.

      Achievement (scores) are the ones that require real effort. E.g. kill boss X without using your left hand.

      Why do people not get this? 

      Repeat after me:
      * achievements = scored = require effort = everyone can get them
      * feats = non scored = require luck or no effort = few can get them

      • People will and do buy accounts for e-peen. If I got this sigil, I would put my account up for sale, and I can assure you it would be sold for a ridiculous amount of money before release.

        So, it may not be “scored”, but if I stuff $100 in my bank account, that’s a helluva lot better score to me.

        • GL selling an account considering under current system only a moron would buy it – since the seller can take it right back by talking to blizzard and saying they were hacked.

          But this is besides my point. 

          • Yeah, and if they transferred the money with PayPal, they can get a refund on the transaction for up to 90 days.
            So no party is protected. Trust me, these hurdles won’t stop anyone that’s determined to make a good deal.

        • People will buy anything on ebay, but you are *severely* overestimating the worth of this stupid thing.

      • If there’s anything meaningless with the system it’s the “score” attached to various achievements. Also, if you’re claiming that a feat of strength and an extra sigil aren’t a “reward”, then you’re just patently wrong.

        Prestige doesn’t come from some arbitrary number. More often than not it comes from having something that other people don’t have. If and when you defeat a significant boss, you won’t think “Yes, 50 more points for my achievement total!” Instead, you’ll think “Yes, I just beat that boss, and that’s something not many other people have done so that makes me special!” The significance of the accomplishment (and associated achievements) is determined by their rarity. Even though the beta access “feat of strength” isn’t really based on accomplishments, its rarity will make it very prestigious in the eyes of some people. The separation between “achievements” and “feats of strength” doesn’t really mean anything in the long run – all that matters in the grand scheme of things is that some people will have them, and other people won’t.

        To clarify: I’m not saying that this is necessarily the way things should be, but this is the way things are. Back when I was playing WoW I didn’t really think anyone’s achievement score meant anything, because there were a ton of silly achievements that awarded just as many points as the hard-mode raiding and ranked PvP achievements. When I wanted to know about a player I’d ignore their score and look at their specific achievements: Have they defeated X boss, and on what date? Not everyone had that approach, however, and some people will use any excuse they can to lord over others because they have a bigger number beside their name, or a flashy image on their banner that other people can’t receive.

    • Because it’s Diablo…and the whole game is about being rewarded for RNG 🙂
      << Strongest Chosen There Is!

      • That’s actually a very salient point!

        The main difference, however, is that in the game, you can keep trying over and over and over again to get extra chances, and there’s no such option with the beta.

        • It is true that you don’t get any other chances to try and get a beta invite to get the Feat.  But imo your chances to get a beta invite were still better than getting the item you wanted in D2 :).  Seriously I don’t think I’d ever found the items I wanted w/o someone giving them to me haha. 
          Lol just because I thought of the corralation as I was going to post this that’s just like in the beta if you couldn’t get accepted by Blizzard then you had to be given a key by a 3rd party site 🙂 sorry just saw a similarity that made me chuckle.

      • That’s a terrible point. Getting anything in Diablo game requires effort, skill and luck. This is nothing like that because it doesn’t reaquire anything other then luck and it certainly doesn’t require any kind of skill. To use your analogy, this is like standing in New Tristram and randomly getting loot while doing absolutely nothing. And that is highly unfair. 

        • Because doing cow and Baal runs until you’re level 80 and then endlessly farming bosses was a huge challenge, right?

          Diablo 2 took a bit of skill, but in the end it mostly just took time. Hopefully D3 is different in that regard. 

        • There actually is a touch of skill to get into the beta, granted it also kind of directly correlates to $$.  If you have a super high performance PC then you fall into one of the 3 general categories companies are looking for any game test.  In general companies want a wide range of variety in the PCs their game is running on, so they look for High, Mid, and Low specs.  And though that sounds like it encompasses all of the possibilities there are the middle grounds of those.  You can also boost your chances by going to Blizzard events like Blizzcon.  I went for two years in a row pretty much exclusively to play the D3 that they’d have on site.  And the year that my account was bound to my ticket (the year before I had to ebay and our seller didn’t put our accounts on our tickets) both my brother and I got in along with one of his friends, all of us went to Blizzcon so stuff like that helps your chances.  So even though it is a luck there were ways to increase your chances…think of it as IRL Magic Find :).
          Also in D2 it was rare that “skill” was involved, usually it was just someone w/ a cookie cutter build who traded/bought MAYBE found (if they did once again that’s luck) the runes to make an Enigma and 90% of the time built a Hammerdin and would just rush everyone while most everyone else leeched.  I tried being productive as a Necro the most effective I found was Bone Spear/Spirit and it STILL wasn’t 1/10 as useful as a Hammerdin.  So skill not really, cookie cutter builds + the right items = profit in D2 and you get the right items through luck.

          • People would actually complain to me when I tried to play the game with my necromancer in public games, and this is as recent as 2011. “Don’t summon skeletons, they slow down my computer!” Apparently some people are still playing on the computers they had when D2 first launched…

          • @MRR lol so true, but they are some of the people who would have been invited to test the low end of the spectrum.  Lol and I still love when ppl would cry about that, I stopped playing summon necros cause they can’t do anything vs bosses unless maybe I was just doin it wrong lol.  I’m still mad they nerfed skele’s summon #s  you used to get 20 of each skele and then 20 revives lol 61 summons if you had a golem!

  2. Feels a little like a slap in the face, especially when given to those who got an invite and didn’t even participate. I wanted to. 

    It is just a sigil icon…i guess. 

    • Gimme you adress and I’ll mail you a gold coloured badge with a rainboy saying: “Most special forumposter”. Would you be happy then? 

      • LMAO!!

        Give me your address and I’ll mail you a gold colored badge that says, “Best Comment of the Year.”


  3. “Feat of Luck” hahaha.
    But seriously, it’s not unfair. It’s just a cosmetic thing that wont affect the gameplay in any way, it doesn’t even count as an achievement point. It is indeed a good way for blizzard to say “hey guys, thanks for helping us out with bugs and feedbacks, here, take this gift for that huge help.”

    ps: i got it!

    • I think a good way of thanking for helping supporting with reports of bugs and feedbacks is to let people actually play (parts of) the game, while others don’t …

      • well, they actually did let people play. What’s the matter that people are crying over this? it’s nothing. Seriously. If I could give it to anyone I would because it just doesn’t matter. Yeah, a lot of people didn’t get invited. Guess what, it’s just chance. Tell me what, if you had been invited, would you complain that you get that and others didn’t? exactly. Seriously people, srsly.

        • I like how you equate waiting for a video game to an actual physical and mental hardship. Please grow up.

        • I completely agree. I was in the Beta, and frankly, I could care less about this.

          There sure are a lot of whining bit**es, though. 

  4. I guess I played more of the beta on that Open beta weekend then 50% of the invited people. I want a thank you, too!

  5. Yeah great, not being invited for the closed beta was annoying enough, and now they reward the lucky few who got in  😯

  6. Absolutely fucking disgusting ! How can they spit in the face of millions of unlucky fans that not only had to endure months of pain, hoping to get their accounts flagged after each “wave”, only to end up with yet another dissappointment. Now they stab them in the back again ? WTF ???? I seriously question the sanity of the moron that thought of this shit as a good move. FUCK YOU BLIZZARD. FUCK YOU !

  7. lol what a bs move.
    Firstly, it was pure luck if someone got in. Being able to play the beta should be reward enough.
    Second, they can’t know if every tester added valuable feedback, or played the thing at all.
    There are several people who wanted to get into closed, but never managed. This “achievement” is only adding salt to the wounds of those. I was with most decisions on par with Blizzard in the past, but this one just feels plain wrong. I wonder who is responsible for this dumb idea.
    I’m actually kinda pissed now. Not that I don’t get this stupid banner, but rather that Blizzard does such a no-brainer.

    • Pure luck? Pff. You have no idea the amount of boot-licking I had to do to get my key.

      • I feel like I earned mine, as I entered one of the only contests that actually had people produce something. One of the 3 keys I won came from the Reddit Snoo competition – I actually really liked what I entered.

        As for everything else, I’m just glad I never participated in the “like my link to get a chance” contests. Or the crap that was D3DB’s – the more you click and navigate our page, the higher chance of getting a key is!

        • Which snoo did you enter?
          I got mine through the Diablo reddit IRC contest by answering a lore question faster than the other 500-ish people there. I had entered several other contests before that and was refreshing that dumb d3db.com site constantly during the giveaway times, so it was quite a relief to finally win one.

          • I don’t care about pixel banners, I see it problematic from an educational POV:
            Blizzard is delivering a wrong message to their younger audience, calling something a”feat” which is utterly random. They sure want to net in undecided beta players to get a small thing that let’s them stand out from the mass, at the expense of a lot of fans who will rage, but still buy the game. I bet not the whole development team stands behind this. It’s morally broken.

          • “Morally broken?” Did someone really just use the term “morally broken” in context of a feat of strength and a few pixels on a stupid digital banner?

            Did this really just happen? Are you going to contact the ACLU?

  8. omg people settle down, its only an achivement.  😉
    I was in beta but could not care about this, I’ll always know I was one of the chosen, will always have my Blizzard email and beta key as evidence.

    • This is why I don’t understand why those of us who were in the beta need anything else. We already know that we were quite lucky to have early access to the game. Achievements do matter to some people. I just can’t understand Blizzard’s mindset behind this.

  9. What a crock of @#$%!!!!
    You don’t even have to have downloaded the beta!?!?!?!?!?

    • yes, it’s not a thank-you, it’s a “f*ck all the other people and we are blizzard, we can do to fans whatever we want, because release is so close and everybody will buy it nevertheless”

  10. Jezz what a bunch oh haters, tomorrow everyone will forget about this stupid “achievement” and what? 

  11. “One of the chosen”… eh what?
    “Lucky” should be better off (yes I know many people who work as journalists and casters and stuff worked for their key, but the majority just got a lucky invite).

  12. Yea that’s right!
    Reward them who already were rewarded by playing the game.

  13. good joke blizzard. one could thing they have people working on how to screw fans over

  14. I’m all for hating Blizzard when they do stupid shit, which they do a lot of recently, but come on this is just a pointless feat of strength. They did the same with Starcraft 2, no one cried about it.
    If you need a reason to hate on Blizzard today just remember that your character names are now pointless.

      • And achievement freaks can still get 100% achievements; feat of strength don’t count on the progress bar. There are some in SC2 that only a few people can get because they require you to do certain things in ladder first. Again, no one crying about it.

  15. For all those angry about this “feat”

    See you at launch.

  16. As long as it’s not an achievement I don’t mind it if the testers get something back from feedback’ing bugs etc. 

    If it is an achievement it blows, since that will be one of the things to try and get all of after a while, and if there’s one that only betatesters get I’m screwed from day 1. 

    • Again, as many have pointed out, it isn’t an achievement. It’s a feat of strength.

  17. some people here need to chill out, than look at the countdown-meter, and realise something more meaningfull  😛

  18. I pre-ordered D3CE 6 months ago, I did the limited 5 banner thing weekly, and I played well into the open beta weekend. After the many attempts I made to get into closed beta, I’m pretty sad that I don’t get this achievement. Well anyway, congrats to those that get it.

  19. Oh dang you Blizzard!  Can’t believe this crap!
    Oh wait….I was in the closed beta…
    NVM…YAY GG BLIZZ!!!  😀

  20. I disagree with those people saying its a big F U to those not invited.
    Yes everyone wanted in on the Closed Beta, No it was not always fun to play with many a bug to occupy our time especially in the early days.
    The open beta came and went. Sure you did not get much play time, but you got to sample a near final product, you should be happy about that at least, but hey the pretty (or perhaps not so pretty) badge obviously is far more important to some.
    It’s all a bit childish really, people on the forums stating they do not feel like playing the game now, I’m pretty sure that’s just youngsters sulking. Blizzard owes us nothing and they made a decision to ensure that those who did put a lot of time into testing got a little thank you in return.
    Maybe they should have rewarded it based on achievement gained or play time etc. but chances are all that data was wiped along with our characters and achievements.
    Anyhow, I hope there are some adults planning to play D3 next week, if so I hope to see you in game next week.

    • Yep, giving a big F U to blizz for that.
      Oh I see both sides of the argument… I had the chance to play endlessly with gf’s account (FU to TOS aswell), but never got MY account invited.
      A bit of a completist here, and rng decided I’ll never get this one. Yup, frustration !

      CE already bought, days off at work next week… I’ll be playing 23/7.
      But somewhere, deep inside, Blizz lost a bit of affection. Fanboy level went down a tad. 

  21. Oh the tears, they are delicious. 🙂
    And no, my account wasn’t in the beta. 🙂

  22. lmfao @ the ragers. They had an open beta and you chumps still find a reason to complain rofl

  23. I hope the sigil is some powerful angel figure spreading its wings and will turn out to be one of the best looking sigils!

    Sweet 🙂

  24. Weird… there were several blue posts over the past few weeks that specifically said they had no intention of doing something like this… oh well… Another sigil for me. 8)

    • Well Blizzard is quite known for turning 180 degrees on statements. Open beta is another example. Its just how they roll. Couldnt care less for the sygil, i doubt ill ever use it.

  25. So, you updated your Beta profile (and multiple times at that)? Have Diablo 2 as one of your game accounts? In the EU? We don’t want you. We know you’re down, but here’s a kick in the teeth and a permanent reminder that you didn’t get into the Closed Beta. Thanks Blizzard.

    • somebody has been listening to justin timberlakes cry me a river on repeat hahahha

  26. Ha!  Just checked my spam folder and found a Beta Invite that I didn’t even know about!

  27. Is there no achievement for maxing out all beta achievements, killing the skeleton king with all class/sex combo, doing naked HC run with a barbarian, getting full rare gear for a barbarian in 1,5 days during the open beta? (i wasnt at home and couldnt log in on the first day…..)

  28. Oh good lord. It doesn’t happen too often but this is the time when I actually feel sorry for the Blizzard guys. They hand out a tiny little sidenote thank-you which doesn’t even equal any in-game advantage or actual worth and get a tremendous backlash of grudge, envy and false accusations in return.

    I mean, there will tons of other achievements and feats of strength to obtain for everyone. Probably some you might not even be entirely sure of whether they are actually worth doing considering the undoubtly extreme farming efforts required in order to obtain them.

  29. I couldn’t care less about achievements, imo they are pure waste of development time..

  30. Starting off the game knowing that right off the bat there is something you will never be able to obtain is a little disconcerting.
    Blizzard has mastered this technique. You want it, cause you can’t have it.

  31. <— Chosen by the Gods! 6th Unique Sigil to date!
    Though Im surprised people arn’t more annoyed about the game being released on a weekday, and not at the weekend more than anything….

    Had to book the whole week off.. ppft.  😉

  32. Oh dear god. How can so many rage over an _achievement_ and a sigil? Blizzard is not pissing on anybody here. They are just saying thanks for the great feedback and support from the many beta testers.

    If YOU didn’t get into the beta. Tough f*cking luck. Take a seat man. I am actually glad that all of you whiners didn’t enter the beta. 

    You all should be glad that you can play this game! If it wasn’t for all the great beta testers, this game probably wouldn’t be as good as it looks right now!

    Chill the f*ck out dudes.  

  33. I just don’t really see a point to doing this, the people in beta already were rewarded by BEING IN BETA. Very classy Blizz, go and rub salt into the wound of everyone who could not get into beta 5 days before launch.  Why couldnt you tie it to Betamaxed or have it be for anyone who participated in beta, even the open beta? Why exclude 90% of your fanbase? Assinine, 

    • Yeah, I mean I usually dont give a shit about this stuff, but when its a game youve been waiting forever for, its kinda rubs you the wrong way a little bit. :/

  34. These comments are hilarious! Get a grip people. Talk about first world problems.

  35. Question to all those raging against Blizzard:
    Why are you a hypocrite?
    You have no issues with them shutting down the “Darkness Falls, Hero’s Rise” class sigils after May 18.  Why should you get those 5 sigils and new people who have never heard about Diablo 3, NOT get them in the future?
    Whats next, rage that Collectors Editions get extra features for slimy rich people who can afford it?
    I love the culture of entitlement that has plagued our world over the last 30 years. 

    • Mithan you are fucking stupid

      There is a huge difference between shit people could possibly attain if they were willing to spend the money and were paying attention AT ALL, and shit that we have no possible way of ever earning other than RNG.


  36. I got into the beta on the first wave.
    I can’t wait to plant my flag down in front of all the peons who never got beta.
    I will also have my CE wings on while I do this.
    Here is a leaked image of the sigil you get: http://i.imgur.com/AeM3P.png
    Also, a lot of you really need to be on medication.

  37. ahhhh the delicious tears of all the haters
    Makes it even better to get this.  

  38. Yes, i will have ALL EXCLUSIVE CONTENT muahahaha D3CE stuff and Beta sigil/achievement and heroes rise darkness falls sigils.

    Being a huge diablo fan i can see why people are dissapointed though. If it had been me who didnt get a beta invite and heard this i would feel almost cheated…  

  39. In order to be eligible for “One of the Chosen,” you must have had a Diablo III closed beta license attached to your Battle.net account (it isn’t necessary to have downloaded or logged into the beta itself).

  40. I dont like this at all.
    If it was rewarded to people that actually located some major issues during the beta, then meh…
    But like this its just another slap in the face to people that were unlucky to not get an invite.
    This was not needed. the reward was being able to play test the game early.

  41. It just makes zero sense to reward people for being rewarded while simultaneously sticking out the middle finger to those less fortunate. And Bashiok the tool who constantly contradicts himself is obviously defending it. What a joke.

  42. Haha seriuously? Who at Blizzard is making these retarded decisions? I couldn’t care less myself, but the way Blizzard does this without thinking AT ALL, annoys me alot! I mean isn’t it reward enough to atcually being able to play all this time? 

    I really feel for the ppl that checked their battle.net account daily entered “hundreds” of contests, and did everything to get in, but in the end did’t. Alot of those ppl probably care about this stuff, and for Blizzard to give the lucky few yet ANOTHER reward, is to spit in the face of true fans.

    It’s funny how the only ones who think this is fair, is the ones that also got in the beta haha! (Only trolls where “chosen” for the beta huh? 🙂 ) 
    As for myself, I will just laugh at those retarded seals trying to show off with this shit LOL!  🙄

  43. Who would’ve thought that Diablo 3 would spawn another controversy so close to release. 🙂

    And yeah, people need to set their priorities straight. I didn’t get in the beta and I don’t really care about not getting this sigil. From a business point of view though, I don’t think this is a very smart move by Blizzard.

      • Its obvious your not smart enough to understand the rage is not legit. Its just a bunch of QQ from entitled morons. 

  44. It is a dick move, but it is Bilzzard Irvine, not Blizzard North, so what do you expect?

  45. Are you guys fucking serious…  the people that got in play tested the game for months to make the final version of the game as polished as possible, for you ungrateful fuckers.  Boohoo, you didn’t get to play a broken version of the game, the majority of which would have put it down after they got bored of smashing the skeleton king repeatedly.

    What a bunch of self-entitled children you are.

    They are commending beta testers for putting in the time.  Not to mention every single beta from Blizzard has had people crying for some sort of recognition afterwards, even people who didn’t get in.  Now that they have it, it’s the reverse.

  46. As if not getting in after 7 months wasn’t bad enough, now the people who did get that experience also get exclusive and badass titles. thanks blizzard. >: P

  47. I was excited to read the nerdrage after reading this posting… i was not disappointed. As for people claiming Blizzard didn’t know they’d be making people mad with this much coveted, highly prestigious award, gimme a break. It’s Blizzard, they know they’ll see you crybabies on May 15th.

  48. Holy backlash.  Hey girls, this is Diablo.  I think the whole idea of banners and achievements is utterly lame.  You want to know what is your Diablo achievement?  YOU ARE WEARING IT IN THE GAME!!!  This crap is for nintendo or something.  Next thing you know they’ll make a character class out of a panda or something…oh, wait.  Go earn or manipulate the AH for your badges…just like the rest of us.  There is bound to be some dude with the most elaborate banner and just sits in town.  Crap, it might just be me.  Game on friends, we got like 5 days.

  49. Personally I don’t care at all about sigils/banners/achievements, and for online games some sort of unique something or other to indicate that you were in the beta is pretty much industry standard these days.

    However given that obsessive collectors/completionists are drawn to Diablo games I guess its not surprising that plenty of people care a lot. Maybe Bliz should of added a stay a while and listen achievement for all those people that opted in and didnt get invited?

    Then the argument could at least turn into which unlock is better.

  50. Using these comments as a small survey pool, statistically….50% of Diablo 3 fans are gigantic crybabies.

  51. I fail to see what people are so upset about honestly.  If you had the system specs and opted in, you got tossed into the beta lottery.  If you made it, great, if not, bad luck.  There were tons of contests out there, if you entered and won, great, if not, bad luck.  Key word there is luck.

    The entire game of D3 is luck based, are you going to start complaining when the item you want doesn’t drop too?
    I blame society frankly.  We aren’t allowed to lose, even the last place team gets a trophy nowadays.  Now when a person sees something they want but can’t have they sit on the floor and throw a tantrum until somebody gives it to them just to shut them up.  I feel really bad for those people once they hit the real world…

  52. I think they should also make a feat of strength called “Blizzard Hates Me” for those of us who opted into the beta all those ages ago, but never got picked.

    • Perhaps a change of name would be in order but it would be cool if they gave sigils to opt-ins who didn’t get accepted to show those who were dedicated enough and around to sign-up and have their shot at the beta.

  53. LoL nice analytics.

    It’s all rather trivial, the only critisism I have is it may have been better to call out the top 1000 contributors or something, to thank the dedicated testers.

     Other than that it was a kind gesture that people unfortunately took as an insult as they were not invited, rubbing salt into that old wound.

  54. FoS, fine has no impact. But a sigil is going to result in douches going haha, look what i got you can’t get it, haha. Why support that kind of behaviour?

    • It sort of lies upon you to not care. And you really shouldn’t, that banner being some meaningless thing.

  55. Wow, although I got in so I’m lucky enough to get this I still don’t think it was really a good move.  Sure it’s nice and all but really there were a lot of people who missed out.  It seems unnecessary.  I’ll probably be wearing my class sigil anyway unless the beta one really is that cool but I doubt it.

  56. Blizzard, pissing customers off as much as they can get away with. “as a fuck you to 95% of our players”

    • If not getting a useless sigil is important to you, maybe you should take a deep long look in the mirror and figure out if that is who you want to be.

  57. That’s ironic.
    I just gave myself a “license to piss on each One of the Chosen”.

  58. Yay, Im a chosin one… congrats to you allz. and to those that did not get the beta, its no big deal.

  59. Wow, what a community divider.
    I was in Beta so I’m naturally a bit bias (and happy for this, especially as I got “Betamaxed” about 6 times and submitted multiple reports) but still…
    The simple thing to realize is that Feats of Strength are (and have always been since WoW days) often obtainable by only a limited few and often only on the basis of either being hardcore at a game (i.e. in the top tiers of play), getting lucky, logging in at the right time, or simply buying stuff. Have a look at: http://www.wowwiki.com/Feats_of_Strength_achievements and you’ll see a whole swath of achievements including some that are only obtained from collector’s editions, some that are from stupidly low-chance drops that are no longer possible to get, some from logging in on certain days, attending Blizzcon, attending conferences/events in European countries, and so forth. In reality, there is essentially no way that *anyone*, no matter how hardcore, is going to have all of these.
    The completionist attitudes that are so prevalent nowadays (of which I am guilty of as well, admittedly) for some extra text and a picture in a game is pretty damn amazing. It’s nice to have things to aim for but far out… the time people spend/waste raging over stuff like this is mindboggling.

    I talked to everyone i could possibly knew to get my hands on the beta, i played for 5 months for hours and hours BUT MY ACCOUNT IS NOT TAGGED! My cousin who made like 2 levels 6s will get it and I won’t?!
    I just bought D3CE to make sure I could get everything in the game…
    A FEAT OF STRENGTH!!!! IS THIS A JOKE?!?! 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿 👿  

    • oh no. your life will never be complete.
      what will you do to end the pain……

    • Settle down, Beavis. Do as grown ups do: congratulate the winners with their fortune and move on to the next challenge.

  61. All I wanted, which makes more sense and is more fair, is to be allowed to have the “overachiever” achievement, and its reward, moved over to your account to use in the full game. That took a lot of effort to get.

    I don’t want an achievement that means dick all that took no effort to achieve, just dumb luck. I feel bad for the fact that I am going to have that attached to me, and I feel even worse for those that deserve it, but didn’t get it. It’s stupid. It’s like they are stabbing the unlucky fan population with a knife ..and twisting it.

    For the record, I am and will never be proud of this so called “Feat of Strength” but I am damned proud to have the “Overachiever”, which, in cruel irony, will not be displayed anywhere…as if THAT one doesn’t matter enough to show, but this other one is?

    …..sigh….you disappoint me Blizzard. This is a shameful display. I expect better from you.

  62. Absolutely horrid. Continuing the wow-isation of a superb franchise like diablo, corrupting it with the same disease of their cash cow. Giving you the feeling you can never complete the game no matter what you do. And all that because you’re shit out of luck. Feats of strength like this and other crap like world first and relatives should not exist in any game. Just stating though, i won’t let myself lose any sleep over this.

    • “Giving you the feeling you can never complete the game no matter what you do”
      Feats of Strength… and Achievements… are not PART of the game. They are a “metagame”.
      And while achievements are counted by the game software… so you know what percentage you’ve achieved… Feats are NOT counted by the game.
      So if you define a game for yourself, “get all feats of strength”, when you know going in that that is not possible… that is not on Blizzard, that is on YOU. You are responsible for having created a goal for yourself that you can’t achieve.
      This is what bugs me about the “completionist” objection to this. It is up to the completionist to define what the set is that they’re trying to complete. You have the power to say “I am done when I have all the Feats that I can achieve”. Do it!

      • Well said. People are blaming Blizzard for their own OCD. Blizzard doesn’t owe you anything. Be glad they have created the best game ever for you.

    • This is by far the worst whining i’ve ever heard. “Giving you the feeling you can never complete the game no matter what you do” Are you kidding me? I actually laughed hard when i read this.

      You are like the 5 year old kid, who doesn’t get whatever he points on, and instead starts whining. Grow a pair dude.

      I didn’t get into the Beta either, despite putting a big effort to it. And I can say that I don’t really care about the achievement and sigil. 

      • No need to get all disrespectful ‘dude’. You don’t care. Neither do i. I didn’t even want to play the beta while i did have the possibilty to. I just wanted to state that i think it’s a bad turn to take for videogames. Lots of people play it for the satisfaction of being able to complete it. The inclusion of feats of strength makes it so these people have a hard time viewing a game as complete, while all it requires is a change of perspective as the poster above you mentioned. I don’t care about aesthetics, or else i would’ve bough the CE. But some people really do. The community reaction is proof enough of that.

        • “Lots of people play it for the satisfaction of begin able to complete it. ”

          If collecting ALL feats of strenght and achievements is needed for people to have fun in a game, they should go and see a psychiatrist, because that is an indication of mental illness. 

        • I’m not disrespectful. I’m just pointing out, that there are so many people who can’t stand that some people got into the beta, and actually being rewarded for the great feedback they gave to the devs. 

          And you DO care. You posted this post right? That means you have an opinion, and your opinion is like most of the people complaining in this thread.

          I’m really glad Blizzard did this. Really. And congrats to all the beta testers out there who gave fantastic feedback! 

          • I care about the fact that this feats of strength thing is popping up left and right in all kinds of games yes, since i do not agree with the concept. I don’t care about the sigil and the shiny.
            And tbh, i’d be highly surprised that most of the people who participated in the beta actually gave blizzard feedback. Only blizzard might have some figures about that though. So, with blizzard dressing this up as a reward for the beta testers, it doesn’t really surprise me this pisses of so many people. Especially since those in open beta could have provided feedback just as well.

  63. I can see how this looks to people who opted in the beta and didn’t get an invite. “Salt into the wound” is a good description, as I have read that people won’t feel like they’ve completed 100% of the game. But at the end of the day apart from the “lucky” people who got into beta, there were also alot of people who actually *tried hard* and reported bugs etc to make the game what it is today that deserve this.

    Fair enough, I am one of the chosen. But I believe you get a FoS for having collectors Edition, and I personally haven’t pre-ordered it; only the Standard. But im not going to cry and moan because I don’t have a CE FoS under my belt. It really is childish, and on top of that, you don’t get any bonuses or achievement points for it. The Sigil itself will become old after a while, and by the looks of all the people moaning, I will not be adding it to my banner as a result, just to stop these moaning emo kids while in-game.

    Grow the f**k up some of you, really! Some of the people moaning, are the same people who have moaned and bitched since day one about everything.

    PLAY or DONT PLAY <— Easy Answer!

  64. I can see how people are upset about this… but I can’t really complain since I’m one of the chosen… :mrgreen:

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