Diablo III Official Patch 17 Notes

As expected, the official notes are short and sweet.

Diablo III Beta Patch 17 – v.
Released 4/17/12


  • All characters have been wiped. Items, gold, auctions, achievements, DiabloWikifollowers, and DiabloWikiartisans have also been wiped, and DiabloWikiBeta Bucks have been reset to 50.
  • Cross-game chat is available! Beta participants can now keep in touch with their Real ID and BattleTag friends, no matter which Blizzard game they’re playing.
  • Please note that some restrictions do apply for BattleTag chat:
  • You can only send BattleTag invites while logged into the Diablo III beta client
  • You can only receive BattleTag invites while logged into the Diablo III beta client

Bug Fixes

For a full list of documented game and service bugs, please review the Known Issues sticky located in the Beta Bug Report forum.

  • Players should no longer be desynced from the server after watching or skipping a cut-scene
  • Projectile spell effects should no longer be invisible when casting them
  • The Auction House should no longer lag and generate ERROR_1 when attempting to switch currencies
  • The Auction House should no longer display your amount of Beta Bucks as 0 unless you actually have 0 Beta Bucks

I’m glad that cross-game chat is now available, though. I do wonder if this means there is a UI update as well. Nothing big or game changing otherwise. Why this required an entire character wipe will remain a mystery to me.

Also, check our datamined list of changes.

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    29 thoughts on “Diablo III Official Patch 17 Notes

    1. First!

      I don’t think I like the cross-game chat unless they add an invisible mode to battle.net. I don’t know why Blizzard thinks that is unnecessary.

      • Yup probably want to see how the servers cope with lots of people making characters all at once as it will be on launch day 

    2. The game still needs a better skill UI. I’m tired of this clunky, console-looking one.

    3. Real Achievments stress test with 275k new players because they fail the Achievment wipe on last Patch ?

    4. Did they also wipe the friend’s lists? It’s not mentioned here, but I wasn’t sure. (at work, or otherwise I’d check myself)

    5. Patch is not Live yet. Friend List never been wipe before if I’m right. At least since Patch 13, I’m on beta since this Patch and never experience a Friend List wipe ! 

    6. THis could also be in regards to the whole getting early access to the areas outside the beta area. Unless that was addressed in an earlier patch.

      Yeah I am currently not part of the beta which sucks. and I probably wont be for some time if they even do an open beta.

    7. These 3 “outside beta” area has been hotfixed shortly after it’s been discovered (2 or 3 days)

    8. Meh ok I wasnt aware of that I thought they were still open but I havent been paying all that much attention since I’m not in the beta yet.

    9. so the point of cross game chat is to talk to someone playing WoW while I play D3  ? 
      how is that even remotely necessary or beneficial  ?

        • heh its funny but wows like pot diablos like heroin, see how they get you in, soon you’ll be saying , “c’mon give it a try”

      • As far as I’m concerned, it’s so when my buddy who I play 2v2 Starcraft with logs on, he can let me know to jump over from DIII.

    10. i havnt seen the wipe yet all my characters gold and gear is all still available, is it turning up soon?

      • I noticed the same thing. Nothing wiped on my account. I don’t even remember getting a patch download when I started up the beta. I can still play with others though.

    11. Ok, that went well! Let me try again:
      Soon all will be moot as the Beta ends on the 1st of May!  

    12. Probably the last beta patch we’re getting, and we’re still stuck with that terrible skill UI…. I am so sad… 🙁

    13. “Why this required an entire character wipe will remain a mystery to me.”

      Maybe it’s a good way to force people to test a broader part of the beta(?), instead of endlessly droning Leoric runs, as it seems to be the case, late in the patch cycles.

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