Diablo III Not Part of Blizzard’s 2010 Plans

On Friday Activision/Blizzard carried out one of their quarterly financial info conference calls. The audio was only available live and streaming, and I can’t find a full transcript so we’ll have to go from some coverage posted elsewhere. Most of the call’s gaming info was about SC2 and the next WoW expansion, both of which are due out in 2010. Diablo 3, as we’re all too painfully aware, is not coming out in 2010, a fact that DiabloWikiMike Morhaime reiterated in his one brief mention of our #1 most anticipated Blizzard title. Here’s a quote from the G4TV blog post on the subject:

One game Morhaime barely discussed was Diablo III. The latest hack ‘n slash sequel was not said to be part of Blizzard’s 2010 pipeline, while StarCraft II and World of Warcraft: Cataclysm are. Morhaime mentioned Diablo III as part of Blizzard’s “pipeline,” but that’s all he would say.

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1 thought on “Diablo III Not Part of Blizzard’s 2010 Plans

  1. about time they released a demo..

    i can’t buy over internet and don’t realy have time for this game but with all the good feedback on this game a 2 hour playtime is just what i need.

    Hope i don’t get into it too bad and end up buying it! :d

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