Diablo III News Roundup

This week’s editorial about the demise (or not) of PC Gaming comes from Popular Science. Their verdict is… not! They admit that consoles are taking a lot of the market share, but they point out the popularity of MMOs, that big games like Diablo III will still sell millions, and that casual and free games are hugely popular.

In related news, this article from the Calgary Herald proclaims that gaming is recession-proof, and points to continued strong sales despite the worldwide economic downturn. (Sadly, a counter point isn’t hard to find.)

And finally, MMOSite.com speculates on which entertainment properties might next get the MMO treatment. Blizzard’s mystery MMO is the biggest fish in the pond, but as they point out, World of Diablo seems unlikely with Diablo III under development. World of Starcraft? Or how about non-Blizzard MMOs set in Terminator, Underworld, or Halo?

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  1. Yeah there was no Diablo III at the Blizcon but all those cute ladies in the video make me want to goto the next one if it is anywhere near me, although dressing up is so not me and that kind of dissuades me.

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