2404.org writes aboutVarious Diablo news from around the Internet:

    • Diablo III t-shirts were sold at Blizzcon 2008, but until recently they weren’t available anywhere else. They can now be purchased in men’s and women’s cuts, 2009 preview article on IGN and their most anticipated games of 2009 stores. With current exchange rates, US shoppers get the best price. The shirts are $15 in the US, ?15 in the UK,and ?20 in the EU.
    • In a 2009 preview article on IGN, there is some salivating over the prospects of Blizzard’s secret new MMO. Diablo III gets a name check as well, of course.
    • Destructiod has posted their most anticipated games of 2009, and for a change the author is aware of the fact that Diablo III might not be released this year. Some blissfully unaware optimism remains, as they say the consensus estimate is late 2009. (Not according to more knowledgeable fans, it’s not.)
    • 2404.org writes about the best PC Games of 2008, and after lodging a bitter complaint about the tripartite nature of Stacraft 2, they say Diablo III will surely rule.
    • I love these small town newspapers and their electronic media coverage. Check out this article from the Tuscaloosa, Alabama News. It’s got a quick overview of the big games coming to various platforms this year. Diablo III and Starcraft II both get a mention in the PC section.
    • The Aurora Colorado Sentinel has an AP article about how video games will evolve in 2009. Amongst other predictions, they feel that D3 and SC2 will finally tear gamers away from WoW.
    • And finally, the famous Meridian Diablo II mod, created and maintained by our once and future columnist Brother Laz, has been nominated as one of the best gaming mods of the year. Download and try it if you never have, and give it a vote to support the Diablo II community!

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