Diablo III Music News

Thanks to the indefatigable Fmulder for finding two tidbits related to Diablo III music. The first is that the London Philharmonic Orchestra has released a new recording, The Greatest Video Game Music, Volume 2. It includes their symphonic renditions of numerous famous video game compositions, including Diablo III: Overture. The Amazon page has a full track listing, samples of all, and you can buy the whole thing or any individual tracks for $.99.

Elsewhere, Irish choral group Anuna included two pieces of Diablo III music in a recent concert in Dublin’s National Concert Hall. The video below shows them doing “Black Soulstone” and “Incantation.” They’re both excellent late night creepy mood-setters, with lots of voices mixing and blending to create a very gothic, wordless sort of vibe. Watch it in the dark with the sound way up.

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9 thoughts on “Diablo III Music News

    • Much like the D3 music itself, initial excitement that rapidly fades to “I think I hear it in the background, like for ambiance?”

      • I thought that Russell Brower actually did an amazing job with the orchestral/choir compositions for the cinematics. Sure, the in-game music sounds like ‘white noise’ with the occasional rumbling of the instruments shelf mixed in, but the cinematic score might be one of the few artistic efforts in D3 they got quite right.

        • I agree that the compositions are good in of themselves. However – and unfourtunately – they are all forgettable and tend to sound like generic drama/action orchestrated music after a short while.

          Seems like the D3 music transcends acts as well (hard to notice for some reason), which lends to the lack of iconic association. Play me the first few seconds of ‘Wilderness’ and I can already see my naked paladin running towards a soon-to-be-dead quill fiend, as a recently slain fallen makes their trademark death gurgle.

          I know I know, nostalgia. But I still have the battle.net player in my bookmarks and fire up the D1/D2 playlist from time to time. For some reason, not even interested in the D3 soundtrack… =\


  1. Amazon MP3 is pure crap, you can’t buy anything unless you’re in the country of the store, and there’s like only 5-6 stores that apply to one country each.

  2. Why was this never properly used in game to create an ACTUAL Diablo atmosphere? What a waste of good music and talent. I will rage beyond eternity against Diablo 3’s artistic direction.

  3. Thanks for the CD suggestion. I already have the D3 soundtrack (which I quite like) but it’s inexpensive and seems to have some nice music to work to on it. 🙂

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