Two news items relating to the music of Diablo. The first is an odd one; did you know that Laurence Juber, the co-composer of the Diablo III soundtrack, was the guitarist in Wings? And that he writes show tunes, including partnering with his wife Hope Juber to compose the music and lyrics for an upcoming Broadway version of Gilligan’s Island the Musical? Well, that’s what this press release claims. Yes, I’m a little shocked too. Talk about a variant build!

    LAURENCE JUBER (Songwriter/Composer) Two-time Grammy winner, Laurence Juber got an extraordinary, life-changing break when Paul McCartney picked him to become Wings’ lead guitarist. Juber spent three years recording and touring with the band. After Wings disbanded, this native of London, England embarked on a career as a solo artist, composer and arranger, and developing a reputation as a world-class guitar virtuoso, being voted #1 by Fingerstyle Guitar magazine. The venerable C.F. Martin Company offers his Signature model guitar. He has released 14 acclaimed solo albums and is much in-demand as a concert performer, clinician and a studio musician. He has also produced and arranged albums for the British folk rock icon Al Stewart. As a composer he has scored for TV (“A Very Brady Xmas”, “The Brady Bunch In The White House”); for motion picture (“World Gone Wild”) and the stage (Gilligan’s Island, The Musical, A Very Brady Musical, It’s The Housewives ). Juber is co-composing the score for the much-anticipated video game “Diablo 3”.

    Elsewhere, GotGame has posted an interview with Mustin, the bassist and manager of video game music band, The OneUps. These guys performed at last year’s Penny Arcade Expo, and what did they choose for their encore? An update of the classic Tristram theme from Diablo I. (Which was itself updated in Diablo II. No word yet if it’ll return in Diablo III; the music heard in New Tristram at Blizzcon wasn’t familiar; but that doesn’t mean much for the final game.)  The interview covers how the band got started, what it’s like to play video game themes for a living, and more. Here’s a quote from the interview, and video of their PAX encore is embedded below.

    GotGame: ?That?s about all I?ve got. One last thing. During your performance at the Penny Arcade Expo last year, you guys played the Tristram theme from Diablo as an encore. What was the fan reaction like??

    Mustin: ?People are anticipating Diablo 3. People are excited about it. We played the opening guitar chord and people just started going nuts because they knew what it was.?

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