We’ve long since accepted that the maximum skill level in Diablo III will be 15, and done our early character planning accordingly. However today comes Bashiok with a drive-by potshot of info, presented almost entirely without context. Max levels might be 20?

    The thread was started by a fan puzzled by the contradiction between only 7 skills with an apparently max level of 5:

    …but can be increased up to Fifteen.

    Potentially twenty.

    There’s still been nothing official about how skill levels are raised. The listed max for all the Blizzcon demo chars has been 5. All of the Arena demo chars this year had 5 points in all of their skills. We’ve been told though, that it’ll be higher. Probably 15. Bashiok once said the rank cap would increase by difficulty level, in a 5/10/15 progression, but he retracted that as old info a few days later. There have been other hints that the higher caps might be item-based, but this all seems mostly designed just to spur fan speculation. So have at it.

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