Diablo III Hacks Released

A post in the forums draws attention to the release of hacks for DiabloWikiDiablo 3 to the public. We won’t be linking directly to the article… because, hax.

The third party program allows one to instant quit, instant craft, load a bot, and instantly reveal your entire map. The full feature set is the following:


  • Reveals units on the minimap (regular mobs in red, champs/bosses/rares in blue)
  • Displays arrowes to level exits
  • Minimap Markers are always revealed!
  • The correct defiled crypt is colored in a green!

Other Features

  • Instantly exit games
  • Instantly craft
  • Displays a timer in the left bottom when in-game
  • Displays clock in the left bottom when hanging out in the lobby
  • Allows .NET assemblies to be loaded (create bots)

It’s important to remember, though, that Warden and other hack detecting software is not currently enabled in the beta and hackers are still not aware of what will be detectable in the long run, and whether or not any of their efforts right now will be sustainable past launch day. The only known way to get banned at the present time is to flaunt illegitimate ways to gold farm or similar exploitative measures to the community.

The fact that such hacks exist already does bring light to a vital problem – for its community and its economy. Having real money stakes in a game that can be cheated by third party programs could undermine the stability of the economy that would reduce the profits generated by the RMAH. So not only does Blizzard have a vested interest in stabilizing the economy, banning hackers forces the players to buy a new copy of the game to continue their exploits. It’s a win-win situation for Blizzard, assuming they actively ban accounts.

While the presence of hacks this early into development is seen as a dark omen for the future of the game, it does show Blizzard methods of hacking that they will need to address as soon as possible. For many, “as soon as possible” can never be soon enough. What is the community’s thoughts on the release of bots? We all know it was an inevitability, but will the availability of botting this early into the beta be a good thing or does it foreshadow the failure of the economy?

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201 thoughts on “Diablo III Hacks Released

      • You bring up a good point. Since Blizzard gets a fee for every transaction (and if I remember correctly, it’s fiexed and not a percentage like in WoW), it would actually be in their best interests to keep a certain amount of bots alive to farm $$…

        • Yeah, the RMAH is the REAL reason single players were kicked to the curve.  As many of us said hacks, bots, and dupes WILL be present in D3. And Blizzard knows it.

          • You can STILL play single player.  But you CAN’T play offline.  There is a difference, whether or not you choose to accept it. 

      • Actually, there is no offline single player because of piracy, not the RMAH, though I suppose 2 birds could be killed with 1 stone.

    • So what is your point again? …

      If you want to play single-player anyway, you can just stay away from the auction house and bots won’t matter to you. Stop trying to flame drama where none exists. The fact that more of the data is server-side means it will be easier to catch bots and prevent duping. Bots are inevitable regardless of whether or not an offline mode was available.

      • Common sense doesn’t work on these people. They’ve been saying exactly same thing for years now, despite all the obvious counter arguments. And they won’t stop.

        • No offline play is a major setback for me and my friends, simply because i cant play when im offline.
          So when  dont hava a good internet i cant play a game i paid for.

          I actually didnt believe it was only online the first time i saw the info, it didnt made sense, a 4 player game?? online only??

          It is a major problem. diablo 2 was so fun to play on the beach house with my palls, now no internet no fun.  

          • Honestly – too bad. Blizzard is not obligated to provide the game for you and your pals. Feel free to vote with your wallet.

          • I’m not saying that gripes about offline play aren’t necessarily valid. I am saying, however, that news about these hacks has nothing directly to do with the online-only requirement.

            Did you (the general “you”, not just Denshihiro) post your gripes about no offline play in comments on stories about rune system changes? Why are there no posts about the online-only requirement in that recent post about item drop rates? It’s not relevant there and it’s not relevant here.

            Furthermore, that particular horse is pretty fucking dead, and deserves a break from the beating it’s been getting.

    • Online hackers can potentially be caught and stopped.

      Offline hackers cannot. Simple stuff.

      • Yeah fuck them offline hackers that are ruining my online experience! Wait… what?

    •  Same reason the industry uses DRM… to give hackers something to do… 
       Just ask the Witcher 2 guys about which version of the game showed up on torrents between the one with no DRM and the one with Securom… 

  1. From the thread: The instant exit does not leave your character dangling in game, so fake-HC, here we come.

    • Gotta to love those chickens. At least in arenas people can’t chicken out (yet), but in the other hands why would we bother playing arenas? Its all about pay to win…

  2. either this game will be hack proof or i won’t buy it .. i won’t ruin my exp for this sh*t

    • I love how MANY posts I’ve seen over the years that say, “If Diablo 3 doesn’t XYZ I won’t buy it!”
      Ultimatums in general rarely work well for people. It’s usually a lose-lose situation. Person A makes some ludicrous demand of Person B and says if they can’t fulfill the demand then they’re leaving. I see this a lot with kids. “If you won’t let me play with that toy I won’t be your friend anymore!” The problem with this is that Person B just got cra*ped on because Person A basically just said: “That toy is worth our friendship. You are pretty much useless to me as a friend without it.”
      In this particular case you’re saying that Diablo 3 is a crap game not worth your time and money unless they cater to this one demand of yours. But it’s silly to think there won’t be people out there consistently trying to hack the game. It’s what they do. It’s going to happen. So, I guess you’re out of luck and won’t get to enjoy Diablo 3 like the rest of us who are buying it. 🙁

      • haha, I couldn’t agree more. They’re my favourite post. The empty rage questions. That dude will buy it and he’ll have a great experience regardless. The ultimatum IS a lose-lose situation and all he’s doing is frustrating himself with this perceived persecution! 

      • A company that publishes games isn’t anything like a friend, though. The gaming company isn’t worth anything to you unless they’re putting out games that you want to play; in your analogy the “toy” is the game, and the toy is worth the whole relationship (i.e. financial transaction) with the publisher. A game publisher is useless to a customer unless they’re making good games.

        The problem isn’t that people make ultimatums like this; the problem is that people usually make ridiculous ultimatums and then don’t follow through with them. It’s perfectly fine for a consumer to be displeased with a piece of software for whatever reason, but in the end money talks, and if a product sells the company won’t see any reason to change things. If negative reactions to a product might actually affect sales (of a current or future product), then a company will actually take steps to respond to the issues being raised.

        What happens more often than not is that people will create unrealistic ultimatums that just make them look like they’re crying wolf. They don’t follow through with their unrealistic ultimatums, and nothing changes. Frankly, this is a bad example: demanding a “hack-proof” game is patently ridiculous and nobody is going to take this sort of ultimatum seriously.

        There are ways to bring your concerns to people’s attentions without unreasonable ultimatums, though, and often they seem pretty effective. Blizzard does respond to consumer feedback, because they realize that much of their good-will in the gaming world is based not just on their products, but on their reputation. We’ve seen a number of changes in the beta that seem like direct responses to community opinions – hardcore unlocking at level 10 rather than after completing normal; consistent increases to early-game difficulty; Nephalem Valor as a means to make boss runs meaningful; etc. – regardless of how these decisions are presented by PR.

      • Normally i would agree with you and laugh about it but this is some serious stuff.
        There is real money involved to buy stuff in game. Perhaps in time hackers can find ways to steal our items, after all they can sell it on AH. Perhaps hackers will also find ways to duplicate their items and steal it. Imagine how much ruin that can bring to the economy in game.
        If such a fundamental hack is perfected already i really see no point on spending to the game where i have to login all the time like facebook. If our experience is going to be online, it should be hackproof.
        *Sarcasm on* Hell i won’t even be able to play when the world ends, imagine that! *Sarcasm off*.

        • Nobody is denying that hacking compromises the integrity of the game. People seem to falsely believe, however, that stopping hacks completely is actually plausible with enough time and money, but it’s not.

          The Olympics should also be a drug-free experience, but no matter how hard they try to screen for them people are still working on ways to cheat the system. That’s just life. Deal with it. 

    • Just look at WoW, hackproof! Oh wait.. well, Starcraft 2, hackproof! Oh wait.. this aint working.

  3. Hehe in before the hate! Oops – seems I was too late again.

    Just in case some can be stemmed, as pointed out in the news post, they haven’t got any of their anti cheat stuff running in the beta, so what do you expect. 

  4. I’m currently developing a hack, click button, get SOJ.  I’ll let you all know when I have it working!

    • It already exists in the beta. Just play HC in single player, hit escape, and leave. The game is paused.

      • No, that’s not how it work. If you hit Esc, then Leave Game, the game unpauses, and you can die.
        The chicken hack needs to be brought to Blizz’s attention, it clearly violates a game mechanic.

  5. Imagine if Blizzard took a positive approach to security like Google does with Chrome and offered cash rewards for finding exploits.

    • Most of the top security companies offer bounties on the defense.  Prove you can get in and you’ll get paid.  If Blizzard is truly serious about preventing bots & hacks they will do this.  The question becomes, what is the price point that a hacker will accept to divulge their secret.

  6. I  think this is good, if bizzard is aware of the hacks early they’ll take a proactive measure to it and actively try to snuff out all these hacks, all blizzard has to do is copy paste “Allows .NET assemblies to be loaded (create bots)” in google to find the source of where the hacks are being found out, download it themselves and see how they work. Iam sure they have some really tallented people their that can counter it after some time studying it

    • The hosting website isn’t exactly new. There’s a reason why they are at the .cc address now. There isn’t much Blizzard can do. They actively sued one of the admins on that board a while back, and he’s still at it.

  7. So many years in development.

    And… this is the result. Sigh. It’s been since proven Warden can be fooled. Unless they’re applying some methods more advance than World of Warcraft, this is a colossal failure on the part of Blizzard.


      • You realize the security you’re talking about is Warden.

        It’s meant to DETECT, not PREVENT. The prevention is integrated in the coding.

        The fact that this is so easily circumvented is alarming to say the least. 🙄  

        • From the above article: “It’s important to remember, though, that Warden and other hack detecting software is not currently enabled in the beta”

          My point was that there’s nothing to circumvent right now so it is easier to hack.

  8. It’s a good thing Blizzard removed LAN. Imagine how many more hacks there would be if it was included! That was Blizzard’s reason for removing LAN, right?

  9. Warden seemed to work really well in D2… -clears throat-

    But hopefully the Warden and other anticheats by Blizzzard will be much better than we’ve seen in D2.

    • You obviously haven’t seen WoW’s implementation of warden.  It is nearly unhackable.  There are still bots that auto farm, but that’s near impossible to stop.

      • It’s actually pretty simple if you just have a combat dynamic that requires periodic intelligent response on the part of the user, which also explains why it’s nearly impossible in WoW.

        • Intelligent response can be simulated, which is why you have computers that play chess almost as well as international grand masters. Not to mention you’d need a computer software “intelligent” enough to make the difference between a human and another “intelligent” computer software specifically designed to imitate human response. This is anything but easy.

          Of course, you could implement some sort of “captcha” test. I’m sure players will be thrilled to be asked to take a captcha every 10 minutes to confirm they are not bots. 

        • When I would bot bg’s to get the honor I needed to do arena, my bots would cap flags, get in the top 5 dmg and kills, and solo a lot of people who were obviously not bots.  You speak nothing but the truth.  If a program can do that then people in that game a fucking horrible.

        • Despite your joke, you actually make a valid point in WoW’s defense. This is why you only see bots farming basic resources, and not doing any high-end content like raiding. The real valuable stuff in WoW can’t be bought or sold on the AH; you need to do the most difficult content in the game for it. If it were easy to do, I’m sure someone out there would have coded a bot program to run 10 bots through hard-mode raids by now. Gear up the accounts, sell the characters, big profit. You don’t see that happening, so it’s clear something they’re doing is working.

          • Don’t tell me you are one of those people that believes beating some silly scripted boss/dungeon for some irrelevant purple pixels is some sort of accomplishment?
            The only real world valuable thing WoW offers is money and these bots are making it in spades.

          • So you’re saying collecting the best possible gear in D2 and soon to be D3 is silly, irrelevant, and not an accomplishment, simply because it has no value in the real world?  Well of course it has no value in the real world.  That’s the point.  It’s a VIDEO GAME.  It’s not supposed to be the real world.  It’s FANTASY.

          • @Coolhwip: I didn’t say anything one way or another about whether or not it’s an “accomplishment”. The fact I’m addressing is that there are people out there willing to pay for stuff like geared characters. The fact that bots haven’t yet been coded to farm the best gear in the game suggests that the environments in which that gear is collected – hard-mode raid content – isn’t so easy to script around.

            I’m puzzled at how antagonistic you are to the value of games. Do you just come to a gaming forum to troll people?

  10. I think I foresee “xxx,xxx accounts got banned for using maphacks, bots, or other third party programs that compromised the game’s integrity.” -type posts from Blizzard as we saw in Diablo 2 days. And I think I foresee people getting really excited at such news: “Yeah, way to go Blizzard! Keep up the good work!” But by that time, it is already entirely too late. Imagine how many un-banned accounts would also be affected by such programs in the process.

    This is just Beta, so perhaps Blizzard doesn’t have their best “anti-hack” stuff in yet, but by the looks of this, this could end up being seriously detrimental to the game’s “prestigious economy.”

  11. Sucks that I can’t play single offline.

    Any chance they’ll release single player say maybe 3-6 mths after?

    Otherwise no Diablo 3 for me.

    • Just play single player online and don’t interact with any other players, ever? Then all you have to complain about is lag and servers being down etc. If you don’t want to be involved in hacks in D3, then don’t. That’s how many of us played D1 and D2 anyway.

      • um, yeah, except AFAIK there was always a scare in D2 that u’d get a dupe in a trade that could later be wiped out by blizzard’s sweeps. wasn’t that so?

        • Trading would be a form of “interacting”. The suggestion was: “don’t interact with any other players, ever.”

          Requesting offline single-player is not directly related to concerns about the effects of botting on the economy. 

    • I take it you haven’t been following D3’s development for long?

      D3 uses a server-side model which handles a great amount of the game’s data online, and not on your computer. The only way they’d ever release an offline version of the game is if sales were absolutely pitiful, and even then it would likely take them upwards of a year to re-code the game for offline play.

      TL;DR version: No Diablo 3 for you.

      • Frankly, I could care less about the bots OR the auction house since I am a SP only type of person, but this server-side model is CRAP! Why should my playing experience be hobbled by not having a FIBER-OPTIC connection into my home? If Diablo 3 was touted as an MMO, like WoW is, then I have no problem with that. But just to make the game server-side because they can is stupid as hell, and I would love to know the reasons for doing this. 

        • Again: Have you not been following D3’s development for long?

          The reasons for the server-side data structure have been debated ad nauseum. In any case, it’s not being done just “because they can” – it goes a long way toward preventing dupes and cracking down on bots.

          Also, the game plays fine on most connections. Maybe it’s time to upgrade from your 56k modem?

    • ‘No diablo 3’ for you as in you have no consistant internet connection and thus no WAY to play via the limits of technology? Or ‘No diablo 3 for me’ as in the ridiculous ultimatums discussed previously where you have an account with diablo.incgamer and yet cry wolf that you’ll not play? The difference here is important to specify. 🙂

  12. Hah thats only a maphack, there are already speedhacks, teleport hacks (supposedly from what i ve read this is how people reached “forbidden zones”) and whole plethora of abuses. Hell there is even an emulated beta running server with high lvl skills and runes (not sure about patch 14+, but 100% confirmed working for previous versions).

  13. Hacks and bots that are going to take advantage of the RMAH… who could have EVER seen that coming? 🙄

  14. I don’t see why people are surprise, and those are just all words, where’s the action?

    It’s only closed beta, so people need to chill, the official game uses a different client which by then Blizzard would have implemented the BNET 2.0 anti-hack features.

    Unlike most gaming companies, Blizzard has a team dedicated for anti-hacks. Warden has been successful in D2 so far, so stop getting all worked up and whiny like a bunch of girls.

    This is why the game is only online, in order for the hackers to test the hack, they need to use an account = 1 copy of D3, and if they get detected, in which they will, BAN. That’s killing 2 birds with one stone.

    Back in D2 these hackers could test it out on tcp/ip and open bnet platforms, which are not monitored by Warden, which is also not in D3 as there is no single player, so half of the hacking problem has already been resolved.

  15. Still… Warden works, if I am not mistaken, by detecting and reacting to hacks that are being used. I was kind of expecting the game would be harder to write hacks for in the first place ><
    Is encryption the solution to that part of the problem, that is not in place  yet?
    I don’t have a lot of faith in encryption either, I have to say. I know of more than one game that was supposed to be “unmoddable” because of encryption, that was modded… prior to release day 😉

  16. In all honesty, this is really pretty tame considering that the beta has been up and running for more than half a year and there is no anti-hack measures to speak of.  It’s conceivable that the moment warden is flipped on these will all lead to perma-bans within the day.

    Not only that, but these things are easily fixable on Blizzard’s end by shifting some of these details to server-side processes so that they aren’t issues at all. 

  17. I can’t believe there are hacks this early on. That is not a good sign! I really hope Blizzard gets rid of most or all of these before release.

  18. Blizzard always bans people from their games, hell banning the hackers actually makes them money.

  19. Bots will ruin the game for many reasons, first of them is its going to straight up ruin pub games because we cant specifically see what games we are jumping into just that its on X quest unless we make private or friends only. ontop of that having bots farming games will put items up on both auction houses most likely overpricing stuff causing other actual players to price under but near what they are placing at ruining the auction house. Yes people are already going to be idiots/aholes and over price stuff but majority people of should be smart enough to price items at a reasonable price. but again with the bots doing farming they will jack prices up , which on the RMAH will make a big impact.

  20. Warden isn’t active in the beta because it would allow hacks to be developed to exploit it immediately at release. All the hacks we see now will only make the game more hack proof since Blizz can identify the security holes and close them.  So good job hackers, keep up the good work. Fucking facepalming at all the \omg this game is ruined\ r-tard comments. 

    • Yep it minimal protection so Blizzard can see what kind of hacks are being produced and can make sure there anti-hack can spot it. I wouldn’t be surprised if they already can detect all these hacks etc but are not tipping there hand so the hackers cant find a way round it.

  21. I don’t see it as a big problem YET. As Nizaris said – there are no anti-hack systems in the beta. Seeing what Blizzard did with client – server communication they have pretty good magicians there. It’s a save bet that newest Warden for D3 will be much better than in WoW. Of course nothing is hack-proof (not even Pentagon) but I hope they will make it as hack-unfriendly as possible.

  22. in a game that cannot be played without logging into battle.net and coming from a top dev studio in the world, there’s zero-tolerance for any sort of cheats. ZERO.

  23. Warden is not in beta for very good reasons:  Why would you give botters a potential 6-month head start on developing their bots?

    I just started playing D2 again, and theres bots everywhere.  They even advertise that they are bots, and theres seemingly no response from Blizzard.  Bots have been evolving since that one WoW bot (WoWglider if I remember right(which got its name changed to MMOglider(there was a legal dispute))) that use mouseover to determine what to do. Methods of detection aren’t that easy. 

  24. Bots are completely inevitable. The best we can hope for is to minimize their effects. I’m hoping that server-side data will make it easier to catch bots and hacks in action, and I hope that Blizzard will be able to ban accounts quickly (or at least suspend their auctions) when they detect something amiss.

  25. Well, Blizzard gets a fixed cut off every item sold, that means they actually “WANT” so people get more efficient farming and killing elite mobs etc.

    I personally look forward to these “tools” simply because it was more fun for me always using mousepads MH in D2.

    The truth behind D2 is that tools and exploits like MHs, Uber leveling, G-Rushing were the reason for its longevity. People were coming back and it was instant fun to G-Rush to hell and then chaos run while speed-leveling. (That was great after some long break to D2 and being “BACK IN THE GAME” so FAST again.

    Seeing where unique/rare mob packs are is awesome imo, it’s simply preventing all the frustration of potentially walking for a long time and NO useful mob comes along.

    I see such tools as “evolution of gaming”, Its no different imo from searching for oil with a shovel and digging a mine for 2 weeks -VS- having special tools that scan the soil like its done these days.

    • “Seeing where unique/rare mob packs are is awesome imo, it’s simply preventing all the frustration of actually playing the game.”

      I fixed that for you.

    • sorry comanche but as a diablo purist I just popped a vein reading your comment.

      I’ll never agree to this kind of exploit, or any for that matter. 8)  

    • For what it’s worth, I do think that you have a point with regards to D2’s longevity being aided by some of those hacks. That, however, was due to the uneven game design of Diablo 2. In D2, certain areas of the game were way, way, way more lucrative and efficient to farm than others, and that created a situation where some areas were so good that the rest of the game felt meaningless by comparison. Why waste time clearing Durance of Hate level 2 when your best chance of drops came from Mephisto in level 3? Clearing a path wasn’t fun in itself; it was just a chore on the way to the boss, the “good part”.

      Based on what we know about Diablo 3’s item economy and the Inferno difficulty, this shouldn’t be as much of an issue as it was for D2. You won’t just be rushing through to a boss fight to get drops, you’ll be searching through the whole game looking for elites. D3 creates a situation where no particular area is immensely more efficient to farm, so the rest of the game won’t seem pointless. This, combined with the gameplay being a whole lot more engaging than D2, should remove a lot of the need people feel for something like a maphack, or a maphacking, teleporting hammerdin bot.  🙄

      Frankly, if you still feel like you really need a maphack in Diablo 3, with all the reasons to actually explore the content, you’re just plain lazy. If you’re not having fun actually playing the game… maybe you should just give up on the game.

  26. Hey, if people are going to hack anyway Blizzard should just make their own hacks and then license them to people for a monthly fee!  Better that they have a safe way to cheat, rather than have these poor sods losing their account and such using shady 3rd party websites!

    Right RMAHers? 

  27. I hope all the cheaters jump on this stuff early cause that’ll be when most of Blizzards attention will be focused on preventing the problem. Meaning more cheaters getting banned, serial numbers cancelled etc. Oh yeah, too bad you need to be online to play the game. Next step, blocking ip addresses of cheaters so they can buy another one and nothing. Thanks for your cheating dollars.  😈

  28. RMAH should be deleted and all 3rd party abusers should be killed.
    The world would be a better place.

  29. Harrumphh.  I remember using the (D1) L*** B*** F*** Trainer to negate Town Kill/Jerks with Staff of Apoc/I will walk through walls and kill you (I had finished the game with honor) just to play the game unhindered.  D2 bots made leveling a joke, no bueno.   My hopes for D3 are realistic:  wait and see.   Time will tell, nevertheless hackers/exploiters are a Whack-a-Mole hindrance.  Wanna play; yes, so do I.  Will there be a Window in the Door (L’Engle)?  Always: faithful Diablo fans can only hope for more effective surveillance .  Just don’t spend cash money on gear.

  30. In this instance, the hackers are actually doing a good job of creating and showing off the system’s vulnerabilities for the creators to fix.

  31. For me D3 will end as soon as there are hacks.

    So if blizz wants to keep people they better get rid of hacks, not just get rid of them, prevent them even from appearing. 

  32. i want to be able to get bots. start it at night and wake up to a beautiful inventory- oh the glory days

  33. I played WoW for many years and I (personally) encountered just a bunch of bots in my whole in-game life: I reported them to the GMs and the day after they were gone. There was a guy I met in-game who was telling me he was succesfully running a bot and, barely month after we spoke, he was banned.

    If Blizzard experience in this area matters something, don’t worry, bots, hacks, dupes will probably exist, but the chance you will even notice one is really slim: they will be fixed in a matter of days.

    Especially in a game like D3, where the chances of a strange thing happening just in YOUR game are even more slim.

  34. This article is completely pointless speculation. The anti-hack software is unknown, so any discussion on this topic is just a wild stab in the dark.

  35. RMAH should be removed/blocked until Blizzard is 100% sure hacks in Diablo 3 don’t exist. If they can never be sure of this, they should never enable RMAH.

    • and Ebay should also be removed from the world and internet… until the government figured how the listing and transactions can be free 100% from scams and fakes.


  36. What does instantly craft and instantly leave games mean…?  These things weren’t instant already..?

  37. hax, bots, dupes………..bring them on, bring them all on!! that’s what you get Bitchard for removing SP! creating more work for you to do……and keep doing for the next 5 years. all because you became greedy as fuck.

    eat shit now!

    • No, this is what they get for making quality games. People are trying to code bots for D3 because D3 is expected to be very popular and, therefore, farming items in D3 could be fairly lucrative. There would be just as many bots if the game included single player.

  38. It’s curious that most people in these forums claim to have played diablo for many years and are huge fans of diablo, blah blah blah… Looking at some of these posts i can see that some of those are full of BS…None of these hacks are new…  You had them all in DI2… And if u had played Diablo II for years you would remember the characters Wipe and Account bans we had periodically in Battle.net…
    How about the bazzillion bots that even to this day Fill your screen with bot talk every 5 seconds in pub games? No news there…  the diference beeing that they don’t need to enter games with publicity anymore thanks to the RMAH…
    And as for those who doubt Blizzards Policy towards hacks and dupes… I confess i used maphack once in my over 10 years of experience with Diablo II and guess what… I got all my characters wiped and my cd key banned for a month… Only because of Maphack use…
     I play several other games online and i must say Blizzard have been the most effective against cheaters… When you think they aren’t paying attention Thousands of characters are wiped out and CD-keys are Supended/banned…

    So… No worrys here…. 

    • If you got banned for using map hack once, then you had no idea what you were doing. I know many people who used maphack in every patch for years and years, combined with bots, pickit and more.. without ever getting a single ban.
      And bots in wow.. they are everywhere. I’ve reported bots with no effect whatsoever. They just keep going. Try joining a battleground latenight on my server. 50% of the “players” will be bots

      • Bots in WoW do get taken care of, but it takes them some time. WoW’s customer service team is immensely busy, and fighting the bots there is always an uphill battle, but accounts do get banned eventually.

        • I agree that most bots will eventually be banned. But I was just attacking this comment by xploziv: “Blizzard have been the most effective against cheaters”
          Which I find untrue.
          Warden in Diablo II was nearly worthless though, no matter how you look at it. If you did get banned, then you really didn’t pay attention to what you were doing. You could find guides upon guides on what hacks you could safely use and what hacks would get you banned.

          • 2 thing on this… I said the most effective compared to other games i play… I don’t play them all… So read first attack later…
            Second of all.. i guess i wasn’t paying attention to cheats… since in over 10 years i used maphack just to do some baal runs… good to know you pay attention to cheats… 
            And i guess the famous account wipe that happened prior to patch 1.09 where thousand of accounts were wiped clean and cd-keys were banned  never happened..

    • Quote: ” good to know you pay attention to cheats… ”
      What’s wrong in paying attention to what happens? Rather be informed than ignorant. Knowing it is there, does not equal the use of it. It’s like knowing about the pirates in Somalia. Does that make me a pirtae? You know the answer to that.
      Quote: “And i guess the famous account wipe that happened prior to patch 1.09 where thousand of accounts were wiped clean and cd-keys were banned  never happened..”
      Oh yes it happened. It also happened in 1.09 and in 1.10 and even in 1.11. But as I said. Only the cheaters who had no clue what they were doing got banned in those waves. An effective anti-cheat method would ban even those who were well aware of what they were doing. See the difference? It is not enough to only ban some of the cheaters.. the easy ones.. you must be able to ban all of the cheaters. Including the hardcore ones.

      • Well i give you that one… I don’t know you so i can’t assume you are cheater… The ignorant there is a bit harsh don’t you think? I rather be informed about the game itself, it’s lore, etc… but that’s my personal choice. I don’t criticize yours… as for my opinion on anti-cheat system…  well it’s that an opinion… since i didn’t buy gear i really wasn’t affected by cheaters except for those stupid pub bots filling the screen. If you think diablo has a poor anti-cheat system…  play CoD, Crysis or BF for that matter… That’s a poor system… When you getted killed by cheats and they influence your game experience… Not some cheats that let others have more runes than i have… or doesn’t let them die in HC… that’s their problem really, not mine… but has i said it’s only my personal opinion and it’s worth what is worth…

  39. There is no anti hacks protection at all in beta. Blizzard is not stupid to let beta run for 6 months with enabled anti hacks protection developed for full game and give hackers all that time to find weak spots. Hell, they even appreciate that hackers try so hard and come up with exploits. It is beta Mr. Hacker, even for you!
    There are many features which reduce hacks efficiency to minimum:
    – no offline SP / LAN games / data server (these will make really hard and expensive to develop any hacks / bots because detection = ban)
    – RMAH – limit of 10 active auctions, each auction last 2 days and can not be canceled  (not a cool feature for a bot). They will need several game clients to increase profit which will also increase detection chance and expensive multiple ban.
    – difficulty and combat dynamic in D3 will be light years away from D2, especially with those monsters affixes (i really wish a GL to bot developers to come up with AI which will not die 24/7 and pay x times more gold on repair costs than actually earn on RMAH)
    The real question is:  “Will be the hacks / bots even remotely profitable?”.

  40. I don’t care what anyone does in their own offline copy of the game, but in an online game or where they can impact others .. I hope they burn in hell.

  41. Ummm guys, about bots
    Inferno – bots will not be able to run in inferno if what blizz says is true. Best gear drops in inferno as well as most money etc. It’s pretty much like in WoW. Bots don’t raid or PvP for a reason.

    The only reason bots in D2 hell were abl to run it was because of teleports OP abilities and Bosses being primary source of loot.

    In D3 it’s inferno, teleports etc got cooldown, best source of loot are eltie mobs.

    • This is a pretty good point. But bots could still farm.. millions of gold in easier parts of Hell.. or even Nightmare, and sell this gold on RMAH. They would still make money, and probably a lot.

      • In such a case getting all bank tabs, artisans etc to high level would be cheaper and thus we would have easier access to all those things as well.
        I think blizz may just inc gold drop on inferno a lot more and reduce it in previous 3 a lot as well.

      • Since the game really revolves around the item economy, extra gold in the market will have little impact.  It could lead to inflation but the crafting and GAH already put such heavy damping on inflation that I suspect that this is a minor effect considering those bots would still likely be caught and shutdown by Blizz pretty quickly.

    • That’s what I’m hoping as well. Few people seem to be able to look at the big picture: with Inferno difficulty always being a challenge since monster level will actually be set above the max level (less and less challenging as you get more gear, but hopefully still a bit tough), you won’t see the kind of situations we saw in D2 where players vastly outleveled end-game content and could farm it easily. When the content isn’t that easy to farm, bots become less and less adept at farming it – which is why we don’t see bots farming raid gear in WoW, as I also brought up in another thread a while back.

      Bots farming gold is one thing that concerns me a bit, but ultimately that will just devalue gold and items will stay at approximately the same relative worth.

  42. Because the game is on line only, the bots and suspicious AH sales will be easely traced.

    There was Zero duping in Wow in the last 6 years because everything is server controlled.

    So people: this is proof you can no longer have off line games in 2012 anymore.

    Imagine how fucked up this game would be with all data accessible on the client side.

    Diablo 3 would be unplayable as of day 1 if it would have an off line play mode.

    Diablo3 hacks will have a very short life span at the most and will only be based on trivial client  side  data, like quitting the game in a second or showing an exit in advance.

    People will not want  to get a perma ban for these things and loose all their gear and progress and money.


    • Duping was possible in the latest patch of wow. I don’t know how, but it was possible.
      “Wts 500x epic red gems”

      • There was no duping in WOW in the last 6 years. Period. Everything is based on server data. People who let you believe they can create mats or change server stats are simply fooling you.

        I remember the Dutch stats changer. Of course the program didn’t work as all stats and combat is server based. But some fools paid 40 Euros for the fake program anyway.


  43. If this things in the released game, so it would be a big hit against Blizz and the online only argument are gone.
    RMAH, ok, but it withreal  money in the game many ppl will try to earn there life with somthing like that. Terrible to hear such things, not good for motivation.

  44. IN EVERY GAME, EVERY SINGLE RPG GAME THAT INCLUDES REAL MONEY SOMEHOW, ebay, rmah etc. etc. there are ALWAYS HACKS. No can do. Deal with it. D2 had bots, wow had bots, even ONLINE REAL MONEY POKER HAS BOTS PLAYING THE GAME.

  45. some hacks are interesting improvement :
    “Displays a timer in the left bottom when in-game
    Displays clock in the left bottom when hanging out in the lobby”
    There is no clock in the game I vote for having one.

  46. Warden did a good job in D2, 1.10 I made homebrew maphack, pvp teleport 4 screens away, and got 1 cd key banned.
    1 / 3 isn’t bad 🙂

  47. I’m actually surprised at the people who are claiming that D2 had  a great anti-hack system in place. LOL. Boy were you guys living in a dream world. Did you guys even play D2? The only time they did something major was when they did a full server account wipe to get rid of all the iths and white items. Other times you would have to be LUCKY to get banned .LOL

  48. Disappointed about the maphack, shouldn’t they have found a way to hide that data from the client 10 years after D2? Bots are probably inevitable, but the gameplay could reduce their impact. Maybe nephalem valor is a good mechanism to handle that.
    Then again, this is why I only play with trusted friends and why I can’t imagine buying anything from the RMAH. Why reward the cheats?

    • No offence intended (really) but you obviously have no idea how software works so maybe you shouldn’t make so many assumptions. You can’t hide ANYTHING that is available to the client, this is the very nature of computer software. It has to be on the server to be able to hide it, and if map information only was available on the server and was fed to the client on a per-need basis, then any lag would make that look bad for the player, and it would increase server upload rates by a lot.

      Instead, they seed on the server and send the seed to the client which replicates the map. No more transfers needed for the map, but the downside is that the client has all the info.

      • Wrong.

        What a server side feed would do is increase the server maintenance cost, not lag.

        And we both know Blizzard will never, ever let that happen.

        • What about sending an encrypted map to the client. with some sort of generated key attached.
          I realy dont want these hacks in d3.

      • Uh….but there IS lag. I am getting TONS of lag! 300ms for a few minutes is a good day. 700ms+ all other time. And if the client has all of the info like you say, then I shouldn’t be getting a lot of lag.

        I am not a developer but something doesn’t quite sound right. 

      • I am not sure about that. There is no other possibility than dumping all map information on the client and letting it do whatever it wants? Anyway, I just said I was disappointed, from the outside it would seem more of a technically solvable issue than bots.
        Though would anyone complain about a captcha to enter games? I wouldn’t, but I don’t run bots.

  49. You all do realize that the anti cheat system is not active right now right? You also realize that once it is active that people will get banned fairly quickly right?  If you think blizzard doesn’t know about these hacks then I have some land on the moon to sell you. At this point if you plan on hacking when the game comes out then just send blizzard $60 in the mail instead of buying the game. They are just going to ban you. The amount of code needed to be injected to pull off all of these hacks is retarded and will easily be detected. So before you post your “OMG I won’t buy this game, or OMG why is this game online” crap, realize that the anti cheat stuff isn’t active and that all Blizz is doing is waiting to collect the free money for all the banned accounts.

    • You people and your imaginary anti-cheat.

      What you’re talking about is Warden. While potent, it is far from impossible to circumvent. This is proven. For a game that requires 24/7 online access in all mode, they left surprisingly many stuff to client side.

      And that is why it’s so easy to crack. Blizzard cutting cost.

      • You are beyond stupid if you think they would waste a lot of money, time and potential income just to cut some costs.
        The costs cut would never return the cost of making this game and what they can make off of RMAH if it’s hack free. And please, don’t even try to say it’s different, lucky happens i’m an economist irl so i know more about economics than you ever will.

        • LOL!

          Why did you have to bring up that you are an Economist?? Something that has no bearing. Or does being an economist make you an expert on the RMAH? Frankly, you did it for all of us to “oooh” and “aaah”?

          Okay…….oooh, ahhhh

          Now begone.

    • There were undetectable bots in D2 and I am sure there will undetectable bots in D3. The only good thing is that if Blizzard made everything right, then inferno will be so hard that bot will just fail. D3 is no longer a game where you just spam blessed hammer non-stop and teleport around everything being completely invincible.

  50. I wouldn’t know how effective WoW’s anti-hack methods work because I didn’t play it enough to make a valid judgement. However, I have played Diablo II since 2005 and I must say that the anti-hacking measures are for lack of a better word: catastrophic… The bots and hacking are at such epidemic levels in Diablo II that much of the D2 community believes that Blizzard actually participated in the botting. I myself have conflicting thoughts when deciding if this is ludicrous or true, but I can’t help but scratch my head over the coincidental RMAH. “Coincidental?” you might ask. It’s coincidental because despite Blizzard working hard to stop the botting in Diablo 2, or lacking there of, Blizzard then announces they will be implementing a real money auction system for Diablo 3’s economy. Now let’s be factual and un-biased and just admit that this announcement took us ALL by surprise. This announcement came from a company who did a flat-out terrible job on dropping the ban-hammer. What I want to know is if Blizzard “really” cared about the anti-hacking and enforcing the ban-hammer, why would they encourage a system that’s practically a carbon copy of what bots were doing on Diablo 2? I’m still baffled and utterly confused as to why and how Blizzard thought this decision was necessary… Call me crazy but I think Blizzard doesn’t care about the Diablo community. Spammers and botters run a MUCK in Diablo 2 to such rediculous proportions, it’s impossible to not run into one. All it would take is a Blizz rep to create an un-private game and BAM, you’ve got spammers everywhere. It’s even more easy to spot a bot when you go to Hell/Nightmare games, all you have to look for is game names with “Baal/Run/xxx game number and you’ve just spotted a bot with his pants down… I look at Diablo 2’s botting catastrophy and Blizzards RMAH and I have to wonder……does Blizzard even want the hacking to stop?

    • Read: Diablo 2: all client data.

      read Diablo 3: all server data…

      Now you might understand why D3 ALWAYS needs an internet connection.

      It is the same thing as your bank would allow you to tamper with your account in a local bank client.

      NO bank will ever allow that. That’s why D3 is always connected to the server and NO server (control) means NO game.

      The kind of hacks described above are pure client side data (they don’t have stats changer etc), just some minor client changes, like being able to show the exit or to quit the game more quickly. Still also these things will be seen from a server controlled game the minute these things go live.


  51. warden cant detect those cheats, its just gonna have to be implemented into the game. and in wow the hacked item just disappears or somehting like that.
    But in Diablo 3 if actually someone buys a hacked item with real cash, this is gonna be a HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE problem

    and warden CANT detect a good bot+mh, its almost impossible. And now that some real cash is on the stake its so obvious that there will be so many bots running around.

    I actually knew that a hacker group was already working on those kind of hacks (diablo 3) for a long time. And that progress was pretty good, but well lets see what the future brings 🙂

  52. For once i’m going to give Blizzard the benefit of the doubt.
    If they use the income to truly get rid of most big offenders then that would be a WIN in my book.
    Let’s see. 

  53. How did they manage to make instant leave from the game? It’s so sad if HC will be full of noob chicken users. 🙁

    • Many hacks described are related to cooldowns that appear to be controlled by the client: crafting items, leaving the game. This is a bit strange because some of the hacks that are possible in DIII do not work in WoW, including the chicken-leaving hack. 
      Using the fog-of-war idea that LoLegends uses to prevent players from hacking the game to see players in the fog could be used for map and mini-map loading but that would take a lot more of interactions between client and server, including “black walls” when servers were in stress. so.. maphack will work in D3.
      As duping is considered a architectural flaw of diablo2 item system, the traditional duping may be fixed but.. never say never.
      As for bots, that depend on being able to load some custom libraries into DIII, that will always be possible for any game.. 

    • Give it time. Do you honestly think that the hackers are going to give away all their tricks in a beta? The fact is, the hackers see nothing but $$$ and they will do anything to farm / dupe. And guess what, the paying customer will be inconvenienced the most.

      • Stupîd remark as ANY server controlled on line game can’t have duping if the server security works as intended. And in Blizzard’s case that’s 100% sure deal.

        Of course some idiots WILL be buying fake hacking programs, like the famous stst changer in WOW a few years back, but they don’t even work, since all data is set by the server and not by the client. meaning, these programs will not work.



  54. …don’t care about this…i only play solo or with specific friends privately…i have no interest in the AH…
    …hackers will always hack, d***heads will always be d***heads…
    …i just want to play… 

  55. Do I will get BAN for making more than 20 games per 60 min : – ( … ????????????????????????????

    • I doubt you would need that. It’s not longer a D2 where all you do is meph and pindle runs 🙂

      • Also switching chars is allso banable Q_Q
        pindle shenk eldrish ..//.. next game or pit

  56. The only real hacks that could pose problems are duped items and custom made items. Thses kind of hacks are made by REAL hackers. Even worse, when hackers are gonna be able to modify hardcoded parts of game which enables them to do “impossible” things (for example making PK option in D3) then the game will be largely compromised. Unfortunately there are hacks for D2 that do similar things (like: custom runewords, duping items, etc.) and these also work on Battlenet.
    Maphack and bots are common for online gaming. So nothing new here.

    • Duped items are impossible in a game where all stats reside on the server.

      And … if a hacker could enter the server data, the game would be down in a second.  

  57. \This is why the game is only online, in order for the hackers to test the hack, they need to use an account = 1 copy of D3, and if they get detected, in which they will, BAN. That’s killing 2 birds with one stone.\ Yup, let’s stop those pirates but also give the paying customer a shi**y experience by implementing crap that doesn’t need to be in the game.    

    • And two days after they’ve been banned they are back ruining the experience for everybody again and even with the hackers gone their effect on the economy would still be present, you’re fooling yourself if you think that online-only is helping anyone else but blizzard.

  58. Anyone who supports or uses the RMAH is a cheater already.  Why draw the line at bots, you hypocrites?

  59. – About hacks that are not item-related: since there is no PvP yet, their existence is not a bad thing. Want to play in a hack-free environment? Play in single-player games only, or with friends that you trust. Want to ‘enhance’ your gameplay experience with cheats (I can see how some people would find it enjoyable)? Go ahead, it will not affect anyone who _chooses_ not to be affected by hacks, at least until PvP comes.

    – About hacks that are item-related (bots, dupes): In terms of RMAH, they will be bad for sellers, unless they actually use these hacks, but good for buyers. Both casual and ‘hardcore’ players could be buyers and sellers, but one category of players will definitely be sellers-only: the item farmers in poor countries. So consider two scenarios: 1) There are no bots/dupes, so the economy is run by item farmers in poor countries (a note here to those who plan to get a decent income from selling items – is 5$ / day good money for you? Because for millions of people in other parts of the world, it is). Or 2) There are bots/dupes, so the economy is run by botters / dupers, who will probably the same item farmers mentionned earlier, and the item prices are driven down, so more people can access awesome gear for cheaper. This should not be a problem in PvP, because you would have people buying their way to greatness in either case.

  60. I wont be cheating myself so any item i buy or trade for I consider to be a legit trade from my end. I wouldnt know either way where that item came from. Was the same deal in D2. I don’t expect there to be any of these hacks in the full release. Bots will come eventually though but I doubt they will be good enough for the harder difficulties.

  61. Again people stop that ridiculous thinking about creating duplicates and copying items etc.

    This simply is IMPOSSIBLE to do (as WOW proved it in the last years) in a secure on line game setting. 

    D2 was a cliient side game. That was ideal for hacking. With D3 being a server controlled game, in order to change mats and items, you would need full control of the server data and this will simply not happen.


    • If you don’t know what you’re talking about, don’t speak. There is already a dupe method out involving the auction house.

      • Nope.

        There is NONE. You are a noob if you don’t know you can NOT change server data
        as such..

        And everything is server controlled.

        I have 3 MS certificates, SQL server, IIS server and Exchange server and I tell you : you simply can’t hack the servers without full or partial control of the administrator rights.

        Simple as that.

        Learn to learn kid 

  62. Uh, there is – RMAH hacks pay for themself, no?

    Edit: this is in reply to the “Blizzard should pay a bounty for found exploits” comment.

  63. I know I’m really late to the party, but I’m a drunk lurker who works 60 hrs a week and wanted to add to the discussion. Anyway… has anyone considered the crime of fraud as a ditterent to dups and bots? In my mind, in it’s inebreated state, it wouldn’t be a stretch to be for Blizz to press charges on anyone trying to sell said duped/botted items on the RMAH.  

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