Diablo III Loved and Hated

Things have grown tense on the Battle.net forums of late, apparently to the point of “real life threats,” as fans upset about various issues have been freely speaking their mind.

Not all is angst though, as some fans appreciate Diablo III and its official online support. One thread that a number of people have pointed out as a winner is this one, written with brilliant satire and sarcasm. I say brilliant since as we learn anew each April 1st, it’s literally impossible to say something so absurd and farcical that some substantial minority of people won’t take it literally an grow outraged. Yet with this one by Furiant, everyone seems to be in on the joke.


First, thank you for addressing so many of the important issues in this patch. After playing a couple of quests tonight, however, I’ve realized that the fight against exploiters will never truly be won.

  • DPS is still way out of control – in some cases I’ve even seen players kill certain monsters before they were killed themselves
  • People are still taking advantage of skills with unintended effects such as increased survival, damage output, and situation control
  • There are several chests that continue to drop gold when opened; there are also still other, more nefarious means of gold farming, such as killing enough monsters that you actually MAKE more gold than your repairs cost
  • I personally witnessed an incident where a player found a yellow item, and when they identified it, it had stats that could be exploited to increase their combat effectiveness – for the class they were playing at the time.
  • Some gear seen on vendors still had stats other than Vitality that could, in the hands of an insidious agent, theoretically be employed toward the end of making combat easier (less dying, and in extreme cases, more killing)
  • Bosses are still able to be killed by players – I don’t have screenshots to prove this, but it is happening. Hopefully your data analysis can pick it up.
  • Some bosses and rares are failing to properly spam stun, wall, poison, set afire, teleport into pools of acid, knockback, slow, and freeze players simultaneously while they teleport-kite the player at supersonic speed, carpeting every square inch of the zone with toxic ooze and letting their invulnerable minions with boss powers one- and two-shot us.
  • I personally was able to set up a bizarre configuration in the auction house search panel where I could find items with specific stats and also be able to sort them in a way that was not effectively random.
  • A friend of mine told me they were playing with some person earlier who – and I’m just the messenger here – seemed like they might be having fun while playing the game. I don’t know how true this is, but if it’s even a possibility, god help us all.
  • I’m just trying to do my part to ensure this kind of disgusting and cowardly behavior gets stamped out as soon as possible. If there’s anything I hate in a game, it’s feeling like I’m getting more powerful and that my time and efforts are culminating in some kind of… /shudder… progression. I’m in this for the frustration and disappointment, 100%, and I stand behind you with every patch that brings us closer to those ideals.

    Keep up the great work.

    Other fans wanted to thank the community managers, one by praise, one by ranting about all the haters. Click through for both. Here’s Bashiok’s reply to the anti-hater rant, in which he refuses to lift high that severed head on a pike he was just delivered.

    Bashiok: I’m gonna be honest, I skimmed it, but I’m pretty sure I disagree with everything you said.

    I won’t disagree that some people need to get a better handle on things and how they express themselves, but outside of the very worst cases there’s almost always something useful to be gleaned. And once you wade through the worst of it I find a lot of people who have genuine disagreements, complaints, or issues with the game. There’s a reason why we have official forums, and why we use them to not only gather feedback, but bring our own voice to the conversation, and I can tell you it’s not because we believe we’re wasting our time with people that don’t matter.

    The thank you, which fairly earned the same cut and paste reply given to forum criticism.

    Thank you Blue Guys

    You’re doing a solid job. Ignore the forums trolls.

    I’m glad to see certain things that players wanted being done. Players wanted more balance in classes, the IAS nerf brought DHs down a peg.

    Players wanted a more seemless transition in Inferno. You’ve done that with some mob scaling and drop rates improving.

    Players want stability with the economy… It’s being done with the crackdown on bots and the nerfing of pot farming and exploitations.

    Thank you for working on the game and making it a more enjoyable experience for everyone, not just the people that think they’re above everyone else.
    Zarhym: Feedback, positive or negative, should be sent to [email protected] It doesn’t really have a place on the gameplay discussion forums and typically yields… mixed results. πŸ™‚

    And here’s the big anti-hater rant fest that Bashiok was commenting on above. It’s been downvoted to invisibility on the Battle.net forums, so you know it must be hot stuff.

    D3 haters are a small, insignificant group

    It’s true. Oh sure they would like you think they are influential and control the destiny of the game like somehow if Blizz did not listen it would fail lol. Did it every occur to you that part of the reason they ignore your every request is that they are all to well aware that you are an tiny part of their profit and in fact that DON’T NEED YOU AT ALL!!! Seriously put two and two together Blizz will go where the money is and if you made up any reasnonable percentage of the total players they would have gone where they money was. So just how small are you group of tools? Just how insignificant? Read on!

    The funny thing is I was a fan of Diablo 2’s gothic aesthetic and very wary about the new directions because I knew about Blizzards long term goals for greater penetration in the asian market ( after all skill trees in D3 and Pandaria look a LOT like Asian MMO skill trees). I actually fell in love with the beta and was strange because I had it set in my mind that unless they did the game a certain way….the way I wanted….was the only way it would turn out any good. A month later Ive played 200 hours and love it. I like the new skills the new changes etc. Its a great game it truly is!

    So as it turns out in the last month I have grown to seriously despise the vocal minority of haters who all like to think they have some vaunted influence over the creative process and that they can treat the developers with intense and completely undeserved disrespect.

    See they don’t get it. They have it stuck in their heads that they are very important to this game and have very little concept just how little they matter.

    A little math would do them some good….give them perspective. So there was a petition that went around a few years ago. One that I actually signed because at the time I was concerned about D3 still. How many signatures? 64,000. Seems like a lot. Certainly explains all the negativity on forums and most regular players just stay their distance and do not engage them at all. So how mumerous are they and how much do they matter? . So what percent of 3.5 million( amount sold in first week and total amount is obviously higher so im being kind…..) is 64k?


    Yeah this should have dawned on these dummies quite a while ago. Blizz is not only ignoring their requests. They rub it in their faces by leaving the rainbow intact and including a pony level which also mocks them. Bashiok even let a quip loose and I say +1000 to you BASH!!

    That’s how much you fools matter!!! Not at all!!! Obviously 1.7 percent is enough money for them to patronize you and HOW PAINFUL that must be for them. They have little to no respect for you and they clearly shouldn’t. They are astonishingly nice though I have to admit considering you guys are complete douches and THEY DONT NEED YOU AT ALL!!!!!

    If you guys had any brains at all you would recognize the reality of the situation and your extreme insignificance and try to salvage Blizz’s good graces because quite frankly, pissing off a group of people who do not need you in anyway is no way for them to listen to your suggestions whatsoever. To the contrary it grows deep resentment towards you and although they will be nice to your faces, they will find some way to make you miserable too. You foolishly think you have control and input but you are being given empty lip service and Jay holds ALLLL the keys.

    I think the D3 haters have severely miscalculated how much they matter. Their sense of self importance was hyperinflated and their arrogant attempts to micromangage a development process they have no right to be a part of and harass these men for the last few years has been downright foolish.

    Why did I grow to despise them so much besides the obvious that they are obtuse, obsessive, anal retentive obessesd with 90’s and a long obsolete love affair with noir and gothic themes.

    I hate the fact that despite being such a tiny minority you have the arrogance and audacity to tell these men how to make their own game and product and also that you have the gall to speak for all of us players when the reality is just as well known by Blizzards marketing departement as well as by me through simple deduction. YOU DON”T MATTER.

    Guess what?! I love this game and most everyone else does too! The connectivity balance pvp everything will improve with time and you will be left with fewer and fewer things to say which will actually save you oxygen since noone cared what you thought in the first place. Suck a fat one! I was skeptical about D3 and what I find amazing is in the last month I have grown to love this game that I thought id hate and I have seriously grown to despise these arrogant armchair game developers and their stupid ideas that basically revolve around making an HD release of Diablo 2 and calling it Diablo 3. You control 1.7 percent of the destiny of this title and you pissed off these patient people so badly they will only throw your suggestions back in your greasy pimpled faces as you deserve. I don’t know why you didnt take my approach after I signed the petition. I simply gave up on the game an realized it would be enjoyed in a new way by a new generation and I ignored all the way until I happned to get a beta invatation I hadn’t even recalled signing up for. It’s been great since then but god ive grown to hate you people. If your going continue your BS activities on forums and video game sites that fine but two requests:

    1.) Stop speaking for me and the vast majority of gamers who DON’T feel the way you do. Stop saying US or anything like that. Speak for yourself. I really hate a pushy tiny minorty of complainers that want to act like they are speaking on behalf of us all. It is so annoying. Blizz knows. That contain you for the most part and patronize you but thats all you get. Funny thing is my suspicion is that you guys are still here posting because you ironically still play the game. Otherwise what conceivable point would there be?

    2.)Give up on the delusion that you are going to change anything. As it was you wielded 1.7 percent influence and given how much you stupidly pissed them off and insulted them that influence is likely much closer to zero. Grow up. [email protected]#$ amd GTFO.
    Bashiok: I’m gonna be honest, I skimmed it, but I’m pretty sure I disagree with everything you said.

    I won’t disagree that some people need to get a better handle on things and how they express themselves, but outside of the very worst cases there’s almost always something useful to be gleaned. And once you wade through the worst of it I find a lot of people who have genuine disagreements, complaints, or issues with the game. There’s a reason why we have official forums, and why we use them to not only gather feedback, but bring our own voice to the conversation, and I can tell you it’s not because we believe we’re wasting our time with people that don’t matter.

    OP is buried and I don’t see much good coming of this thread.

    I’m in complete agreement with Bashiok on at least one thing about it…. I didn’t read it all either.

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    59 thoughts on “Diablo III Loved and Hated

    1. WHAT? People are starting to realize this game is just a get money making scheme by blizzard to exploit the good name of a franchise made by developers with more skill that no longer work for the company?


        • Recommend your posts more so people get the illusion that this game wasn’t developed with the RMAH in mind from the ground up to feed corporate greed and Bobby Koticks Wallet.

          RIP Blizzard North

          Making games for gamers not economists making games to leech off a reputable franchise

      • Hold the phone. You mean they’re making video games in exchange for money? Sounds fishy.

      • I feel dumb.
        I realized that the author used sarcasm when I reached the 6th point. >.<

    2. Just for the record: We all remember the days when everybody (-the same people- ?) ranted about how boringly easy Diablo III was, right ?

      Get Your heads up and tank through ! This is no picnic !

    3. “β€’I personally witnessed an incident where a player found a yellow item, and when they identified it, it had stats that could be exploited to increase their combat effectiveness – for the class they were playing at the time. ”

      WHATT??? what stats are you talking about??? this game is only mainstat/vit/resistance and crit/critdmg/ias/ms. I seriously can’t think of any stat in a yellow that can be consider “an exploit”… please enlighten me!

      • wow

        over your head

        he’s saying the way Blizzard has nerfed skills, runes, IAS, xp runs and gold runs that ANY stat that increases effectiveness (resistance, vitality) will be considered an exploit by Blizzard and will also be nerfed

        so he is reporting this “exploit”

    4. It’s interesting that blizzard is so tolerant of whiners.

      I can understand accepting constructive criticism and there is a fair share of it.

      But plain whining posts: “jay wilson should get fired” or “don’t call diablo 3 diablo because it’s not”

      Seriously, how the hell do these thread not get removed, and posters not get banned? I’d ban EVERY single one of them (from the forums, not the game), if it was up to me. Just imagine the nice clean forums with actual decent discussions going on…

          • @ColonelEgz
            Girls do use these forums. Would you like to back up your fatuous observation with some intelligent reasoning, or shall we just dismiss it as an immature attempt at playground insults?

        • No, he’s right – who wants to read that kind of shit? I feel sorry for Blizzard’s community managers who have to do that on a daily basis. But hey, at least they’re getting paid to do so.

      • They were comparing Jay to Hitler in general chat in-game the other day. I’d rather listen to nails on a chalk board than listen to these people whine all day. Frankly, I don’t know how the CMs don’t hang themselves due to losing hope in humanity.

        • The Hilter analogy is WAY over the top, however if you DO have a sense of humor and can know enough to substitute “D2” for “Big Mac” here is a humorous post from the offical forums on Jay Wilson next job working at Mcdonalds and how he would treat a paying customer.

          “Posted by loopsided

          Mcdonalds Manager

          If you order a Big Mac, he will give you a Quarter Pounder. When you complain, and inform him that this is not what you ordered, he’ll tell you that you’re misremembering the Big Mac, and that Quarter Pounders are better.

          Then he’ll take the Quarter Pounder away from you, remove all of the pickles and cheese inside, and give it back to you. His reasoning for this will be that by removing these ingredients he’s actually making the taste of your Quarter Pounder better.

          When you level a reasonable protest against him for this, he will tell you he’s too busy and that you should just take your Quarter Pounder and go, while a mob of angry customers behind you call you a whiner for not liking the de-cheesed Quarter Pounder that you didn’t order.”

      • I agree, senseless whining without any constructive critisicm should be locked/deleted. You just label every single post that doesn’t praise D3 as whining.

        Oh and the ironic part? Your post is “plain whining”. You should ban yourself

            • Because I’m generous today, here’s a thought

              Criminals have their opinion which they are expressing
              Cops have the opposite opinion which they are expressing

              Without criminals, there is no need for cops

              Why do cops care? Because criminals exist.

            • @AlexanderBarin:
              I’m not sure what’s more amusing, the fact thet you’re so deeply involved in this opinion “war” or that you percive people who don’t like Diablo 3 as “criminals”. I guess in your dreams you’re a vigilante diablo 3 defender?

              I guess Blizzard can’t complain about sycophants giving them free positive pubilicity…

            • Always the same with haters like you : people who dont hate the game like you are just fanboys ***king blizzard’s ***…

              You are just raging because that people just not hate the game like you do… Why ? I dont know. You must find some pleasure in that raging. How sad to be you.

              Fyi i really dont care about blizzard and i never played wow.

              And i love this game, just like a majority. Rage on, loudy minority.

    5. It will all settle down now, as the haters will begin to concentrate on MoP.

      Just be sure around 1000 idiots (with multiple alt accounts) will give 1/10 on Metacritic 1 minute after MoP will launch.

      How good D3 really is for me ? …: As every day passes,I have this strange feeling that Diablo 3 is keeping me more and more of playing WoW.

      Certainly when I started playing Hardcore mode.

      Suddenly you see how D3 needs to be played. You even take up professions in HC mode… πŸ™‚

      Lucky for Blizzard I love the WOW BG’s or I wouldn’t be logging in anymore on that game…

      To the idiots still hating this wonderful Diablo game … : some people only find a meaning in life by hating a … video game.

      Go figure.

      • Then…stop playing? What are you even doing here? If I find a game is boring, I just put it away and forget about it, not go to its fan sites and moan.

        What is it about Blizzard games that people can’t just say “I don’t like it” and then forget about it? It shouldn’t be a big deal.

        • Partly because we WANT to enjoy the game – I think most of us were eagerly awaiting its release and were expecting to enjoy it – and partly because we paid money and have a right to enjoy playing it.

          As much as I think Bashiok is a tw*t (insert whichever letter you feel is appropriate), even he states that the official forums are there so that they can gather player feedback and make the game a more enjoyable experience. So I fail to understand why some players think it’s clever to just tell others to stop whining and stop playing.

          Personally I hit that boredom wall and I am trying my damndest to do everything possible to overcome it, because I really WANT to enjoy this game. That’s going to take some effort from me, but some effort from Blizz as well.

    6. Ha. This guy might be the original author of the thread that Bashiok dismissed as pure fanboy drivel.

      Quite ironic that we’re laughing at him raging as he screams at us for raging.


    8. I hate to say it, this is why some players (like me!) would prefer Single Player offline mode with no DRM, and no Real Money Exchange.

      Please give offline Single Player mode back to us (same as D2X), Blizzard!

    9. Once Blizzard fixes Witch Doctors so we don’t have to exploit vision quest and zombie bears to do anything in Inferno (ie, buff pet builds substantially) I’ll stop being negative towards Blizzard. This is basically the only change I seriously care about, solely because I find it laughably stupid how Blizzard couldn’t make a class derived from the Necromancer be played like a summoner successfully. You would think that of all ways people would play the WD, a summoning build would be the most likely build, and by far, it’s the least viable. How on earth did Blizzard not balance this playstyle well before launch?

      • WD’s were never meant to play exactly like summoners; their pets were always intended to be a complement to their DPS skills, not vice versa. That’s not to say that pets are working as intended, but if you’re going into D3 with the expectation that WD = D2 necro summoner, that’s kind of your fault, not Blizzard’s.

        • It is bizzare to think Blizzard made so many pet skills and yet did not intend a pet build. The problem is that Blizzard simply did not playtest the skills to any significant degree. This is why the vast majority of all skills for all classes are useless.

          One cannot make a heavy investment into pet skills and into DPS skills at the same time.

          • I have to agree. The state of the endgame shows that the game is lacking that Blizzard polish we were used to getting in their previous titles.

        • You’re totally right. It’s more like having a druid with only spirit wolves and ONE Dire Wolve in between, without the synergies between the skills…

          That the playstyle of a pure summoner was crucial to a lot of fans was obvious by all the questions about the nec returning to D3 – long before even the 4th character was released. So no, the WD does not fill the gap in the slightest, as Blizz comments on that topic led me to believe…

          • Yep. We can speculate whether or not the WD’s bias towards DPS skills is Blizzard’s way of making room for a future “real” pet class (e.g. necro), much like how the barbarian’s lack of shield skills could be Blizzard’s way of making room for a future shield-based class (e.g. paladin). Either way, it’s safe to conclude that there currently are class archetypes that aren’t fully supported in the game and that this is likely intentional and not a result of Blizzard dropping the ball.

            • I would say that a pure summoner would result in a design-contradiction with the arcade-style monster-ai they’re so proud of. (It would at least require a decent aggro-system, which the game lacks at the moment. And that in itself would break the one or other ai-script.) So my guess is that we’ll never be seeing a pure summoner in D3.

              I dunno about a shield-user, though. Toe on toe was never my playstyle to begin with, so I haven’t thought about it yet.

      • Wait, someone on the internet has a different opinion than you? OMG they must be bribed!!11111

    10. It is interesting how fanboi whiners hate on those who voice legitimate complaints about the game. Diablo 3 would never improve if everybody was worshiping Blizzard.

      The fan rage (which represents the majority of the players according to Metacritic player scores) and voicing of said rage is the only reason Blizzard is improving the game and recanting some of their moronic decisions.

      So the fanbois should thank those who are driving Blizzard to improve the game.

    11. Meh, I couldn’t be bothered to read the whole post, but Im surprized bash responded to that.

      Seems to be one of those idiots who go around the logic that ‘OMG it sold 4 millions copies, I must love it !’

      I don’t blame blizzard. I blame capitalism. It’s that that produces brainless consumers who buy anything if it is shoved enough times in front of them.

      • “I don’t blame blizzard. I blame capitalism.”

        Yeah I agree…we should all go back to craping in the woods.

        • Altough I don’t agree with aels conclusion, your metaphorism is uncalled for. Capitalism without a decent competing dogma also tends to regression, rather than progression…

      • I’m sorry, capitalism as opposed to what? What’s the other economic system that would somehow… stop advertising and impulse buys?
        What is another economic system that produces something other than brainless consumers? Capitalism offers freedom of choice, and while advertising is intrinsically obnoxious, I can’t think of a system off hand that would also offer freedom and encourage competition in a way that produces better products over time.

        I’m not being facetious, I’m seriously curious what you think an effective alternative to capitalism is.

    12. Loved Bashiok’s response.

      Praising this tremendously lackluster game wouldn’t do any good to Blizzard nor to Diablo series.

    13. Blizzard just loves to spin it anyway they can to make themselves look good here but it isn’t working. I can’t believe we all waited 8+ years for this.

    14. I just love the fact that I’m making good $$$ outta fanboi’s while I can go online and bitch about their crazy love for the game. Its freak’n boring but as long as you keep paying me for your gear then I’ll keep farming it for ya. Your game is full of gay which now you must pay πŸ˜†

    15. I will never buy another diablo game again , i love blizzard games , star craft most of all but never again will i be tricked into buying something so shit , ye the game looks great and is real fun to play also, but after 10 years the game was just waaaayyyy to short, its like baking the fucking best cake in the world then only giving us 1 spoon full , or having a whole packet of mad chips and giving us 1 fucking chip.

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