Diablo III Limited Edition Game Guide

DragonChi points us to Amazon US, UK, and Canada listings for the Diablo III Limited Edition Game Guide. It’s a special, shiny, more expensive version of the BradyGames guide, with a hologram cover and bonus artwork. Yes, even the D3 game guide has a Collector’s Edition.

Limited Edition Game Guide

Here’s a quote of the features, from the Amazon.com listing:

BradyGames’ Diablo III Limited Edition Strategy Guide includes the following:

  • One-of-a-kind sculptured metal bookmark featuring Diablo’s head.
  • Amazing hardcover featuring holographic foil, matte film lamination, spot gloss, and a multi-level emboss.
  • 48 pages of Armor Set art unique to the Limited Edition.
  • Expert tips for dominating Multiplayer action over Battle.net in both cooperative and competitive play.
  • Complete Quest Guide, covering all four Acts in the adventure.
  • Exhaustive Bestiary, detailing every monster in the game.
  • In-depth coverage of Heroes to maximize player effectiveness in all five Character Classes.
  • Guide to meeting and leveling up the Blacksmith, Jeweler, and Mystic professions, and how to maximize the relationships and crafting from each Artisan.
  • Presentation of item types, weapons, collectibles, and other loot. Plus: discussion of sets of items, how to get better loot, and manage raw materials.
  • The only official resource to Blizzard’s Online Auction House. Bid on and win rare items safely and effectively.
  • Screen shots capture numerous indoor and outdoor areas in new regions of Sanctuary.
  • Instruction on playing PVP, managing your characters, and participating in Battle.net.
  • One of the problems with these sort of game guides is that they’re written months in advance to meet publication deadlines, and many things are thus out of date thanks to late game dev changes. I hate to think how useful the PvP section will be in this guide, given that D3 won’t launch with any PvP, (allegedly) because it wasn’t a polished enough system for the devs to be satisfied with. Imagine how much the PvP will differ, when it’s finally implemented, from whatever version the BradyGames author saw, weeks/months ago?

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    33 thoughts on “Diablo III Limited Edition Game Guide

    1. The only reason I could see getting this is to see what they did with PVP before the game was released, which I’m assuming isn’t a hell of a lot.

    2. “Guide to meeting and leveling up the Blacksmith, Jeweler, and Mystic professions, and how to maximize the relationships and crafting from each Artisan.”
      Well, if they can tell me how I can level up the Mystic then I might just get it ;P

    3. I find those “PRO Guides” absolutely ridiculous.

      Those individuals that write those “Guides” address “noobs” and console players more than anything else.


      Tip Number 1: When you talk to the blacksmith you will discover that you can craft items!
      Tip Number 2: When killing unique and champion monsters, you will have a better chance of finding better items!
      Tip Number 3: You can change the resolution of the game in the settings! (exclusive limited edition tip)

      The real tricks, loopholes and delicious exploits will be discovered by dedicated gamers that spend a lot of time playing D3 on the PC.

      The “Real Guides” will be found in forums and online Class Guides etc.

      • Agreed. Seems like a shameless ploy to take advantage of the burning wallets of D3 players.

    4. yeah i don’t see why anyone would buy this. it’s severely out of date already, i bet they don’t even have the updated rune system. and besides, people who buy strategy guides to games don’t want to really play the game anyway, they just want a walkthrough fed to them so that they can get from beginning to end with as little thinking as possible. someone with that mentality would probably much prefer looking at one of the gazillion free guides that will be available online shortly after release, rather than spending money on an obsolete guide. maybe if it has some exclusive lore in it or something, some people would be interested in it, but otherwise i doubt it. the only possible use of this guide would be to serve as a historical relic of the diablo3 development cycle, for the sake of someone wanting to study and/or write articles about the history of D3’s development. and maybe the bookmark?

    5. I am actually not buying it for the walkthrough aspects. It’s the illustrations, Lore segments, and because i am a collector and want it for its value. Blizzard Guides are always done REALLY well. I love them.

      • For a Collector, I understand.  But know this, Brady Guides are not Blizzard canon; any lore you find is probably reproduced elsewhere.  Somebody correct me if I’m wrong, but these aren’t Licensed Blizzard Products.  Big deal, I suppose, but I’m not seeing the value (for a non-collector).

        • Your probably right, but I figured that they would have to be in talks with Blizzard before this was made so it was legit.  I can’t imagine Brady being allowed, or any other game guide company, to make a guide without permission or a license from the developers to do so. Anyway, It will be interesting to see what’s in it. I’ trust it will be worth it, but that’s just me.

          • To be completely honest. I’m actually REALLY surprised that this game is getting a guide at all. It’s..pretty straight forward. The game alone already has a ton of hand-holding as it is. The game DOESNT need a guide period. At least not a walkthrough.

            All things considered, its a fairly linear game. Ive never come across a time (in any Diablo game) where I didn’t know what I was supposed to be doing. It’s Hack’n Slash…not all that complicated.

            However, Brady couldn’t resist, im sure it will make them a lot of money. So, there you have it.

    6. here is a question.. if it came out a month before the game would you go buy it so you can read all the spoilers?

      • Ok, so I checked the gamestop website (they’re usually correct for guide release dates) and it supposedly comes out on a sunday…three days before release. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were true.

    7. why the bloody hell would anyone buy a guide in this day and age? WE HAVE TEH INTERNETZ

    8. It looks pretty good on the outside and the book mark is nice, but considering how out-of-date it already is, I probably won’t be buying this. If they somehow updated it to the current info before releasing it, then I may reconsider…

    9. I’ll likely get the standard ed.  It will be reading material for when I need to take a break and I’m in my “throne room”.  :mrgreen:

    10. These things have been obsolete for years. They exist so that the guy at the GameStop has something to convince some kid’s mom to bundle with the game he’s getting for Christmas. Selling this kind of instantly useless, inaccurate product in a world with the internet (and anyone playing Diablo III definitionally has the internet) is practically theft. These things have to be practically impossible to edit, and almost uniformly end up riddled with errors.
      And that’s just for things where the product covered by the book -wasn’t- changing in significant ways right up to the last second. I’m kind of horrified to see what this nonsense is going to look like for a game that saw major system changes in the final hours of development. I mean, what’s the over-under on whether the glossy unsearchable dead tree version of Di4bloooDud3’s sweet gamefaqs guide to D3 even has the new rune system in there?

    11. I would love to buy it because of the design, but it seems that the written stuff is not really useable… 🙁
      Maybe theres even not the Town Portal in it and so on.

    12. This will be added to my vast collection of Blizzard Collectors Edition memorabilia.

    13. As stated before, it’ll be a great toilet read! In fact it probably won’t ever leave the bathroom.

    14. Generally, the Limited/Special/Collector’s Editions of these guys are for “Collectors.” I pretty much never read these for help with the game, for that I will go to GameFaqs or TrophyGuide etc. However, the collector’s editions have awesome hard cover and often contain Lore or awesome artwork. That is what I am looking for when buying these Guides. Also, after several years, it is great fun to go through the guide when you are feeling nostalgic about the game. 

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