DragonChi points us to Amazon US, UK, and Canada listings for the Diablo III Limited Edition Game Guide. It’s a special, shiny, more expensive version of the BradyGames guide, with a hologram cover and bonus artwork. Yes, even the D3 game guide has a Collector’s Edition.

    Limited Edition Game Guide

    Here’s a quote of the features, from the Amazon.com listing:

    BradyGames’ Diablo III Limited Edition Strategy Guide includes the following:

  • One-of-a-kind sculptured metal bookmark featuring Diablo’s head.
  • Amazing hardcover featuring holographic foil, matte film lamination, spot gloss, and a multi-level emboss.
  • 48 pages of Armor Set art unique to the Limited Edition.
  • Expert tips for dominating Multiplayer action over Battle.net in both cooperative and competitive play.
  • Complete Quest Guide, covering all four Acts in the adventure.
  • Exhaustive Bestiary, detailing every monster in the game.
  • In-depth coverage of Heroes to maximize player effectiveness in all five Character Classes.
  • Guide to meeting and leveling up the Blacksmith, Jeweler, and Mystic professions, and how to maximize the relationships and crafting from each Artisan.
  • Presentation of item types, weapons, collectibles, and other loot. Plus: discussion of sets of items, how to get better loot, and manage raw materials.
  • The only official resource to Blizzard’s Online Auction House. Bid on and win rare items safely and effectively.
  • Screen shots capture numerous indoor and outdoor areas in new regions of Sanctuary.
  • Instruction on playing PVP, managing your characters, and participating in Battle.net.
  • One of the problems with these sort of game guides is that they’re written months in advance to meet publication deadlines, and many things are thus out of date thanks to late game dev changes. I hate to think how useful the PvP section will be in this guide, given that D3 won’t launch with any PvP, (allegedly) because it wasn’t a polished enough system for the devs to be satisfied with. Imagine how much the PvP will differ, when it’s finally implemented, from whatever version the BradyGames author saw, weeks/months ago?

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