Diablo III Lead Writer Brian Kindregan Exits Blizzard

brian-kindregan-SwordThe last of the main writers of Diablo III has exited Blizzard. Leonard Boyarsky left long ago, Jay Wilson left the Diablo III team years ago and left Blizzard recently, and now Diablo III’s lead writer Brian Kindregan has announced his departure from the company as well. The news comes via Brian’s blog:

After seven years and three major releases (as well as some small ones,) I have decided to leave Blizzard. (Indeed, I’m already gone!)…

In 2009, I came to a studio that was wildly successful and had their own way of doing things. It would have been easy for them to tell me to keep my mouth shut and learn their way. And there were times that I felt that was being said, but for the most part the StarCraft team welcomed me with open arms, told me to do what I did best for the good of the game, and helped me get to work.

On both the StarCraft and Diablo teams, I had the pleasure of working with people who are at the top of their craft. And indeed, every team I worked with met that standard – Cinematics, Franchise Development, Audio, QA, and many others. Passionate and skilled, they challenged me to constantly do better, and taught me so many lessons. Some of those lessons came through gentle prodding, and some were drenched in blood, but all were incredibly useful for a creative individual who always sought to be better.

I won’t go on too long, nor get too nostalgic. But I’d like to say it was an absolute honor to work at Blizzard all those years, on incredible projects, with amazing people. All good things must come to an end, and I decided that it was time to move on, learn new things in a new environment, and face new challenges.

With the entire Diablo III writing team now gone, can we say that Deckard Cain’s revenge is complete?

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  1. D3 and SC2 share a lot of problems in their stories. Blizzard should hire back or promote the guys that wrote the original SC and brood war stories. D2’s too, I think Blizzard North once mentioned that most of the story was built upon what Blizzard invented for the cinematics.

  2. I guess these guys are jumping ship.

  3. They should have pushed him harder…

  4. “The Curse of Deckard Cain”. Perfect title for the next expansion… which will never happen. 😉

  5. I don’t think the story line of D3 is something he should put on his resume; or any of the writers for that matter. I’ve always felt these guys that were brought in from other teams to do D3 just didn’t have their heart into it, and it’s painfully obvious. Blizzard North had a vested interest in D1 and D2, almost like it was their own baby(as it actually was), and the results were obvious. Big corporate Blizzard only seen dollar signs in D3.

    • If the game wouldn’t have been labled D3, the story would have been a solid piece of work for a “modern” hack’n’slay for kids. But what all have waited for was for Blizzard swimming against the trend, staying true to the vision behind D1 and D2. Didn’t happen, though: With Blizz North gone it seems, there’s noone with a clear vision for the franchise left at Blizz. Consequently and obviously D3 was then “incorporated” into the suits big, wet dream and turned out into being ‘just’ a good clone, overfocused on primary gameplay and itemization.

    • 2I’ve always felt these guys that were brought in from other teams to do D3 just didn’t have their heart into it, and it’s painfully obvious.”

      Nails it.

    • Exactly that was the problem with diablo 3, indeed. The devs were more into wow and other shit then caring for diablo. Im a huge fun of the diablo franchise, without any training into developing games I know I would’ve made a far better job regarding some aspects of the game, not all mind you.

  6. Jumping ship is exactly what’s happening here. Blizzard has started settling into making what’s “easy” nowadays instead of what’s “hard”.

  7. No more diablo’s in the future
    And its the fucking naggers and whiners to blame !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BRING BACK AH in D3 !!!!!!!!

    • When bringing back the auction house, the real money part could basically stay the same. Just the gold auction house would have to be redesigned to better integrate into the game.

      Merchants could play a big role in such redesign, with each merchant having a tab with a randomn selection of items, the respective players have put up to be sold. (Refreshing to the conditions, Merchants inventories usually are being refreshed, minus starting a new game.)

    • What??? What???? It’s the naggers and whiners? It’s the Developers who made a SHIT game that’s to blame, not the people pointing it out!!! You’re just like a zealot at a cultist’s sermon. KILL THE NONBELIEVERS FOR POINTING OUT LIES AND FAIL!

  8. D3 was supposed to have a Dark Soulsish setting and atmosphere, instead we got a script for something like a season of He-Man. And don’t even get me started on Starcrap 2: Attack of the Hybrids

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