Diablo III Launch Events Across the World


Blizzard have announced the Launch Events they will attend on May 14th for all  regions. If you happen to live in any of those areas we suggest you attend, as always they have tons of cool giveaways, signing of the games and other activities.

We’re inviting you to join us for the launch of Diablo III! In addition to local retail shops’ midnight launches, we’re holding a number of demonically charged worldwide launch events in major cities where you can join Blizzard to celebrate the release of Diablo III and pick up your copy of the game. Each event will have its own activities, giveaways, and contests, so see the press release for further details and be sure to check the launch event site for more info on the one nearest you.

Diablo III Launch Events

Whether you’re attending a launch event, grabbing the game at a local store, or waiting patiently at home for your digital version to unlock, you’ll want to be ready to jump in right when the servers open. For the European region, the game servers will go live at 00:01 CEST on May 15. As a reminder to our Russian players, the Russian-language version of the game will be available digitally and at retail starting June 7.

Don’t forget to create your BattleTag — it’s important to do so now if you haven’t already, as it’s REQUIRED TO PLAY DIABLO III. Also note that if you’d like to receive a digital copy of Diablo III free, there are still a few days left to sign up for the World of Warcraft Annual Pass.

We hope to see you at one of our Diablo III launch events, and we look forward to seeing you in-game on May 15!

We finally have it folks, the times when you can start your adventure in Sanctuary. After some updates it looks like we now have the final times for the server launches in Europe and NA regions.

Europe region, servers go live at midnight, 00:01 CEST, May 15. (CEST is +2 GMT, so 10pm May 14th in the UK.)

Americas region, servers go live at midnight, 12:01 a.m. PDT, May 15. (includes Canada, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia). (PDT is -800 GMT, so this is 10 hours after the European Servers go live. OZ and NZ are +10-12 GMT.)

Update: Bashiok got a question on Twitter if those with US digital pre-order could start to play on EU servers when they open up. But no they have to wait for the US servers to open up for their game to install, so no sneak peak play on the EU servers for US digital-copy pre-orderers.

(For US) The digital pre-order unlocks at 12:01 PDT, meaning we will not be able to jump on EU servers when they go up, correct?
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    60 thoughts on “Diablo III Launch Events Across the World

    1. Yaaaay. Now all there is is to decide if I want to wait 9 hours to get my CE and start playing then or buy a copy digitally and start playing right away and get my CE 9 hours later. 😀

      • I’m confused. If I’m in Ontario, I’ll be able to play at 3:01 AM EST?

        When will the Euro realms go online, then, in EST terms? Sorry, I’m dumb, timezones confuse me.  

            • Midnight Pacific time would be 3:00 AM Ontario time.

              If you had a disc of the game, you could open an Euro character, but you can’t, as the discs won’t be on sale until the next morning, Ontario time.

              The digital version won’t unlock until 12:01 PST. 

      • ” For the Americas region, comprising the U.S., Canada, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, and South East Asia, the game servers will go live at 12:01 a.m. PDT on May 15 ”

        Seems Australians will have to wait the longest even if they get to may 15th first.  I feel for you

          • Can you play on EU servers and keep your content for US servers?  I wouldn’t want to play 6 hours then have to start over.  Might as well wait a few extra hours.

        • I’ve been trying to wrap my head around local timezones, I think here in the UK we technically get to play at 11pm on May 14th?  Not that my hardcopy is likely to turn up before then anyway!  

          • it was written that uk goes live at 10 pm. as for me, in sweden, 11 pm. too bad i got work early that day. guess i will have to play at 4 pm on the 15th instead.

            • @ the rockman

              Europe region, servers go live at midnight, 00:01 CEST, May 15. (CEST is +2 GMT, so 10pm May 14th in the UK.) 

              but i live in +01.00 GMT. so if its midnight, then it must mean one hour back, as its +2. isn’t that the case? or am i wrong? :S but yeah as you said something about summertime :/ 

    2. im in las vegas nevada, this means at midnight there will be a release right? or is it at 8pm? im confused..and im on my phone right now so i cant read the entire site without it taking forever to load 🙁

      • Right, midnight for LV (and the rest of the US, Canada, Central and South America, and Southeast Asia and the Pacific 🙂 I’m sure NZ and Singapore will be interested to learn they’re in the Americas!)

    3. The midnight launch event means nothing to me. The nearest one to me is around 1,500 to 2,000 km away from where I live, as such I have no interest. Guess I’ll be downloading digitally. Or, rather I would be downloading digitally, if I could acess my damn account. sigh, FML. I don’t need this drama 19 days before release.

    4. Called my realtor.  Apparently it’s a bit late in the game to sell my house and move to Irvine.

      Looks like I’ll be getting a full night’s sleep before calling into work sick on the 15th… there is no way that I can stay up until 12:01 PDT living on the east coast.  Any other east coasters planning on doing the same?

      • I will get my copy from GameStop at midnight, and wait til 3AM to start playing! I don’t know your situation (family, other commitments, etc) but take a nap when you get home from work, and start playing at 3AM. You will get more play time that way instead of sleeping. If you pull a 12 to 16 hour game-a-thon, then you will get to bed and sleep soundly, so you can hit work the next day. Personally, I find a game like this prohibits me from sleeping. I try to, but all this stuff goes flying through my head about what I saw in the game, and what gear I found, and what gear I would like to find, and what sort of build I want, and what skills I liked, and what cool monsters or dungeons I found, etc! Fortunately I am self employed so I can make my own hours. The one negative I thought of, that there could possibly be issues when the game launches. I thought that would be the case too when SC2 launched, but that went smoothly. Blizzard knows how to launch new titles, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there isn’t any problems and we can play flawlessly for a few days til they implement a patch! I can only hope!

    5. @Namik. Lol, i’ll take my superior country over a 9 hour d3 headstart any day.

      • I’m still waiting to see if my local Future Shop does a midnight sale. That may tempt me to buy a Collector’s Edition.

        Otherwise, it will be digital download for me as well. 

      • I thought I was the only person who still though of Boooo-uuuurns every time I hear a jeer.  Good to know it lives on.
        Now, if you’ll just turn your head just sliiiightly..?

    6. Awesome news! I will be there, 00:01 CEST, with a 6 pack of Redbull, some snacks, and the headphones one (with the girlfriend and kid sleeping), ready to kick some demon ass!

      First time that it’s actually a blessing living in Norway and not in the states, when it comes to gaming! =)

    7. Huh, I live less than 5 miles from Blizzard HQ, so that’s kinda cool.  Too bad I’ll be working.  The Spectrum wouldn’t be that fun of a place to be though; too crowded, and lots of people will be hanging around just to see what’s going on… which is great for Blizz, but annoying for hardcore fans.
      Didn’t order from that store anyways (I used the next one down the block…)
      P.S.  Blizzard HQ outer wall looks like a state prison.  Like, ALMOST IDENTICAL.

    8. Yaaaaay, servers will go live 1:01am my local time (Europe). Good stuff =) Sleepless night… But who cares, I took 1 week vacation =)

    9. 8pm New Zealand time, like I thought.
      Now, whether to pull an all nighter or just finish act one and save the rest for the 16th..

      ALSO, why do they have May 14th midnight event?
      12.00am is May 15th? ❓  

    10. Wow… so I won’t get to play at 5pm that same day. Well, no wonder they didn’t bother having a midnight launch. \Hey guys here’s your game… now stare at it for 17 hours!

    11. i liv e on the east coast.. so does that mean i can buy at midnight, but have to wait till 3am to play?….thats the dumbest thing ive ever heard…

    12. “.. so no sneak peak play on the EU servers for US digital-copy pre-orderers.”

      I am apologetic for my pedantry, but is it really that difficult to discern the difference between a peek and a peak? One’s the pointed top of a mountain and the other is a quick look. Come on, now.. homonyms really aren’t all that tricky.

    13. Amazing. Living in the UK means I get to play the game on the 14th 23:01! 
      Was waiting to decide if I wanted to order online and save £10 but now I’ll just fork out the extra for a digital copy and start straight away!

    14. “Special prizes for the first person in line”
      They shouldn’t have said that lol. I can totaly see some1 going there already with their tent 🙂
      I thought I could maybe get into one of those in SIngapore or Bangkok but I’ll be on Bali probably :/ Dammit never been to one of those

    15. Foresees the “Americas” logging on with their physical copies to the European servers and crashing them all till the “Americas” come online.

      • they won’t be able to install until after midnight california time.   I imagine they will be doing IP Geo checking so people can’t just change their clocks.   Suppose the use of proxy connections could work around all that though.  Those aren’t super simple to setup tho. 

        • According to the quote up top they only referenced digital preorders would be active at that time, physical copies on the other hand haven’t been confirmed either way I guess.

    16. i luv that people are saying they’ll skip work and shit. 
      If the release goes super smooth and there are no connection issues, then I guess playing hooky will be fun.  If there are issues, those getting on first are most likely to run into them.   Would suck to call in sick and then be met with can’t connect all day. 
      Myself, I have no choice but to wait.  I’ll be out of town until later in the day on the 15th.  Going to Game Stop straight from airport.  hopefully, by then, any issues will be resolved.   I sincerely hope for a super smooth release tho for everyone’s sake. 

      • Yeah no official launch from blizz… normally our local eb game stores would do something but since it’ll unlock for us say… 5pm you’d expect to pick it up at your earliest convenience may 15th lol.

    17. Meh, we still get to play as soon as the servers go live, starting at 5-6pm is better than midnight!

    18. I’ve been obsessing over news of D3 since August.  I’m going to go to work Tues, gyming it after for an hour then rushing past SK and taking it slow from there to appreciate the story.  I am going to take my time, but no way I could see being at some sort of D3 event countdown like new years partying and when it turned to 12:01 to not trample over one another to get home to install my already downloaded D3. I don’t get the appeal  unless I was networking with others to go story mode with me and not rush to Hell/Inferno

    19. Meh, 5pm here in Brisbane doesn’t worry me.
      I wouldn’t start playing the game till I got home from work on Tuesday anyway, so 5pm suits me fine.
      I don’t take days off work for games so all good for me :).

      Plus I wouldn’t go to a midnight release either, as all I would do is go pick it up, take it home and place on my table then go to sleep and play after work the next day.

      Sucks to be the people who do take days off work here in australia though! 

    20. Can somebody find out if gamestop (ebgames in canada) is still doing the digital download? Never heard anything about it since it was announced here and there’s nothing on their sites. I want to play at midnight but I used credit I had at EB to pre-order 🙁

    21. imho
      CEST is GMT +2
      and UK time is GMT +1
      00:00 CEST the 15th will be 11:00 pm  the 14th in the UK.

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