Blizzard has posted a new job opening that would put one high up the Diablo III team hierarchy. It’s also about the least “gamer” sounding job I’ve ever heard of at Blizzard, or at least on the Diablo III team. If you’ve long yearned to work on Diablo III, but you possess only business and management skills and experience… this might be your chance?

    Here are some highlights from the lengthy and slightly brain-numbing job description, and thanks to Neinball for the tip.

    Senior Producer, Live Operations

    Blizzard Entertainment is seeking a senior producer to assist with the production of our live operations team on Diablo III. The ideal candidate is a highly organized individual with outstanding communications abilities and a demonstrated aptitude for project management.

    • Responsibilities
      • Assist with the creation and tracking of schedules for game launches, patches, and service updates.
      • Manage new regional game launches.
      • Manage and track development, quality assurance (QA), PTR, and Beta environments.
      • Identify and communicate all roadblocks and bottlenecks that may prevent developers and / or other Blizzard Entertainment teams from achieving established goals in the allotted time.
      • Interact at a mid to high level with all other departments at Blizzard Entertainment and establish a good working relationship.
    • Requirements
      • Proven ability to create, track, and maintain complex schedules
      • Comfortable interacting and updating concisely with directors and executives throughout the company.
      • Able to facilitate for and communicate with other Blizzard Entertainment groups (information technology (IT), online technologies, platform technologies, quality assurance (QA), international teams, etc.)
      • Dedication and availability to support live game operations and address issues wherever and whenever they occur
    • Pluses
      • Knowledge of or direct experience with live operations logistics for online games
      • Proven experience managing schedules and employees to achieve desired results
      • International experience

    There are currently 11 job openings listed on the Diablo III team, 3 of them (including this one) with the “indicates a particularly critical position” icon. And yes, all those quest designer jobs are still open.

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