Diablo III Jigsaw: The Highlands Passage

Courtesy of the nearly complete playthrough of it seen in the Blizzcon 2010 gameplay movie, here’s a roughly-stitched jigsaw map of the DiabloWikiHighlands Passage level.  This was the second of three levels in the demo, a small outdoor area players raced through between the fiery DiabloWikiHalls of Agony and the cold and green-tinted DiabloWikiTorture Chambers of the Mad King. Everything seen in the Blizzcon 2010 gameplay movie was exactly as seen in the Blizzcon demo itself, so I played through this area maybe 10 times during my PvM demo play time.

The two dungeons in the demo were randomly-generated, and much larger than this Highlands Passage. It was not random; like all surface areas in Diablo III, it was non-random in layout. Unlike the surface areas in the final game, this one did not vary in content between games. That was just for the demo though; this area was very small and obviously modified for the demo. There was a DiabloWikiMad Weaponmaker quest in it, but it had clearly been cut out of the larger story/plot of Act One, just to provide some more DiabloWikiquest content into the demo. The fact that the Cultist leader with the evil voice died from one hit, without even trying to fight back, made that clear.

The image is below, click through to view it in much larger size.

I didn’t spend the time to make this one perfect, as should be obvious from the angles of the bridge supports and stone railings and such.  The 3D engine makes that stuff almost impossible to get right in a jigsaw; objects seen at the top of the screen are much smaller than when seen at the bottom, and their angles are changed as well. Changed more than you realize until you’re trying to get screenshots to overlap neatly! EtherealUnity, the creator of the massive and excellent jigsaws of the DiabloWikiLeoric Highlands from the WWI 2008 Gameplay movie, has my renewed admiration. He must have cropped in hundreds of different image pieces to make his maps so nearly-correct, in terms of perspective.

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2 thoughts on “Diablo III Jigsaw: The Highlands Passage

  1. Thanks for sorting out all those tweets, it really can be a nightmare figuring out a conversation like this.

    So what if you had a Personal Rank/Record that never resets and only you can see, and a public Rank/Record that resets every month or so.

  2. Just browsing through and I don’t know how I missed this post.
    Thank you for the mention, and yes. I used hundreds of screen shots from the video.
    I’m still working on the one for the dungeon seen in the WWI 2008 gameplay video, and I think the count for screen shots is nearing 250.
    I first overlap all the images and start at one point. I then need to average out the perspective so that it appears flat. If the screenshots are too far apart, the perspective starts to take over and nothing will line up properly. Stair cases, bridges, and walls are probably the most difficult things to line up correctly, and need bits and pieces taken from multiple screenshots to be pieced together and blended.
    I appreciate the mention, it is not an easy task to do and I’m pleased to see you trying this for your self! 😀
    – EtherealUnity

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