Blizzard hasn’t done any promotion of their games at the E3 Expo for several years (since Blizzcon took off, they no longer need to compete with 500 other games for publicity at E3), but that hasn’t stopped game journalists and other promoters from shoehorning mentions of popular Blizzard titles into their E3 promos. I’ve seen Diablo 3 mentioned in countless pre-E3 articles over the past few years, and that trend continued this year, as a fan pointed out in the B.net forum. Bashiok replied with cold water.

    I just saw the E3 2011 commercial, and one of the clips it flashed was of Big D and his fiery roar from the Cinematic Teaser.

    Maybe they will reveal some cool mechanics next Monday at E3!

    The trailer was produced by G4 to pimp their own news coverage of the event. They’re a press outlet. They threw it in there because it looked cool, I’m sure.

    We will not have a booth at E3, and we aren’t planning any announcements.

    I’ll be there though! Getting my grubby hands on some awesome games.

    If you’d like more info about those grubby games (or Bashiok’s awesome hands) you can follow the coverage Rush mentioned earlier on IncGamers.com.

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