Not Hollywood films, but some nice creations by fans who are bored or frustrated with the wait.

    The first offers a tragic Western-style short that expresses the unutterable anguish of fans who are depending on snail mail to bring them salvation damnation.

    What would Diablo III be like if it was a girl? No, this isn’t a DiabloWikiSheablo reference, but an amusing short that’s well worth a view. Sexy, funny, well-done, and with a painful twist ending. I shall describe it no further lest I spoil it.

    Click through for a video that promises to show missing content from Diablo III, and even a couple of angry screaming Hitler subtitle efforts about Diablo III. I bet you can guess what he’s angry about, too. Don;t forget to check out Diablo 3 TV for more videos from the community or even add your own.

    A video that sounded promising was entitled, Diablo III: Missing Content #1. From the title I was expecting some detailed discussion of removed/delayed features like the Mystic, jewelry crafting, item enchanting, skill rune items, skill points, the Talisman, etc. Instead it seems that someone went back over the WWI 2008 debut video, edited clips showing several features that aren’t in the final game, and slapped some text on the screen.

    The first segment isn’t bad, with the the Barbarian doing that cool hop down a ladder and then leaping over a broken walkway. But then #2 is rescuing Cain in the dungeon and traveling with NPC warriors, while #3 is NPCs using town portals and Cain complaining about Leah.

    Those are stupid points, as well as inaccurate, since you get all these things, repeatedly, just in Act One. You find NPCs who fight with you, you rescue NPCs and lead them through dungeons, you hear NPCs talking about each other in dialogue, etc. No, the final game doesn’t preserve the exact story and plot and quests that we saw in a specially-created demo movie from 4 years ago. Duh.

    There’s certainly material in the game (and now out of it) that’s worth lamenting and debating and detailing, but going through a one-off demo movie from 4 years ago and pointing out every minor change is pointless.

    Elsewhere, you knew that someone had to be working on fake humorous Diablo 3-related subtitles to that screaming Hitler movie. I’ve only seen two such offerings so far and neither one is exactly genius, but there are some chuckles. The subs are, of course, totally NSFW, so watch at your own discretion.

    Moar Hitlers!

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