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13 thoughts on “Diablo III in the News: Account Hacking, Major Media Coverage, Korean Blizzard Raids, and More

  1. “Various office visits” – Schiesel is the classic model of the buttered-up captive journalist.
    Funny how he makes zero mention of anything possibly negative about always-online, hacking, server downtime…  but does take time to take backhanded swipes at D2 along with a dubious assertion that multiplayer was the main driver of its success.
    Hack-and-slash, indeed.

  2. yeah noone’s authenticated account has been compromised. what about people’s allegations that the hackers aren’t even using the password thing to crack the accounts? you really expect a crappy second password to keep them out? now all of the sudden Blizzard has pulled out the ultimate e-condom?

    as I’ve said before, who wants to bet that Blizzard themselves are doing the hacking and are cashing in on thousands and 100s of 1000s of people playing into it? that’s exactly what I’m gonna tell Bashiok in a bit.  

  3. “He warned me that all accounts are limited to two such rollbacks over the lifetime of the game”
    Good to know!  Tempted to get an authenticator with all these shenanigans. Despite good security practices, it almost feels like it’s not a matter of if i get hacked, but when.

    • It’s actually a false information, you can rollback twice then have to wait 1 year before being able to ask for a rollback again (actually it’s 1 year after the last time you got hacked so it can be more).

  4. Yeah I just got hacked in Friday.. Gold and high lvl items gone 🙁 They did restore everything quite fast. I had somewhat strong password that I don’t use anywhere else. Did 2 different virus scans and only thing found was some java exploit hack, maybe it was that then. My Java is up to date though.

  5. i guess there are still a lot of trojan horse users running around and wondering why they have been hacked, come on you have been hacked all the time without knowing it.

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