Diablo III in Comics

Two comics featuring Diablo III popped up yesterday, and as busy as the news has been, it’s only logical to group them into the same post.

The first comes from The Daily Blink and it offers sound strategic advice for dealing with all sorts of dangers in Diablo III.

The second is by Tigerpaw, and it sums up the early game Demon Hunter experience fairly well. Sometimes hate is not enough…

You can see both of these comics and lots of other images like them in our Diablo 3 humor gallery.

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10 thoughts on “Diablo III in Comics

  1. Someone posted about the hatred thing on bnet. The DH will actually say something like “I don’t have enough hatred for that”.

    I imagine it in the D1 warrior’s voice, saying “I don’t hate that thing enough yet”.

  2. So many Gabranth (Dissidia) quotes come to mind every time I think of the Demon Hunter’s resource.

    “Hatred does not allow for defeat.”
    “Hate me with all your heart.”
    “Hatred is my source of strength.”
    “Does your hatred for the world know no end?”
    “Not even chaos can erase my hatred!”
    “Hatred would seem but foreign to you.”
    “Hatred surpasses even discord!”
    “My sustenance is… true hatred!”
    “Hatred is what drives me!”
    “Hatred burns within me!”

  3. Yeah… It’s always amusing when they give these odd names to the resources that usually refer to a longstanding quality of the person… like when you use a bunch of traps or vaults you suddenly are low on discipline… so, what, your demon hunter is suddenly without discipline? So they suddenly forget all their training and become sloppy for a few seconds then get it back? *facepalm*

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