A few misc articles of interest with a Diablo III-tie in.

    We mentioned this during the BlizzCon coverage, but with all that was going on then it was easily-overlooked. In amidst the other cool stuff on the Blizzard Sound Panel was a lot of good info about the massive amount of dialogue in Diablo III. There are from 13k to 16k lines of spoken dialogue, more than five times the amount found in Starcraft II, as recent articles on GameFront and GameBandits cover.

    If nothing else, view the great video feature focusing on the D3 voices/sound/music, from 2-7 minutes right at the start of the panel.

    Elsewhere, Wired posted a list of the best gaming threequels ever. Though Diablo III is not yet eligible for inclusion, it’s mentioned in the intro, and you may enjoy the nostalgia triggered by their other selections.

    In another list that Diablo III isn’t yet eligible to join, Complex posted the top ten most-delayed games ever (and whether the wait was worth it). You’ll be unsurprised by the #1 title — a hint, it’s got “Fornever” in it.

    Finally, AlphaKick posted an article about a wrist-mounted crossbow device, with laser sighting, that can pierce a Coke can from three meters. They tie the device to the Demon Hunter, which is a bit of a stretch, but since the toy is cool and there’s video of it, why not? Click through to view the video.

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