More hotfixes have made their way into the game today. Today’s hotfixes focus on one of the many banes of the online-only aspect of the game –  desynch, or “rubberbanding.” It’s always good to see that the teams are looking for ways to reduce what many hardcore players equate to death. I find it interesting, though, that the hotfix is focused on those that already have extremely high latency. It seems that the issue persists even when latency is in the green.

    August 3
    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed several cases of “rubberbanding” that could sometimes occur while playing under extremely high latency, when a character changed direction or movement speed, or when a character used certain movement-based abilities (like Tempest Rush or Whirlwind)
    • Fixed several game and service crashes.

    Lylirra also posted some clarifications:

    We’ve been actively looking into reports of rubberbanding in Diablo III and are working to address those issues as quickly as possible. In fact, we just recently implemented some hotfixes that we believe should help improve gameplay and reduce the occurrence of rubberbanding (e.g. when using certain movement-based abilities like Tempest Rush or Strafe or Whirlwind). These fixes may not resolve rubberbanding in 100% of cases, but they should make it so that it happens less frequently and under fewer circumstances.

    As always, we appreciate your feedback and reports within the Bug Report forum about these types of problems. If you continue to experience issues with rubberbanding, please let us know (and be sure to check out this guide on reporting: link).

    […]So, yeah — the fixes weren’t just focused on movement abilities (though that was the main issue in this post, which is why I provided it as an example), but on a variety of conditions. 🙂

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