Diablo III Hotfixes for August 3rd

More hotfixes have made their way into the game today. Today’s hotfixes focus on one of the many banes of the online-only aspect of the game –  desynch, or “rubberbanding.” It’s always good to see that the teams are looking for ways to reduce what many hardcore players equate to death. I find it interesting, though, that the hotfix is focused on those that already have extremely high latency. It seems that the issue persists even when latency is in the green.

August 3
Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several cases of “rubberbanding” that could sometimes occur while playing under extremely high latency, when a character changed direction or movement speed, or when a character used certain movement-based abilities (like Tempest Rush or Whirlwind)
  • Fixed several game and service crashes.

Lylirra also posted some clarifications:

We’ve been actively looking into reports of rubberbanding in Diablo III and are working to address those issues as quickly as possible. In fact, we just recently implemented some hotfixes that we believe should help improve gameplay and reduce the occurrence of rubberbanding (e.g. when using certain movement-based abilities like Tempest Rush or Strafe or Whirlwind). These fixes may not resolve rubberbanding in 100% of cases, but they should make it so that it happens less frequently and under fewer circumstances.

As always, we appreciate your feedback and reports within the Bug Report forum about these types of problems. If you continue to experience issues with rubberbanding, please let us know (and be sure to check out this guide on reporting: link).

[…]So, yeah — the fixes weren’t just focused on movement abilities (though that was the main issue in this post, which is why I provided it as an example), but on a variety of conditions. 🙂

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    37 thoughts on “Diablo III Hotfixes for August 3rd

    1. How much of a coincidence is it that Kriparrian posts a rant and within 24 hours they are promising huge improvements to the AH search and they are hotfixing rubberbanding? I know these things have been talked about in the past vaguely but now we actually see some concrete actions. Same thing with the Barbarian exploit. I’m by no means a Krip fanboy but if there’s any correlation between him pointing out faults and Blizzard finally acting more promptly than he should definitely rant more often.

      • there is somuch talk about everything on the internet, you will always be able to show some correlation between some things… It’s not like kripparian is the first to rant about these issues…

    2. Fixed act 3 so it no longer drops ilvl54 garbage and is rewarding to play
      “Oh wait, that isn’t in the fixes”

      /Sarcasm off :mrgreen:

    3. The response to “servers can’t always keep up with speed-based skills” is “let’s nerf the hell out of anything that makes the toon move fast”.

      No wonder the stock is down after earnings.

    4. At least Inferno doesnt drop lvl 5 gear. The first Gull dagger I ever found in D2 was running Hell Meph.

      • The difference of course being that Gull is useful at any level, whereas the level 54 things that drop in Act 3 Inferno are at most useful for a level 52-56, and more likely useful for no one.

    5. I noticed that they also fixed “service and game crashes.” Has anyone else been experiencing freezing of the game client in act 3/4 of inferno? I have to control alt delete and my computer won’t even shut down the game. I can’t even restart or shut down my computer because it just stops on the shut down screen. The only way I can remedy it is if I manually power the computer off and turn it back on. This has been increasing lately as well, and now is starting for act 1. My computer doesn’t do this for anything else so I don’t think it’s a problem on my side.

      • Did you try killing it through the Processes tab (of Task Manager)? Very few things can resist that.

    6. well I played about 5 hours today and didn’t notice rubber-banding once. And I normally notice it quite often. didn’t even think about it tho.

    7. Do you really think Blizzard could code up all those fixes that probably require extensive development and testing in 24 hours?

      Do you also believe that a large billion dollar corporation is going to care what one player rants on about?

      These hot fixes have been coded over a period of time and not a knee jerk reaction to a forum post. To think otherwise is delusional.

      EDIT: In reply to Swalker

      • I’m aware it has been worked on. The question is how long they are holding things back and how many important fixes are not being released as soon as possible for some reason. I think they rely on the major streamers for insight on what issues are the most pressing ones. It may also bee a publicity thing – ‘see how fast we react’ (even though the forums have been flooded for months with the same issue)

        • No. That blizz is taking their time is actually quite understandable: There is a reputation at stake that was once well earned. Too proof that it still is allows little margin for error. And beeing fast with patches or in adding systems to a game was never part of the reputation to begin with.

          But that’s no reason, not to point out the flaws of the game and how our views on them changes over time. Else the marketing driven elements in the developement process never learn, what makes up an arpg of the diablo-universe.

          edit: Most of the changes the community asks for to enhance the game would need extensive testing to a degree to call hoping for them before an expansion a foolish thought anyway.

      • You don’t have to use the AH, you know. It’s usually more fun to gear up on your own.

        • You’re right, but unfortunately the very presence of the AH in the game means [most?] people are naturally going to be drawn to it and use it, especially since it’s touted as a big feature of D3. Well, that and it makes things drastically easier, albeit arguably less fun.

          • Theoretically, there is nothing wrong with the AH. The only reason it’s hated is because the drop rates in D3 is an absolute crock of poop.

            Look at it this way, if there wasn’t an AH, just how many people would be still stuck on Act 1 Inferno?

            • I’ve dropped plenty of decent stuff within a few days of farming a mode everyone wanted so difficult it would take months to complete.

            • i also hate it because its easily exploitable by bots ? when have you last sniped a n 1d 12h Item ? It’s a fucking joke. everything about it ; 3 search options and and no option to cancel auctions still. you also cannot determine the length of an auction.

              its artificially tedious for no fucking reason. how can it take ~7 weeks to address these things when they were already mentioned in the beta state as being a problem ?

              oh and please stfu if your argument is ; these things take effort and testing -________- all these systems are already in the game itself you’d only need to adjust the parameters.

        • If only they fixed crafting – I think that would sway a lot of ppl away from AH. Currently, even rich ppl tried crafting but it is just so not viable that they turned back to AH.

          • I totally agree with the crafting issues. I sold some 3 socket tals armor with decent stats for 17 mil gold and preceded to use that to try crafting some grand exhalted hand crossbows, after staring in disbelief at the utter garbage I just rolled i realized that crafting sucks in D3.

            80+ rolls in D2 and I would have more than enough good gear to keep playing.

            There are only two ways to get a good weapon in D3 find it or buy it.

            In diablo 2 there was crafting, imbue quest, vendors who sold good blues, rune words, upgrading exceptional weapons with good stats, gambling and last but not least finding one. THIS IS WHY PEOPLE STILL PLAY D2, you hear that blizz?

            Making this game like a real job just to find an upgrade is going to kill this game for good if they don’t change things.

            • That, and Diablo 2 actually had cool item affixes and uniques. Not like the garbage affix pool that we have in Diablo 3. Well, here’s to hoping they make this games itemization somewhat interesting. Right now, I’ve been playing PoE… and wow. A game made by 18 people and they’ve already got the itemization down. Very fun and complicated system.

              But honestly, that’s the problem with Blizzard. They don’t want fleshed out and in depth systems anymore. They want to appeal to there very large, casual player base by dumbing down game systems as much as possible. Itemization is very plain, no stat customization, no skill tree, no build diversity, a simplified dumbed down story, etc.

              Woops, went on a rant there… sorry!

    8. Whenever we would bring this up in the support forums we kept getting the runaround. “Oh uhhhhhh everyone’s connection is going to be different. There are plenty of people playing the game with no lag and no rubberbanding so you guys are in the minority. Yeah so um it’s probably on your end contact your internet service provider. SEE YA!” then suddenly one month later… “Oh yeah that rubberbanding… we fixed it.” *facepalm* Seriously they are a bunch of lying a-holes!

    9. now they only have to hotfix the ******** AH error 30173 which prevents me from posting items all day already. Good thing Blizzard has already stated that this will probably resolve itself.. :S but it is only getting worse… GRRR

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