It’s nearly Halloween, and with the holiday comes candy, artistically-mutilated pumpkins, and costumes. One fan with a nice Witch Doctor outfit posted a link to his how-to creation guide and got some blue approval. Besides the finished result you see below, he included step by step instructions to create everything from scratch, with special focus on sculpting the mask/horns, and the big bamboo staff.

    Some fans don’t restrict their Diablo III dress up games to just October 31st (and the early morning hours of November 1st, if things go well at the party), and thanks to Fmulder’s ceaseless labors, we’ve got a bunch more new cosplay photos in our Diablo Cosplay gallery. Click the thumbs to see them larger, and browse the gallery for hundreds more such artistic endeavors, a pleasing number of which feature attractive young women wearing the bikini-esque nonsense that passes for “armor” in fantasy video games.

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