This year’s G-Star gaming expo just ended in South Korea, and amongst the many games that led to record attendance… Diablo III.

    Blizzard invited visitors to try out ?Diablo III,? the company?s fantasy action role-playing game and the third installment in the Diablo series. The queue there also surpassed two hours.

    ?A new story will unfold in Diablo III. The forces of evil will make the first entrance into the world of Sanctuary and many important incidents will take place in the struggle between the two,? game director Jay Wilson told visitors.

    Once again, someone somewhere in the world is playing Diablo III… and it’s not you! At least the show’s lax security allowed for the best quality shaky-cam fan movie ever.

    I don’t think the line was ever more than an hour at Blizzcon this year, and waiting wasn’t that bad. The people-watching was entertaining, the line moved steadily, and there were big overhead screens playing a constant loop of Diablo III cinematics, which they interrupted to show the opening and closing ceremonies, Tenacious-D, the costume contest, and various other big events live. Still, an hour standing is an hour standing, and everyone’s got a different patience threshold for that sort of thing.

    What’s your limit? How long would you wait for fifteen minutes of D3 play time? An hour? Two hours? Three? All day?

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