The value of gold in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction is nigh nothing when there are other ways to pay players, such as items of great value to trade with. There isn’t much variety to buy from NPCs that you would certainly need beyond repairs, potions, and scrolls.

    Thus gold is a very important question that comes up often. How much value does gold have in Diablo III?  The answers are not completely answered, and probably since the developers are focusing efforts in creating classes and their skill trees, landscapes, and dungeons they haven’t probably even discussed or put into practice certain aspects of Diablo III.  Regardless, this comment from Bashiok makes you go … “Hmmm …”

    Feature? You will need gold to buy a desired “Feature”?  It’s probably nothing, but some of the brilliant minds among our Diablo fans might be able to break the code? What could this mean? Speculation-mode on. Go!

    Bashiok: Gold will continue to be valuable as long as we have the option to drastically increase the amount needed to buy a desired item/feature.

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