Gamestar interviewed DiabloWikiLeonard Boyarsky, World Lead Designer, to talk about DiabloWikiDiablo III‘s DiabloWikiRune system, DiabloWikiBattle.net 2.0, DiabloWikiInventory and DiabloWikiitem management, random quests in a static outdoor world, and why all of the classes have unique, non-overlapping DiabloWikiskills.

    Not much is new in this interview, but it does help some fans that may have missed previous interviews to get a grasp and catch up on certain aspects of Diablo III. You can watch the video interview at the Gamestar website in English. Click through to read the transcript of the whole 6-minute interview.

    Update by Flux: This interview is from DiabloWikiBlizzCon 2008 back in October. So 1) bonus points to Gamestar for sitting on the footage for four months thus giving themselves a news burst now, and 2) no wonder there’s nothing “new” covered here. Also, the initial transcript didn’t include the last two questions, so I’ve added those in now.

    Leonard: The synergy is basically emphasized with more than just one skill. That’s what we are basically doing with the rune system. And basically what it is you get random drops which was kind of like in first Diablo. We really wanted to get that random skill feeling back, without actually doing random skills. So you get these random drops and you can slot them in different skills, different spells, and they’re removable so it’s not like you’re stuck with it. You know, the fun of just touching the different realms of what they do.

    Gamestar: What can the players expect from the new DiabloWikiBattle.net? Will it remain free and will there be any concept of downloadable content?

    Leonard: Basically what we’re doing with Battle.net we’re trying to make, we’re making – the best online gaming experience. We’re trying to reduce amount of unpleasantness, you know, in any form in a mobile playing experience co-op. There’s gonna be some form of DiabloWikiPvP, you know, just really taking the amount of player experience very easily use, very fun.

    A good example of that – you know, is ways of trading between characters.  It’s very difficult for me to get something from one of my characters to another one of my characters while having it loaded into the same game.. We’re talking about things like that … um, we haven’t got the specifics yet.

    In terms of the financial model, our ideal, our goal has always been to make the game first. You know, what

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