Diablo III Game Guide Update and Gold Sales

The official site’s game guide has now been updated with a select amount of new information that includes DiabloWikimagic find, DiabloWikihealth globes, emotes/commands, difficulty, and more. In addition, more skill videos have been added to some of those that weren’t addressed prior to the game’s launch.

Loot-hoarders and demon-slayers, take note: our Diablo III Game Guide on Battle.net has been hit with a volley of new information. Today’s update includes:

  • a complete roster of all current monster affixes
  • a new game difficulty page. The page includes a chart demonstrating how monster resistances to crowd control scale in higher difficulty levels.
  • information about the difference between dual-wielding and two-handed weapons
  • the hidden workings of Magic Find
  • details on health globe drop rates
  • a list of emotes and commands

Several more videos of (unruned) skills are also available in the skills sections of each class page:


  • Cleave
  • Leap

Demon Hunter

  • Entangling Shot


  • Lashing Tail Kick

Witch Doctor

  • Summon Zombie Dogs


  • Arcane Orb
  • Wave of Force

We hope these updates are helpful to those of you looking to dig deeper into the slobbery innards of Diablo III. If you can think of more information you’d like to see added to the Diablo III Game Guide, please let us know in the comments section below.

Oh, and in other news, DiabloWikiGold can now be sold for DiabloWikiBobby Bucks. Glorious! At this point, if you’re into playing the AH game, your investments have the possibility of making or losing you a fair bit of cash. An equilibrium is still to come to the market, so if you’re into that sort of thing, now is the time to get in on the action.

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14 thoughts on “Diablo III Game Guide Update and Gold Sales

  1. From the Gear page

    Legendary items are colored orange. These items are the things of myth, and are extremely rare, but immensely powerful. If you are fortunate enough to find one, rejoice!

    There is only one truth in the above statement.

    • I got a chuckle out of it just as I was in the process of salvaging one, hey at least I get a fiery brimstone out of it.

  2. About the only useful information to come out of this is the CC resistance numbers. Well, O.K., I guess the Health Orb thing is useful if you haven’t been paying attention.

    The Dual Wield vs. Two Handed blurb is beyond worthless with zero mechanical information beyond the attack speed buff. Life on Hit/Kill, AFAIK, does not get reduced by the penalty, only life leach by % does. The monster affix thing fails to provide the recently given out on the forum, by the CMs mind you, info about the restrictions on which combinations can occur.

    Arreat Summit, this is not going to be at this pace.



    “Unique monsters have their names displayed in purple. They’re usually more powerful than champions: they have more health, do more damage, and often have multiple abilities.”

    Has the person writing this ever set foot in Inferno?

    • I dont think blizzard even played their own game. RMAH’s working, enough. Now they should be thankful!

    • I’d say the fact that MF affects the quality of rares is pretty useful too. As if people needed more reasons to MF swap.

      • I’m actually very surprised by the info on mf. You guy’s knew how this works?!
        I thought it influences just the odds of finding set->legendary->rare->blue.
        But the quality (affixes) of rares themselves is influenced by mf… That’s a good reason for me to focus more on mf gear. Or is it just false information like loh gets a diminishing return on harder difficulties..

  3. The difficulty page says that LoH effects are progressively reduced, but thats not true is it? I was under the impression it was only life leech that was reduced

  4. Jeeeeeesus motherfucking christ. Now we know why 25c is the minimum. Fuck. Blizzard is setting a cap on the lowest value of gold…. 2.50 per million. Right now that means people will pump cash into gold sellers and try to sell it on rmah, all of which will make blizzard fat cash. Aaaaaaand having 25c min apply to all makes it seem more happenstance vs bullshit cash tactics.

  5. I think it is a smart way to counter inflation.

    But of course some noobs on the internet knwo it much better than several PhD in economics isn’t it.

    These days gamers are just a bunch of whiney kids without much know how of anything.

    Exactly who makes out 1+ billion dollars per year? You or Blizzard ?

    • “Gamers are whiney kids” (like you, because you are a gamer…) and Blizzard is a money sucking machine, who has PhD that know their stuff…

      … but, wait, weren’t PhD in economics that failed miserably in this huge financial and economic crysis?

      … maybe because they are so focused on models that work perfectly on their PC and are way to far from reality? Isn’t that the case with Diablo III? Are these PhD in economics playing the game and “feeling” the economy, the sense of value of an item, the huge sense of frustration and disappointment of thousands of “whiney gamers”…?

      Business 101: keep your custommer happy.

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