Diablo III Forum Watch #84: More Beta First Impressions

During last weekend’s Diablo III Beta open play test we posted a bunch of first reactions from fans getting their first taste of the Diablo III beta. Since the free play opportunity ended we’ve seen a lot more such posts go up in our Diablo 3 Beta forum, and here’s a summary of the latest fan opinion offerings.

  • DMB offered a polished appraisal of the overall beta, plus coverage of all five classes. He liked almost everything but the control system, at least once he surmounted hours of technical issues getting the game to download, install, and lauch.
  • PlanktonBoy made the best of his weekend with though testing, and he wrote up a lengthy discussion with indepth comments on all five classes, including their best and worst skills.
  • Lifeless posted, “effingfinally (a beta story)” with a big list of his likes and dislikes from the beta. He liked the combat, crafting, skill runes, and more, but worried about the lack of character customization options and simplistic difficulty.
  • Daemonaz finally got to play the beta, and loved it, even the classes he wasn’t that eager to play. Only the terrible skill UI design, tiny chat window, and the constantly popping up lore books and tool tips, bothered him. That and having to wait three more weeks to play again.
  • In the Name of Zod listed his top five Beta likes (numbered Alpha – Echo), with the Elective Mode for skill selection on top. If find someone naming a hidden check box that regains partial freedom of skill assignment an odd top choice, personally.
  • On the other hand, SwiftArrow made his first forum post ever to laud the Beta which he loved… except for the terrible straitjacket skill system that forced him to use such a limited variety of skills. (Thus will every sensible Diablo player react should they fail to discover the Elective Mode.)
  • Arachnophiliac made his first post ever to offer thoughts on the beta experience. He claims to be a casual player and likes most of the changes to D3 that make the game more accessible, such as cool skills being available from low levels, rather than being forced to hoard skill points for the good skills that didn’t come in until level 24 or 30.
  • Raveharu is a long-time forum poster who finally got some beta playtime, and enjoyed it greatly. He liked the feeling of his characters gaining power, the monster design, the sound, and the NPCs. He was less fond of the glowing dungeon entrances, overdone monster death animations, and chat channel interface.
  • PunkonJunk enjoyed the beta and loved the Wizard, but he’s worried about the long term function of Inferno and the Auction House.
  • Finally, I’ve been soliciting player input on the highlights and lowlights of the Diablo 3 Beta. If you’d like to share your thoughts on the overall process (as a fan and/or player) hit up that thread and let us know what you think.

    Update: Two more I missed, rescued from comments:

  • sgtTenor covers all the classes and overall game issues, and is a big fan of practically everything. He singles out the character customization for special praise.
  • Kimiyy skips the positive feedback and goes right to a list of four things he doesn’t like: cheesy in-game animations, the closing NPC dialogue window, the small and linear early areas, and the voice acting.
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    14 thoughts on “Diablo III Forum Watch #84: More Beta First Impressions

    1. i feel like some of these complainers just googled “dumbest non-issue i could possibly complain about in diablo 3” in order to write their reports.
      and REALLY??? “except for the terrible straitjacket skill system that forced him to use such a limited variety of skills.”
      is that supposed to be serious in some way? “i miss diablo 2 where we had hundreds of skills to pick from at level 1” or “i miss WoW where we had so much build diversity and freedom of choice that every player was practically their own unique class by level 13” give me a break

    2. seriously, I for one liked the skill system with elective mode turned off.  For my first play through of each class, it really is going to be fine.   Turning it on will be something I do once I know the class really well.   Part of this reason, I turned it on to give it a go and its so damn clunky it wasn’t worth using.  It moves skills to screens they don’t belong to which I found to be a huge issue.   (game presents skills by default on certain screens, that is where i expect to find them from now on)   
      They really really do need to fix this mess.  I still can’t believe they regressed to this. 

      • Not to downsize you opinion but If I had not know about the elective mode option I would be in an uproar about the customization and diversity of the skills. I would not want to be stuck with how skills be handed to you without the option to change where the skills can go. Yes the interface might be on the clunky side yo get to the skills but it’s pretty straight forward that you click left/right arrow to find the skills you want.
        These builds are just examples with elective mode turned on. They might not be optimal but it could work
        http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#bcZX or http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#bcZX

    3. Here’s mine that got buried pretty quickly http://diablo.incgamers.com/forums/showthread.php?827310-Open-beta-is-over-impressions
      One thing That’s pretty clear. It’s tough to appease the masses as I mentioned in my ‘Review/impressions 
      But I guess that is the beauty of D3 at the moment. You can play the game however you want whose to say you can’t make 2 of the same class. Some player will….. some wont. Some like the fact that skills and rune skills are hand fed to you…. some don’t. Some think there is class customization……. some don’t. it’s all how you perceive it.

    4. ok after reading all of those reviews i’m less inclined to make fun of the players, because after all they’re just people, stating their opinions, and now more than ever it occurs to me how really messed up the ‘elective mode’ system is. having to tab through 6 different screens to see all the spells available is just awful. the fact that elective mode is hidden in a game menu is perhaps the worst decision blizzard has made (for this game). menu options are traditionally meant to affect meta-game issues like graphics and key bindings, they aren’t the place for making character choices. like what if there was a checkbox option buried deep in the menus of half-life that allowed your character to use a shotgun? that wouldn’t make any sense.
      i don’t see why the skill system needs to be “granny proofed” at all anyways. if somebody chooses all the wrong skills and ends up not being effective, chances are they’re going to know to change their build on their own, since that doesn’t require any more 1773ness than choosing skills in the first place. if someone is capable of playing a videogame at all, they’re also capable of picking their own spells, especially when they can change them anytime they want.
      i also agree with the guy who complained about the glowing dungeon entrances. COMPLETELY unnecessary and altogether insulting to our intelligence and ugly to look at. i don’t need a giant red arrow guiding me every step of the way, rpg’s are supposed to be about exploring and discovering.

    5. one thing that changed a bit my “beta first impression” is watching the leaked zones from act 1 on youtube (some zones that you normally can’t access on the beta) – they look absolutely gorgeous. maybe the game will actually have a real RPG atmosphere after all.


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