Diablo III: For Casual Non-Gamers?

Bashiok popped up on NYE to answer a little fan survey about Diablo III, with some “something for everyone” type PR-friendly replies. The questions are in white; his replies are in blue.

Gender: M

Age: 29

To whom does this game most appeal; nongamers or gamers?
Answer: Those labels don’t really mean anything to me, but I think it can appeal to a wide range of people. I don’t think it would ever hit the mass market of something like a PopCap game, but that’s also not what we’re aiming for. It’s a sequel in the Diablo franchise. BUT, because of fairly simple controls I think it has a very simple learning curve and a broad range of people can get into it. Simple to learn, difficult to master.

What gaming mood best suits this title; casual or hardcore?
Answer: Again with the labels! I think you could buy the game, finish it on normal difficulty, and have a great time. But if you keep playing, that’s where the real game is, and that’s what we’re building it for.

Would this title be more fun alone or with friends?
Answer: It’s built for co-op, so people that do want to play with others will have a blast, but us single-player RPG gamers can have our fun too.

Games you recently played;

All of them.

That’s what Bashiok said. What do you think? Does anyone honestly consider Diablo III a casual game suitable for non-gamers? I wouldn’t have said so, but Bashiok’s answers aren’t entirely crazy… are they?

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1 thought on “Diablo III: For Casual Non-Gamers?

  1. Great list.

    ME2 deserves every accolade that you could throw at it.  Seriously, the environments are gorgeous, the characters are fantastic, and the gameplay flows like cinema.

    I was also gratified to see BF:BC2 on the list multiple times.  The destructible environments add a whole new element to the FPS gameplay. Never a dull moment!

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