Last week, Blizzard showed Jace Hall three concept art images of the female DiabloWikiMonk, and a few days later released high-resolution images of the female monk at the official Diablo III website.

    Blizzard is now on a hype-spree releasing more female classes concept art. This time it is the female Barbarian who is in the spotlight. It’s a sign that the female Witch Doctor won’t be too far from getting the same treatment.

    The barbarian class page has been updated with a new piece of concept art depicting the female barbarian as well as a close-up view of her in-game model. Check out this new look at a relentless terror of the battlefield over at the barbarian class page.

    Update: This piece of concept art was previously seen (in lower quality and flipped horizontally) on the original 2008 Art Trailer. Which is a shame, since there are lots of other pieces of female barbarian concept art that have not been released digitally. (Such as this nine-pack, only seen in a photo Flux took at the Blizzcon Art Museum.)

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