Diablo III Diorama Shipped to Europe Customers

Sideshow Collectibles has issued a notice through their newsletter that all Diablo III Overthrown Diorama orders for Europe are now shipped from their EU Warehouse and are in-transit to your home. Be sure to make arrangements to receive the delivery man, and prepare a special shrin– err place, ready to display your Barbarian with pride. The orders shipped are: #8023 & Ex. #80231.

Send to Flux a photo of yourself with the Barbarian Diorama to post it on our front page.

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1 thought on “Diablo III Diorama Shipped to Europe Customers

  1. Like stillman’s article on Paladins, this Sorceress article is right on the money.  Essentially, a simple casting delay on Teleport and a nerf on AoE damage in general are needed.  I am also disappointed in Blizzard’s band-aid solutions to severe balance issues in the game.

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