Diablo III Developer Chat at Best Buy

Tuesday May 8th, Best Buy will hold a Developer Chat with DiabloWikiJay Wilson, DiabloWikiJason Bender, DiabloWikiJason Regier and DiabloWikiKevin Martens and will take place at Best Buy’s Community Forums. Hopefully there will be a good bunch of intelligent questions asked and answered, not like most of the questions asked of Bashiok when he had his Community Twitter Chat.

For more information and to participate head over to Best Buy’s Community Forums chatbox on Tuesday May 8th.

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    13 thoughts on “Diablo III Developer Chat at Best Buy

    1. I assume you have to be in USA to join the chat? If so I can’t participate. Regardless, here’s to hoping for intelligent questions and not something like “When is D3 getting released?” or “How does wepon damage work?”.

    2. I love how Kaydee made it sound as if the ‘real’ diablo fans ask proper and intelligent questions.

      No offence man, but for the most part I find questions asked by the community to be just as retarded as those asked by casuals.

      Yes we do care about the depth of combat blah blah blah. But in all honesty…when grown men start bitching about online only and RMAH it makes me think they aren’t too bright either.

      Blizzard is a money making entity. Period. The fact that they make said money by making games is totally irrelevant. Online only DRM guarantees that we will have more games made by blizzard.

      My little outburst aside, I do hope there will be some insightful questions about inferno. And not the usual “OMG! Is it really that hard? Is it? Please say yes!!!1” bs.

      • You shouldn’t put words into his mouth, that’s unfair.

        He said he hoped there are ‘intelligent questions’ just like you hoped for ‘insightful questions’.  He didn’t specify or indicate any group of person, you did that all by yourself.

        • Fair enough. I overreacted.

          PS : Is it wrong that when i read your post I actually heard it out loud in my head..with that nice British accent of yours? 😀

          PPS : Lol capcha > charm offensive 😀

          • I can’t help it but that’s exactly what I heard. It happens every time I read a post made by that skeleton 🙂

    3. can I move using WASD ? 
      why do I have to use the mouse to move?
      can you change the camera angle ? 
      how come I can’t have more than 4 people in a game ? 
      I like playing Tanks; which class is the Tank ? 
      can I move using WASD ?   

      • When can I buy mount?
        Why do I have to group with other people?
        Can I tranfer my lvl 60 mage to lvl 60 Wizard?

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