Diablo III Debuts at #2 in the UK

Much media coverage today of the week’s results from GfK Chart Tracks, which is apparently a major best selling computer game chart in the UK. The nugget:

‘Max Payne 3’ beats fellow newcomer ‘Diablo III’ to top spot this week to become Rockstar/Take 2’s first All Formats No1 since ‘L.A. Noire’ almost a year ago.

It’s the first Max Payne title to debut at No1, outperforming the launch week of ‘Max Payne 2’ (which charted in October 2003) by almost 10 to 1. The previous game was developed by Alan Wake developer ‘Remedy Entertainment’ while this latest instalment was taken on by Rockstar’s own studios. It’s the biggest All Formats No1 since ‘Mass Effect 3’ back in W10 2012. Released on Tuesday, Activision Blizzard’s in-demand ‘Diablo III’ has to settle for a debut at No2, despite becoming the 12th fastest selling PC game in the UK ever (selling more than either of the last 2 Football Manager titles). ‘Max Payne 3’ benefits from launching on both Xbox 360 and PS3 with 58% of sales going to Xbox 360 and 42% to PS3, although the gap between it and PC-only Diablo is only around 8,000 sales.

Not mentioned in that press release, but GfK chart only covers box sales and does not include digital sales. We don’t know how many copies Diablo III sold via digital download, as Blizzard keeps those figures very close to the vest for all of their games, but it’s safe to say that they numbered more than 8000 in the entire UK (population ~60m).

Still no official word from Blizzard on D3’s launch sales, though they’ll surely spill some of those beans fairly soon — the first SC2 sales figures (1.5m in the first 48 hours) were revealed August 3rd, following the July 27th release.

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12 thoughts on “Diablo III Debuts at #2 in the UK

  1. This was pretty much expected. I think they will outsell a lot of titles….combined 🙂

    The game is not perfect. But it will be with a few patches and/or expansions.

    PS : FRIST! 😈  

  2. Great stuff. “PC gaming is dead.” Someone is eating words somewhere.

    • And how do you propose they do that? Force and thereaten Blizzard to cough up that number? Then how do they know it’s accurate?

  3. I live in the UK & haven’t heard or seen a single person in my wider circle of friends mention Max Payne once this past week. I’ve seen rather a lot of casual comments about Diablo 3 though on social networking sites. Turns out I have more friends who are Diablo fans than I ever realised before May 15th!

  4. May Payne was for multiple different consoles (all formats), Diablo III is PC only. Diablo smashed each individual version of Max Payne (yeah, most people have a PC and only one console not multiple consoles, but still).

    • Max Payne was only released for PS3 and Xbox 360 (so not really “all” formats). It is released on PC later.

      • My point is it tops the “all formats” list because it’s more than one format.

  5. To be honest around 1/2 the people at the midnight release here were to receive their copy of Max Payne and not Diablo 3. Quite a few people have been anticipating that game so I don’t doubt they sold a lot of copies.
    Nothing like the Diablo legion, though.

  6. The ‘PC gaming is dead’ rumor was generated and spread by the console manufacturers, who realize consoles are the better way of controlling the public and taking away many freedoms PC gaming offers. Thank God Blizzard proves them wrong every year.

  7. It’s a good achievement. For a PC only title to take #2 spot in all platform chart is something Blizzard should be proud of.

    The tv advert that I saw quite a bit over here must have paid off.

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