Blizzard will be showing off all three of their game franchises with playable demos at the Gamescom show next week in Cologne, Germany. Diablo III will be playable at the event, but sadly it’s just the 2010 Blizzcon 2010 demo build again. What other info might we learn, though? The DiabloWikiFollowers DiabloWikiArtisans system debuted at Gamescom last year, after all, in a presentation helmed by DiabloWikiJay Wilson.

    Here’s the list of all Blizzard’s planned events at the show. No presentations are listed, though there are scheduled interviews with lead developers for all three titles. I’ll quote the Diablo stuff:

    Diablo Performance and Interview with Diablo III Development Team

    Saturday, 12:00: After a dance macabre from the demonic hordes, Jay Wilson and Josh Mosqueira will be on the Blizzard booth for an interview about the upcoming title Diablo III.

    As a side note, any rumors you may have heard about a gate to Diablo’s Burning Hells opening in Cologne are completely unfounded. Seriously, nothing is happening at Rudolfplatz from the evening of August 16 — especially nothing to do with demonic invasions.

    The italicized bit is from the bottom of the page, is printed there in italics, and is clearly meant to catch our eye. So what does it mean? I’m guessing it’s just some promotional stuff. Note the bit about dancing by demonic hordes before the Jay Wilson interview? Sounds like Blizzard will be hiring some local performers and putting them into interesting costumes; likely the troop will put on some kind of public performance on the Rudolfplatz on opening night, as a publicity thing.

    Might that tie into some actual D3 content, though? We know the plot of the game is largely based on a demonic invasion of Sanctuary; one that we’ll be repelling in the Act Three quest around DiabloWikiBastion’s Keep. Might Blizzard be planning to debut some of the game cinematic, for a bit of a story teaser? I doubt it, but we can certainly hope.

    Update: Useful geographical info from a reader in the city. Thanks to Stefan, who says he’ll be there that night to report on the festivities, for the following:

    The Rudolfplatz is quite a way away from the trade fairgrounds (Messe) in Deutz. The Rudolfplatz is actually on the other side of the river in the center of the city. There is an open space there in front of a medieval gate, the “Hahnentor”. This is the only space at Rudolfplatz where there would be room for a stage or booths.

    In case they are not using a stage, there is a big Hotel at Rudolfplatz, and one or two computer stores nearby. Perhaps they will be lodging and/or do a press event there? It is also possible, that they just send people over Rudolfplatz to hand out stuff or make a small booth. Though it says “from” the evening and it seems a bit early…well.

    In any case Rudolfplatz has nothing to do with the trade fair usually as it is too far away.

    Near as I can figure with the aid of Google Maps, (bear in mind I’m not exactly Jason Bourne in regards to European city cartography acumen) it’s about 4km from the convention center to the Rudolfplatz. As you can see in pictures, there’s a gateway that looks like a preserved castle, and a touristy sort of public square in front of it. Plenty of space to set up whatever sort of “demonic invasion” publicity event Blizzard seems to be planning for that night, 2 days before the convention opens.

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