Diablo III Commercial TV Spot

It’s available. And it’s epic. It’s just a shame that it isn’t longer. One thing I did notice, though, is that the DiabloWikiDiablo reveal in this video looks much more polished and suitable than the one that was pulled from the 15th Anniversary site shown 4 months ago. Enjoy the short clip – nearly 2 weeks to go.

Points of note: that seems to be DiabloWikiTyrael giving DiabloWikiImperius the smack down, the opening of an arch in Silver City in the High Heavens, Diablo rising in flames, and the rest are short clips from cinematics we’ve already seen. The TV spot certainly has my hopes very high for the quality/caliber of what is in store for the full game.

This, of course, leads to more questions than it does to answers (as designed, I’m sure). How does the community like this small clip? Epic? Meh? HYPE?!

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    119 thoughts on “Diablo III Commercial TV Spot

      • Actually 0:11 – 0:12 is a subtle spoiler for those who have not read or seen the act 4 spoilers yet. 😀

        • I don’t know that anything in an official marketing campaign can be considered a ‘spoiler’.

          That is, anything which is explicitly in the marketing material: we can see it’s some sort of building opening up that looks sort of angelic. But to know the name of the building, that it is definitely in heaven etc would be a spoiler as that information is not found in the official marketing.

          • The book of cain has an illustration of that building, it’s the high heaven’s diamond gate. Ever since the creation of heaven it was unbreached, being shown exploding in the video is kinda spoilery as it shows heaven’s in deep shit.

    1. The Incgamers Live Stream stopped playing to show this to everyone in the channel.


      • I know what that is… but… I don’t think you want to know just yet. Cuz I got really sad/worried when I saw what that was.

          • so what ?
            Halo has aliens
            so what ?

            what’s important for a commercial is draw in people who are NOT fans  

            the Halo commercial succeeded at that 
            the D3 commercial did not  

            • How would you know what the impact of this commercial is when it hasn’t even aired on TV yet? You got a crystal ball at your house or something? Can I use it to see how pathetic your life is going to turn out? 🙄

            • I agree that the Halo 3 “believe” commercial was awesome James, but to bad the game sucked. 

        •  they are not unrelated at all  

          they’re both commercials for video games 

          they’re both trying to get you interested in the game and get you to buy it 

          how is that radically different ?

          even if you knew nothing about Halo, that commercial worked, it drew you in and made you want to know more 

          but if you knew nothing about Diablo, that commercial really did nothing to entice you 

          • You can’t speak for people that know nothing about Diablo as you aren’t one of those people… Stop making stupid comparisons and even stupider assumptions about the impact of this really brief commercial…

        • you mean for all the D3 fans ? 

          that’s the problem

          if you’e a fan of D3 then you were already psyched for the game,
          if you’re not a fan of D3, that commercial didn’t do too much to entice you

          but the Halo commercial had a real emotional feel that drew in people who were not fans of the game

          that’s why the Halo commercial was a success, and the D3 commercial was not  

          • You have your opinion, and that’s cool, but please let everyone else have an opinion of their own as well. To you the commercial was bad and uninspiring and did nothing to entice you, but for others, like me, for example, the commercial was great. I think it was epic and amazing, and it definately rekindled my interest in Diablo 3, and I am certainly hyped for it and eagerly anticipating the release. People precieve same things in a very different manner, and it is somewhat insulting that you find it in yourself to speak for all of us when you say that the commercial sucked, when I see by the comments that there are plenty of people, hardcore fans, who thought it was great. Also, replying to every single comment you disagree with is highly redundant, just write one or two comments. 

            • how much of that commercial was new to you ?

              people are acting like its the greatest thing ever, but if you’re truly a hardcore fan then 90% of it is just a rehash, replay of cinematics we’ve all seen before

              that’s my complaint 

              so, yes, the commercial sucked 
              it didn’t do anything to entice NON-FANS to spend $60 
              it didn’t have much of anything we didn’t already see at Blizzcon

            • @jamesL again, this is your opinion, You think the comercial was boring/dumb/etc, I may or may not think the same, in this case I disagree with you.

              I have no problem with you not liking the commercial, my problem primarily lies that you talk for all of us when you say that you didn’t like the commercial, and that you represent your opinion as argument, as in “it didn’t do anything to entice non-fans to spend $60”. That is your opinion, unless you are a new player who isn’t sure of buying the game, you have absolutely no idea how a newcomer or casual might feel about this.

          • Let’s look back to the Diablo 2 commercial (one of them): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-RvRK5qf6Lc
            I don’t think this really did it for anyone back then, but Diablo 2 still was pretty successful for its time. Now of course we have alot of people who have played Blizzard titles like WoW and SCII, and just needed a little push with a 30 second commercial to say “hey, I think I’ll get this title afterall”. I really don’t think it was intended for people who have never heard about Blizzard or anything, but every little bit helps!

          • There are a lot of “fans” of the series who aren’t dedicated enough to have followed the game’s development over the past several years. Not only that, but there are a lot of people out there who have perhaps heard of Diablo but aren’t dedicated fans and would be intrigued by a commercial like this.
            I’m not sure that an “emotional feel” is really what’s appropriate for the Diablo series anyway.

      • You compared a 30 second clip to a 1.5 minute clip? I trust Blizzard would have done much more with a 1.5 minute spot.

        • And they did, the StarCraft 2 Ghost of the Past is a two and a half minute long trailer made entirely from cinematic footage from SC2, and it was epic, much like this one. Though I’m not sure was it ever intended as a TV spot.

        • but they didn’t did they 

          they made a cheap 30 second commercial that really did nothing 

          • Did you ever stop to think that they made it that short because a. Unlike Starcraft 2, Diablo 3 doesn’t have cut scenes using the in game engine instead of pre-rendered graphics and b. Because getting time for an advertisement during a prime time block on a major network is expensive as hell? Use your brain instead of jumping to conclusions about the effect of the commercial and throwing your opinions about as if they were proven fact… 😐

          • Um, that really did nothing? I think you’re the only person I have seen that has not had a positive reaction over content. All those that even come close to your disappointment range around “wanting more” and “seemed too short.” Both of which do not come near to your diatribe.

            Those handful of sympathetic posters to you does not equate to: “did nothing.” 

      • I could barely even finish watching that… What a boring video!  Go back to Halo and leave us to play the good games.

        • you know the Halo commercial was better

          ok, go ahead, let’s say I’ve never played any Diablo game before, which is a good assumption considering the last one came out 11 years ago, what specifically about this D3 commercial is going to make me want to spend $60 ?

          go ahead, give me specifics, why is this commercial so awesome ?
          what does it do to make a non-fan want to spend $60 ?

          • television is no longer the super important medium it once was. blizzard did all they could to introduce people to Diablo 3 over the internet. That halo commercial was really great but it kind of alienated the game ,because you won’t see any halo cutscenes that look like that nor did the game…
            the first and last halo that i bought was halo3 btw.

            • Halo 3 pretty much destroyed the love of Halo I had from Halo 1 and 2. Halo reach revived it a little, but too much damage came from Halo 3 to interest me any more in the series.

          • Explosions, demons, loud music.

            People will think it’s awesome, and they might even buy the game for that fact alone. No, it’s not as artistic as the Halo commercial, but really, if you don’t know Halo, why would that commercial entice you to buy it?

          • 1) Medieval fantasy is seeing a bit of a resurgence in mainstream culture right now (Game of Thrones, The Hobbit), so images of big demon monsters might grab people’s attention.

            2) It’s fairly rare for a PC game to even get a television spot. A company that advertises their product on TV might be seen to have a lot of confidence in their product, which could generate interest in the game. This goes double for Mac games.

            3) The commercial doesn’t give people a lot of specific information, which might leave them curious (just like that Halo commercial). Sometimes curiosity sticks with people more effectively than information does.

          • I just don’t see any appeal in that Halo commercial.  The D3 commercial has Demons, explosions, epic music, brief epic fight scenes, and *feels* epic.  The Halo commercial has…. frozen clay figurines scattered haphazardly about with a camera that pans around a frozen battlefield, and slow music i might dance to at a 1600’s English ball?  What would make me want to buy a new Halo game when anything Halo3+ is just the original Halo slightly tweaked?  That commercial does not make me want to pick up a Halo game.  At all. The D3 commercial makes me yearn for it. 

      • Hmm.. Looks like something I made when I was 6 with my plastic soldiers.  WEAK!

        On the side note, I have never seen this commercial on TV, who is going to watch a 1:30 min commercial???

        You are comparing apples to oranges.   

    2. My first reaction to this was a rather un-manly scream. My second reaction was to contemplate how awesome things reduce my brains higher function beyond gasping and uttering nonsensical words. My third reaction was, I WANT DIABLO 3 RIGHT NOW. After watching this about a dozen times, I can’t wait for this game. It’s strange how 15 days seem longer then all those years we spend waiting.

      EDIT: Oh, and Nizaris, you forgot that silver orb exploding in your recap of new scenes in the trailer.

    3. I had expected something more like the length of the SCII commercial. Yes, it looks pretty and all, but I just can’t get very excited by these super short teaser trailers.

        • And it sure as hell wasn’t you

          Actually, I’ve got to be fair, now. The last many posts in response to your posts makes it look like I really really really don’t like you.
          – I don’t mind you, it’s your posts I find dumb, offensive and insulting

        • I’m just really unsure of your comments. It’s quite insulting to many, actually. Because it seems to me that you’re insinuating that all of those that found this to be entertaining despite its short stint do not have a brain.

          I would hazard to say that those that can find interest in the small things have an advantage over those that only get interested in War and Peace

    4. Just tell me that there will be 2 different Diablo forms and not only the sheablo version…

        • I think you mean ‘Another person who shares my opinion’.
          Unless you equate:
          person doesn’t share my opinion = person has no brain.

        • Yeah, we get it: You don’t like the commercial and you’re bad at debating so you just insult people instead. No need to keep posting this over and over and over.

      • No, SC2’s was the same freaking thing. Spartak linked it for you fools… It’s actually even shorter than the D3 one.

    5. i was gonna wait to watch it on the tv but seeing how short it was i am glad i just went a head and watched it now. very cool but far too short

    6. “Points of note: that seems to be Tyrael giving Imperius the smack down, the opening of an arch in Silver City in the High Heavens”
      So I watched it in slow-mo to get a better look at Tyrael and Imperius and interestingly enough…. when it pans to Tyrael… its Imperius’s weapon he is holding but not only that… if you look at it carefully… when he draws it back, he isn’t actually touching it O.o its like magically following his hand. When Tyrael thrusts it into the camera, hes got his hand on it, but not during the draw-back.

    7. I really liked it, but then again I’m a sucker for trailers…and often the whole thing doesn’t quite live up. We’ll see

    8. SPOILER!!!!!

      Look at ten seconds in. Story spoiler. When diablo clenches his fist, you can see ivory towers in the background–meaning the fight against diablo is likely in heaven. 

      • Wrong :p There’s some overlap but not by any means all of it.
        James, you’ve expressed that you don’t like it. You can be quiet now 🙂

      • Except not, because it has footage from the intro cinematic as well with several bits of new stuff interspersed throughout. Have fun continuing to make stupid comparisons though… 🙄

    9. Pretty much what I expected given their past commercials. It’s nice how they interspersed truly new footage instead of just re-using the stuff cut from the retrospective they did a while back.

      Another shot of Tyrael holding Imperius’ spear an then lunging with it. Pretty much a confirmation that it’s him confronting Imperius, although if you look at the background of the part with Tyrael in it, you can see walls and windows matching the part with that metal spire thing opening with the light coming out, which is not the same setting for the part of Imperius sliding backwards on the ground in front of the Diamond Gates. So either they fight twice and he takes the spear the second time or perhaps he defeats him at the gates and Tyrael is being shown fighting someone else inside some building in the Silver City. I’d wager the building he’s in at that part is the same one the explosion is happening from as well…

      Also, the firey Diablo face is definitely cooler than any other reveal of him/her we’ve seen before. Can’t wait to watch the full version of that cinematic and then be the crap out of him. 😈

    10. For me second 0:17 is lame. Maybe I am wrong, but for me the movement of the spear is impossible. ^^
      First the hand is not holding it, and the spear is below the arm. Later, he has the spear in his hand, but the spear is above it.

      Looks weird. The trailer is great, they know how to promote their stuff.

      @ JamesL: What is wrong with 60 bucks? 60 bucks is not even one night out 😉 Diablo will be months of nights in. 

    11. This is the most beautiful cinematic I have ever seen.  Blizzard CGI is O_O.   This made me come faster than porns lol.

    12. I got scared. the sound and demons combinations- so fucking cool and hits you right in the face. JamesL can go suck it. I just showed this promo to my mother. she asked where she could get the game so she could use it as a sex toy

      • A bit over the top perhaps, your avatar i mean. However i too enjoyed the video  😈

      • I suggest you keep this avatar until release. It’ll remind people that there are shitbags still roaming around pretending to be diablofans. 😆

    13. I’d like to of seen more but i guess thats only a good thing. I’m not sure what impact it would have on new players because its very hard for me to look at it objectively. But what I can say is that the graphics are visually stunning and enjoyed a few new insights into the game.
      @ jamesL – you are a moron. Not only are you wrong about all of it all being a rehash of the Black Soulstone Trailer but you are childishly responding to every comment where someone remotely agrees with what you are saying. Grow up.

    14.   Was ok. Of course they can’t show the gameplay in the trailer, otherwise I think zero people would be interested. It’s like Final Fantasy trailers. They always showed the CGI videos because the gameplay wouldn’t make for a fun commercial, lol… But whatever, this commercial hasn’t changed any of my feelings towards the game. It comes out when it comes out.

      • Yes, out when it’s out. And for me, that is precisely one fortnight, or two weeks, on the exact hour.

    15. actually it would make more sense that Diablo is the one that smacks Imperius down. the angels might have a bit of an attitude problem, but there are far more important things to worry about, like keeping Diablo away from the Crystal Arch. so I doubt they’re fighting each other while Diablo roams around the Heavens to his heart’s content.

      my official guess is, Imperius is guarding that spot, Diablo shows up to drop him on his ass, then Tyrael shows up to give Diablo a second helping of that angel poooontang pie. hence Tyrael pointing that weapon of his and looking menacing in the cut Retrospective scene.

      🙂 you heard it here first, people!!! look back in 3 weeks’ time and you’ll see it

      • Well, if my eyes aren’t deceiving me, Tyrael is holding Imperius’ spear. This is what gave me the indication that the fight is between Imperius and Tyrael. 🙂

        • simple possible explanation for that too, Imperius got incapacitated by Diablo and Tyrael steps in, claiming the spear and intending to use it on Big D

          • Also when you see Imperious sliding back on the floor you can see his spear with him at that time.
            With all the cutting and pasting Blizz did for the trailer it’d be pretty impossible for us to know exactly what’s going on. But your theory seems the most likely. I’m looking forward to finding out in 2 weeks 🙂

    16. “Frikkin’ awesome. Period.”
      I believe, unlike JamesL, I can speak for all of us when I say, “Freakin’ awesome. Period.”

    17. – Nice, short cuts with a bit of new footage thrown in: classic teaser trailer
      – Text breaks – plus: very readable and hooray for Exocet font,
      minus: looks very much like photoshop default filter settings
      – Angels: Might be footage from two different scenes, seeing that Imperius falling and sliding backwards is under open sky (Gardens of Hope/Crystal Collonade?) and Tyrael preparing to stab is under a richly decorated roof (Crystal Arch/Library of Fate?). I’m expecting a cutscene detailing Tyrael’s descent from heaven and the reasons for it and another one where Tyrael returns to heaven, deals with Imperius and can’t stop Diablo arriving there anymore. I’m also not sure if it’s normal that Imperius wings look like they are on fire. Sign of corruption?
      – Diablo’s new, skinny, almost skeleton-like form looks much more complete while on fire (that wasn’t shown by known artwork so far). The burning demon-skeleton form might after all look just as good as the big, bulky beast-like form from D2.

    18. Did anybody else think it’s weird that there’s no mention of Activision, Vivendi, Blizzard North, or basically any production information?

      The credits/box art slides seemed strangely devoid of information. Isn’t that a requirement for games too? 

    19. I’m really not a fan of this sort of 1sec clip jigsaz movies. so to me it’s a big meh!

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