Diablo III Collector’s Edition Details

We first saw it from Blizzcon 2011, but Blizzard has now added a very glossy update with pictures and more details about the contents of the Diablo III Collector’s Edition.

You’ve probably seen the features list already, but the screenshot of the glowing Tyrael’s Secret style wings is a nice touch. There’s no demonstration of what the two special dye colors look like, though. (Yet.)

What do you guys think? Is the D3CE a mandatory purchase for any true fan of Diablo III? Or will you save $40, buy just the basic game, and find some way to live without the soundtrack, art book, USB soulstone, behind the scenes making of DVD, glowing Tyrael wings, etc? Forty bucks could probably get you some pretty sweet loot in the DiabloWikiRMAH, after all.

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  1. I think it’s a must-buy…. if you can find a copy! 

    It’ll be as rare as a pre-dupe SoJ. 😆

  2. Arghhh I need it, NOW!

  3. Changed preorder right after the Opening Ceremony, wings look kinda cool I’m just hoping the Dyes have infinite uses 🙂

    • Even if theyr not infinite I’m asuming every char gets one, so you can just make new char and mule it through the depo, thats the worst case scenario ^^

  4. Must have. Damn, look at these wings!

  5. No CE for me. I am not sure how much I will enjoy D3 since it’s made by a new team, so can’t justify buying the CE.

  6. I’m afraid D3CE won’t be published in Russia, and lots of Diablo fans in my country are very sorry about that =(

    P.S. Blizzard, if you only read such posts (of course you don’t, but it’s worth a try), please do not make russian fan community order D3CE from Europe or USA! We’re ready to give you our money, just let us do that =)

    • low chaces for us.. ??????? ?????

      • Order it from Amazon.co.uk 🙂

        • We will, unfortunately.
          I’ve seen SC2CE sold by resellers online for 5000 roubles ~= 125 euros. Not much of an overpricing, frankly, but anyway.

          I’ve only recently reached enough maturity to buy licensed games in the middle of Siberia, and D3 is the first one I consider buying CE of, but I do 🙂

          Beer and snacks comment below does appeal, though 🙂 Enough maturity, you know 🙂

          EDIT: Also, there’s such thing as the Russian Post, the epitome of delays, losses of shipments, and outright theft 🙂 Of course, commercial delivery services do exist, but they charge as much as they can based on what I said about Russian Post and the expanses of our Motherland 🙂

        • “Order it from Amazon.co.uk ”
          Just one problem no Collecters Editionon Amazon.co.uk or game uk or anyother UK site.

  7. I’ll save the 40$ for beer and fried chicken.

  8. Please tell me this is a joke… Will there actually be players with glowing Tyrael wings running around on battle net? 🙁

    • yes there will, and I will be one of them 😛

    • I totally agree, i would like them to remove thous wings! They make no sense in the game, probably wont even have stats on! What are they suposed to be? Are we some kind of semi angel? Of corse NOT! Get rid of the fu**ing wings!
      I have no drama with special Dyes….but wings are terrible!
      I dont wanna se them also in the AH.

      PS: Release the freaking game already!!!!!!! ARGGGHHHJJJ!!!!1

      •  I don’t know how will they explain the wings in game (I HOPE they do :/), but technically yes! We are some kind of semi-angel! That usually doesn’t involve angel wings though

        • Alienmind is right the characters are descendants of the Nephalem so they are half angel.

          And, for me, the CE is a must buy.

        • Oh comon, we can raise demonic dogs, send flaming meteors from the sky, summon ancient guardians from the past, guide an arrow to its target and smack our enemies with pillars out of nowhere.

          I think we can handle summoning some blueish glow behind our backs without it having to mean something.

    • In PvP, guess who gets attacked first/most often?

  9. Never purchased a CE, probably never will. The last thing I need is more stuff around the house. In fact, I’m seriously considering a digital download without any disks at all.

  10. They are really pushing retail sales with this. Too bad they do not have a digital collectors edition.

  11. @TheOatman
    agreed. That is gonna look like sh!t

  12. I have almost 100gb worth of random flash drives and door stops, both Diablo games, I don’t play WoW nor type in the forums, I don’t want to listen to song-less gaming music and not to mention a good portion of the art work will be leaked out eventually… If it came with early access to the Book of Cain, hell yes! The wings are cool, but I don’t believe I’d be willing to sacrifice the screen space just to look bitching for 3 of my friends.

    I hate how Blizzard’s collectors or special editions always end up giving away crap and a WoW gift. x-x;

  13. Why happened to the thumbs down option? So,me comments here are screaming for one.

  14. While I would like to get the CE, I would rather be able to play as soon as the servers come up at midnight on the day of release. No stores around me are doing midnight releases, so I’ll be getting the digital version. There is no way I could wait for Ebgames or Best Buy to open, drive there, pick up the CE, drive home, install, and probably start playing 12 hours after the servers are open. No way at all.

  15. I could do without all this, but I NEED that Diablo Skull!

  16. Wings look nice. But it feels wrong. My characters may be some offspring of angels gone rogue, but it doesnt feel right to be walking around with Tyrael wings. Can they be traded? Are they bound to your account? If they can be traded they might be worth getting with the RMAH in mind.

  17. I was never really into Collectors edition, before i bought the Starcraft 2 one. I must admit, that the simple joy of opening that package, compared to a regular disk, made it worth all the money.

    If possible, I’m going down to preorder a CE just now, i don’t think it should be a problem. The SC2 CE i got without even preordering. I just bought it the day the game released. I just hope it’s the same with Diablo, in any case. I WANT ONE.

  18. i really hope the ce comes to brazil, the only reason i want to get it is the head

  19. I’m curious as to how the “aesthetic artefacts” (as the CE webpage calls them) will work in our inventory. The wings, bottled smoke and bottle clouds sound cool, but if they are one time use, then the $40 would be a waste for me.

  20. Already Pre-Ordered Collectors Edition!

  21. I hope they do some sort of digital collectors edition. I’d quite like the wings, dye and pets, but I don’t really care about the artbook and soundtrack etc. And the skull and USB stick just look like random tat to be honest. They’ll only sit on a shelf collecting dust.

  22. “Forty bucks could probably get you some pretty sweet loot in the RMAH, after all.”

    Too bad I’ll only be going Hardcore mode so might as well put those 40 bucks to more material and aethetic uses!

  23. No mouse pad means I’m not buying the collectors edition…

  24. Is there a char class that begs for the wings?  maybe a female wizard?  definitely not a barb. still, if i can easily get the CE at launch/hopefully a midnight sale then i likely will.  will there be a plain digital midnight release? if so, from where, blizz directly?  the number one goal is to play the game asap [who is with me to get to lvl60/inferno first?] 

    also for any wouldbe thugs who would accost me in the parking lot of a midnight sale, i will crush you like a dixie cup.

  25. Only jagoffs buy gear with real money, so I’m getting the CE. :p
    Four free months of WoW is always decent if you’re inclined towards such things, which isn’t mentioned on the page.
    The WoW pet is dumb, imo. I really want the behind the scenes disc, actually. I love those, which is what usually drives me to get the CE for games.
    That…and it’s Diablo. I recently watched the cinematics disc from the CE of D2 and I see something new in it every time (in the extras). There’s concept art in there that I still haven’t seen posted anywhere.

    • I guarantee you that if you play softcore and the most valuable items end up being located on the RMAH and you trade items at all, then you’ll start selling your stuff on the RMAH and using the dough to buy those items. That’s an if/then statement, though.

    • I love the behind the scenes disks as well, they’re always enjoyable to watch.  I also like the soundtracks too.  This one however is all about the Soulstone and the Tyrael marine portrait for SC2.

  26. I’m still leaning towards CE.  I’ve never bought a CE before, but Diablo is my favorite franchise and I think it will be worth it.

  27. I hope the wings won’t take an equipment slot otherwise it would be useless.
    I prefer a skill with no cooldown : press c wings appear, prese c again wings disappear.
    Permanent wings would be best with an unlimited toggle on/off.
    Anyone knows if there is a blue post about this ?
    Or if this has been tested in Mooege?

  28. At first I was definitely going to get the CE, but now I’m not so sure.  The skull and ‘soulstone’ are nice, but it’s more ‘stuff’ to have around the house.  I told myself I’d definitely be getting this CE, even though I never get any others, simply because this is Diablo 3.
    Then I guess I sort of realized; what’s the most important part of the CE?  The game itself.  However, the tipping point for me getting the CE might be if/when they release details of how exactly the ‘angel wings’ and the bottled dyes actually work.  If those are weak additions, it’s hard for me to justify the extra $40.  The game itself (presumably) is what’s actually worth it’s weight in gold, considering I’ll by far and away get my money’s worth out of it the most.

  29. I preordered this CE on Saturday as soon as it was available.  Art book and behind the scenes will be cool.  Don’t care too much for the wings especially if it’s just a lame 5 second emote to call them forth.  Skull and USB sounds great.  WoW pet I don’t care about.  SC2 portraits I may use for a bit.

    The smoke/cloud dye sounds awesome and I hope they are unlimited use.  I just wonder if I can dye friends gear with it or if I can charge non CE users and dye their gear for them.  I hope not, Id rather it be only usable on my gear and make it so it cannot be traded until I redye it or something.  BTW this page has been around since Friday last week.  I was hoping for new info that answered my questions when I saw the page.

  30. CE for sure, this one looks to be one of the better CE’s Blizzard has put out recently.  I’m really looking forward to the soundtrack and behind the scenes dvd.

  31. so what… everyones making up his mind about the story and now every dude that spends an extra 40 bucks is an arcangel? wtf…

  32. Collector’s Edition’s not looking bad. Love the box art and the stuff included seems nice and all, though admittedly I am still on the fence.
    I realize I’m in a very small minority here, but I’ve got to say (and this is not a slam to anyone looking forward to getting their hands on ’em) that while the wings are cool, it’ll be odd to see them become commonplace, relatively speaking. In my eyes, Tyrael’s coolness factor plummets with their implementation.

  33. The SC2 portraits are damn tempting…

  34. I already bought it  8)

  35. artbook with more than 200 pages, SC2 decals and Diablo´s skull? Im in

  36. It looks like Demon Huntards get the wings for free through an active skill although of a different color. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/class/demon-hunter/active/shadow-power
    You can see someone popping them on the shaky cam PVP footage posted a few days ago. http://diablo.incgamers.com/blog/comments/ninja-team-deathmatch-pvp-videos

  37. “Enjoy over an hour of interviews detailing how the world of Sanctuary came together”

    That sounds underwhelming. I mean for god’s sake a single panel took 45 minutes at Blizzcon. How much can they really cover in “over an hour”? And is bluray justified for such a short length?

  38. I was thinking of getting CE long before it was actually announced – mostly for the art book and “Behind the scenes” dvd. The wings look cool though and will be a nice bonus. Since all Blizzard CE titles will now have something for the Diablo 3 I was thinking what it might be in “The Heart of the Swarm” CE box. Queen of the Blades “wings”? That would be RAD! 😀

  39. ce looking good to me, as others said already though i don’t need wow stuff in a diablo game. About those wings ? well i am still envious when i see the collectors dance in guild wars!

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