Diablo III Chat Channels and Guild Support

Bashiok replied to a question about Diablo III’s chat channels and clan support with some new info.

Chat channels are in, and working. They’re more like the Diablo II IRC style than the individual chat windows like StarCraft II has.

Having ways for friends and acquaintances to create social groups has been in the long term plans of the new Battle.net for some time. Whether they’re called clans or not is a smaller detail. It’s just getting the time to work on adding in those types of want-to-have features. Almost assuredly not for the launch of the game, but hopefully at some point in the future.

Interesting that the guild people finally get thrown a bone. I’d expect the guild support to be something based off of the Friends List, maybe just another way to sort the names on your list. Hopefully it’ll be more than that, of course — perhaps a way to share guild stash space or a bank account? At any rate, it’s nice that they’re still considering supporting guilds, even if they didn’t prioritize it enough to get it into the initial release.

What would you guys want for guild support, at a minimum and in a best case scenario?

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13 thoughts on “Diablo III Chat Channels and Guild Support

  1. Guild chat is a MUST
    Guild match-making a MUST
    Banks of varying kinds would be nice
    Guild PVP would be NICE!!!
    Guild vendors might be interesting
    Guild halls might be interesting…

    • well i dont see banks coming, i think it would be cheesy. i guess people would just found guilds to extent there personal treasure box 😛
      Guild halls – i never understood “guildhalls” or ” housing” in online games … i really dont see any logical reason, maybe sims would be the better solution for those people who want it 😮 ?
      but everything else seems identical to the friendlist features. thus they are probably no problem – the guild or clan will most likely just be an extension of your friendlist.
      i hope the space for friends and the blacklist for ignores is bigger than in Sc2 though :p

      • Guild hall/housing is just like any other vanity item.  People like them because they’re cool to look at. What’s not to understand? In D3 I imagine they might facilitate trading between members, there could be some specialty vendors there.
        Friends lists / ignore lists are probably going to be more of a function of battle net and I wouldn’t expect them to be bigger than SC.

  2. The important question remains: Do we see the actual charactars with gear equiped in chatchannels just like D2?

  3. I imagine it will be a seperate “friends list” where everyone in the clan is listed. You’ll be able to start a party and right-click invite them from the list window and head into either a PvP game or PvE game. I don’t think there will be any sort of bank or stash for these clans though.
    I’m not entirely sure of the chat channels for these clans, nor am I familiar with how “IRC” works so can’t say much about it.

  4. There has to be guild chat and there must be an option to turn it off because sometimes I like to solo without any messages at all.
    A guild PVP ladder ranking would also be nice with guild vs guild PVP and matchmaking.
    Guild halls like in Guild Wars could be interesting and this could make a huge gold sink.
    It should cost some gold to start the guild as a bit of a gold sink, but not nearly as much as a guild hall.
    In game voice chat would be nice for guilds.
    A guild emblem or tag for chat rooms.
    A premium artisan for all of the guild to contribute to in the guild hall could be interesting.
    A guild stash where many can donate to would be nice.  Items and gold could be given away as fun prizes for doing things for the guild.
    A way for Blizzard to make money would be if they sold world announcement items that guilds can use like in some F2P MMORPGs.  Maybe the whole region is too big for this but it is fine for the size of realms in MMORPGs.  Guilds could announce accomplishments for all to see.  This may fit MMORPGs better but it could work.
    A guild cape like in Guild Wars that can be turned on or off might be interesting with a guild’s custom emblem.
    Some type of bulletin board in the guild hall would be nice to see guild announcements.
    There should be a way to make leader/founder, then co leaders, then veteran members, then members, and even an option for new trial members. The higher rank you are the more power you have in the guild such as removing members.
    It would be nice if a guild had its own banner for guild accomplishments.

  5. I want a guild hall where we can walk around and talk to each other “in person”. Show off the gear and so on.

    • You don’t see the point of having a steady and reliable group of friends to adventure through the game with?  A guild is just another way to organize and manage that, by finding people whose primary connection is a shared interest in the game, and then creating a structure within which they play.

  6. This is disappointing, and something of a surprise.  I would think it would be easy to create a WoW-type guild management system, where there is a guild list that the guild leaders can manage, and a guild chat that works across different instances of the game.

    Also, if this is true, and it’s also true that only letters can be in guild names, then the only way to identify a character as belonging to a guild is to slap plain letters on the end, as in SentariusHKW. Sort of ugly.

  7. I don’t see the need for many Guild features. As long as I can easily identify and chat with my friends or guildies from WoW I’d be happy.

  8. Hmm, this intrigues me. I hope this IRC’esque chat are like the old chat channels of past. I love having a full windowed chat channel and was always bummed out that SC2 didn’t have one. And when they did come out with chat channels, it was dinky little chat channel windows… (I still have no clue why they’re so small by default and why they don’t have a dedicated screen for chat).

    • Frozen Synapse has a simple and elegant solution to this: The chat system _is_ IRC.

      It works in game, and it works with a standard IRC client (that might be on a laptop next to your gaming rig).

      Perfect solution, and they didn’t have to write a line of code to implement it. (Open FTW).

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