Bashiok replied to a question about Diablo III’s chat channels and clan support with some new info.

    Chat channels are in, and working. They’re more like the Diablo II IRC style than the individual chat windows like StarCraft II has.

    Having ways for friends and acquaintances to create social groups has been in the long term plans of the new Battle.net for some time. Whether they’re called clans or not is a smaller detail. It’s just getting the time to work on adding in those types of want-to-have features. Almost assuredly not for the launch of the game, but hopefully at some point in the future.

    Interesting that the guild people finally get thrown a bone. I’d expect the guild support to be something based off of the Friends List, maybe just another way to sort the names on your list. Hopefully it’ll be more than that, of course — perhaps a way to share guild stash space or a bank account? At any rate, it’s nice that they’re still considering supporting guilds, even if they didn’t prioritize it enough to get it into the initial release.

    What would you guys want for guild support, at a minimum and in a best case scenario?

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