murloc-blizzcon2015-border-bigA fan spotted another player who had the Blizzcon 2015 virtual goodies already displaying on his character, on the live US realm. Speculation is that it’s a Blizzard employee, or possibly a bug let someone who purchased the Digital Ticket access their loot in advance?

    At any rate, while the digital goodie bag items are not yet displayed on the Blizzcon 2015 Virtual Ticket page, we saw some of them datamined weeks ago, and promptly set to talking ourselves into their aquatic-theme hinting at a Skovos expansion announcement tie in.

    In addition to that nifty Blizzcon-themed Murloc Treasure Goblin, (not yet seen in-game) there’s a new Murloc-looking character profile border, which is what you can see in-game, in these screenshots. Also seen in the datamining is a new Banner enabled by Blizzcon 2015 goodie bag, which you can see in the screen below.

    Diablo III Blizzcon Virtual Goodies Already Live? Click through to revisit the datamined video showing off the other Blizzcon 2015 goodies and that mysterious aquatic-reskinned troop carrier demon worm.

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