With the show opening tomorrow morning, here’s a reminder of the official Diablo 3 content to be found at the Anaheim CC this year. Diablo III @ Blizzcon 2015 Schedule:

    Blood and Treasure—New Content and Features for Reaper of Souls
    Prime real estate!

    Prime real estate!

    See what’s on the way in Diablo III’s next patch! Join us as Lead Designer Kevin Martens, Senior Technical Game Designer Wyatt Cheng, Senior Game Designer Joe Shely, and Senior Level Designer Matthew Berger reveal the exciting changes that await nephalem in our next patch!

  • What: A first look at upcoming feature content, including updated sets, the all-new set dungeons, new Legendary items, stash space, and more.
  • When: Friday, November 6 from 3:30pm to 4:30pm PST.
  • Where: Panel Stage, Hall A
  • Slaughtered Calf Inn
    Stay awhile and listen to the Diablo development team at the Slaughtered Calf Inn as they deliver a series of quick talks about Diablo III!

  • What: Hang out, chat, and listen to developers to get the inside scoop on Diablo III .
  • When: You can come by and hang out anytime, but we’ll also have a schedule of quick talks available at Blizzcon to help you plan ahead. (We’ll add a quick talk schedule to this section when available.)
  • Where: Inside the Darkmoon Faire, Hall A
  • I wasn’t able to attend the show this year because RL work, (Bliz was nice enough to delay the D3X2 reveal when they heard I couldn’t make it) but we’ve got our regular podcast guests/contributors Wolfpaq, Tyr, and Monstrous at the show, and they all promise to check in with regular updates on what’s going on, while they use our press passes to cut to the front of the Overwatch demo line haunt the Slaughtered Calf Inn for tidbits straight from the mouths of the devs. We should have first hand updates from those guys and at least one podcast this weekend. It’ll almost be like you’re there yourself, aside from the occasional whiff of uncontrolled body odor.

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