Diablo III Beta Patch 5: Readme.txt

Here are the full patch readme notes, straight from the client as my download continues. They are quite lengthy with major skill changes for every character, new monster features, general gameplay changes galore, a Nephalem Altar required to respec skills, and much more.

The list is huge, click through to read it all.

Diablo III Beta Patch 5 – v.0.3.1. 7728

All characters have been wiped. As part of this process, artisans, gold, and items (including those placed on the auction house or in a shared stash) have also been reset.

Switching out class skills will now require the use of a new feature known as the DiabloWikiNephalem Altar. Nephalem Altars are currently located in New Tristram, as well as in key locations throughout Act I. Clicking on an altar will open up the skill UI, allowing both active and passive skills to be selected or exchanged.

Gold rewarded from quests has been significantly reduced.

Experience rewarded from quests after level 4 is now based on the number of mobs you’d have to kill to earn the same amount of experience, rather than being a strict percentage of a level


New passive skills have been added for all classes. See individual class notes below for more information.

DiabloWikiAoE (Area of Effect) skills for all classes have had their damage reduced.

Single-target skills for all classes have had their damage increased.

All skills are now based off weapon damage.

User Interface

The in-game UI has been updated with general art and usability improvements


Active Skills:
The Barbarian’s DiabloWikiFury Generators have received a tuning pass. DiabloWikiBash, DiabloWikiCleave, and DiabloWikiFrenzy now generate more Fury whereas the other Fury Generators now generate less.

Additional changes include:
DiabloWikiBattle Rage: Damage bonus reduced from 30% to 20%
DiabloWikiRevenge: The chance for this ability to activate has been increased from 10% to 15%
DiabloWikiWeapon Throw: Fury cost reduced from 20 to 10. Damage decreased from 210% to 180%

Passive Skills
New passive skills have been added:
DiabloWikiNerves of Steel: Unlocked at level 12. Your defense is increased by 25% of your Vitality.

Demon Hunter

Maximum DiabloWikiHatred reduced from 150 to 125.

Active Skills
The order in which skills are awarded has been adjusted for levels 1 to 13.

Resource management for the Demon Hunter has been reworked significantly. Skills for the class now fall into the three categories: Hatred Generators, Hatred Spenders, and Discipline Spenders.

Hatred Generators
DiabloWikiBola Shot: Generates 2 Hatred
DiabloWikiEntangling Shot: Generates 4 Hatred
DiabloWikiEvasive Fire: Generates 4 Hatred*
DiabloWikiGrenades: Generates 2 Hatred
DiabloWikiImpale: Generates 6 Hatred

Hatred Spenders
DiabloWikiChakram: Costs 10 Hatred
DiabloWikiElemental Arrow: Costs 5 Hatred
DiabloWikiHungering Arrow: Costs 10 Hatred
DiabloWikiRapid Fire: Costs 30 Hatred (initially) and 1.5 Hatred per second for each additional shot

Discipline Spenders
DiabloWikiCaltrops: Costs 8 Discipline.
DiabloWikiShadow Power: Costs 20 Discipline.
DiabloWikiVault: Costs 10 Discipline.
DiabloWikiEvasive Fire: Costs 4 Discipline to Backflip.

Additional changes include:
DiabloWikiBola Shot: On-hit damage increased from 100% to 105%.
DiabloWikiChakram: Damage reduced from 150% to 135%.
DiabloWikiGrenades: Damage increased from 75% to 80%.
DiabloWikiHungering Arrow: Damage increased from 115% to 145%. Pierce chance is once again a fixed 35% rather than scaling with level.
DiabloWikiImpale: Impale has been given a new spell effect. It is now a thrown dagger instead of a bow shot.
DiabloWikiRapid Fire: Damage increased from 35% weapon damage per shot to 38% weapon damage per shot.
DiabloWikiShadow Power: Attack speed bonus reduced from 50% to 30%.

Passive Skills
New passive skills have been added:

DiabloWikiTactical Advantage: Unlocked at level 10.
Whenever you use Vault, Smokescreen, or backflip with Evasive Fire you gain 60% movement speed for 2 seconds


Active Skills

All Mantras now have a 15 second cooldown and grant a bonus effect for the first 3 seconds after activation

Additional changes include:
DiabloWikiBlinding Flash: Spirit cost reduced from 50 to 30. Duration reduced from 5 second to 3 seconds
DiabloWikiBreath of Heaven: Spirit cost reduced from 75 to 25. Healing amount reduced.
DiabloWikiCrippling Wave: Damage increased from 120% to 135%
DiabloWikiDeadly Reach: Damage increased from 110% to 120%
DiabloWikiFists of Thunder: Damage increased from 100% to 120%
DiabloWikiLashing Tail Kick: Spirit cost increased from 25 to 30. Damage increased from 130% to 180%

Passive Skills
DiabloWikiTranscendence: Healing per Spirit reduced

Witch Doctor

Active Skills

All Witch Doctor skills now do damage based on your weapon damage and cast at a speed based on your weapon attack speed.

Passive skills
New passive skills have been added:

DiabloWikiCircle of Life
Unlocked at level 12
Whenever an enemy dies within 12 yards there is a 5% chance that a Zombie dog will automatically emerge

DiabloWikiJungle Fortitude
Unlocked at level 10
Reduces all damage taken by you and your pets by 20%


Active Skills
The order in which skills are awarded from levels 6 to 13 has been adjusted. Players will now unlock offensive and defensive spells in an alternating order.

All Wizard skills now do damage based on your weapon damage and cast at a speed based on your weapon attack speed.

Passive Skills
New passive skills have been added:

DiabloWikiCritical Mass
Unlocked at level 12
Your critical hits reduce the cooldown of your spells by 1 second



DiabloWikiGuardian: Ability now unlocks at level 20, instead of level 5

DiabloWikiHeal: Healing provided by this ability will now scale properly. When activated, ability will heal you for ¼ of your total health every 15 seconds. Will only heal when player is below 50% health, down from 67%

DiabloWikiIntimidate: Slow amount reduced from 80% to 50%

DiabloWikiIntervene: Intervene is the new name for Taunt, and now unlocks at level 5. Radius of monsters to be taunted reduced from 30 to 10 yards. Duration reduced from 10 seconds to 5 seconds. Will now only cast when player is below 50%. Cooldown increased from 15 seconds to 30 seconds

DiabloWikiLoyalty: Life regenerated by this ability will now scale properly


Players now start with 5 health potions

Health globes now heal you over 1.5 seconds rather than over 5 seconds.

The number of chests, shrines, and other interactable items (e.g. bookcases and loose stones) has been greatly reduced across the entire game

Items sold from vendors will now be at least one item level lower than those that are currently available to a player via drops from monsters

The level of an item is now much more likely to match or be close to the level of the monster from which it dropped, and the affixes that appear are much more likely to be from the upper range


Several significant changes have been made to weapons and weapon damage affixes:

The damage bonus granted to two-handed weapons over one-handed weapons has been reduced from 15%-38% from level 1-60 to 13%-32%.

DiabloWikiWands attack speed has been increased from 1.2 to 1.4

DiabloWikiQuivers, DiabloWikiOrbs, and DiabloWikiMojos will now always come with +Min/Max damage

DiabloWikiCeremonial Daggers will now frequently come with +Mana Regen.

Wands will now frequently come with the +Max Arcane Power.

The amount of inherent slow granted by cold weapons has been reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second.

One-handed crossbows and daggers now pull from a separate pool of affixes for + damage.

The damage variance between weapons of the same type has been reduced.

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue that was causing two-handed Monk combat staves to not receive the proper damage bonus



A new DiabloWikiMortar affix has been added to the game. Mortar monsters will lob grenades at enemies outside melee range.

Lightning bolt damage from DiabloWikiElectrified-enchanted monsters has been reduced by 40%.

Monsters that are enchanted to an element (DiabloWikiMolten, Electrified, etc.) now correctly have 50% resistance to their chosen element. Ex: Molten monsters will have 50% damage resistance to Fire at equal level.

DiabloWikiWretched Mothers in Act I can now only summon one zombie at a time

DiabloWikiTreasure Goblins are now immune to fear


DiabloWikiSkeleton King
Whirlwind damage increased from 100% to 300%.
Cleave damage increased from 80% to 100%.



Blacksmiths now start with a Fist weapon and a Dagger weapon option to craft.

Blacksmith leveling and crafting recipes have received a tuning pass.

Pages of Training will now drop starting at level 6, down from level 8.

The chance for Magic and Rare items to salvage into higher quality crafting material has been increased from 1% to 5%.

Salvaging blue items now has a 1% chance to salvage into Legendary crafting material

Tons of changes, and it will be interesting to hear testers tonight and tomorrow, as the first reports come in. If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to do some investigation myself.

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    62 thoughts on “Diablo III Beta Patch 5: Readme.txt

    1. I would just like to say that, I have never updated a game that I have never played more then I have for D3 beta.  I have had the beta instaled the day after the client was found yet I may never get to play the beta.  I might have to sign myself up for some kind of AA meeting or something.

      PS: This is not the same build as the one from Blizzcon

      • Definitely not.  The Mantras at Blizzcon still had a 30sec cooldown and in the PvP demo transcendence was still the original 42.6hp per spirit.

      • Since they pushed the release, there are time to add in other stuff. And its not like they can’t work on both better balance and battle.net stress testing at the same time. 😉

      • Patch procedures are a part of how battle.net has to operate. Making sure that a patch can be released without a hitch is pretty important. Besides, “primarily” doesn’t mean “only”.

      • I took a bunch while playing a wizard, and will post later tonight.

        The UI isn’t new; what’s new is that you get lots of noob-friendly tool tip pop ups notifying you when you have skill point, passive skill, are in town, have a new item, etc. You get blitzed with them until about clvl 4 by whcih time you’ve seen most of them.

    2. I was hoping they could give crafted items a fixed level. It’s really annoying that you don’t know the level of the item before you’ve spent lots of gold and crafting materials.

      IE you level up your blacksmith and see you can craft this really great item, but when you’ve crafted it you realize that it’s level requirement is 14, and the character level cap in the beta is 13.

      But I guess that’s not a problem in the real game, because then you’d just level up and be able to use it.

      • If D3´s system is the same or similiar to the system in D2, then level req on items is actually dependant on level of the highest level mod that has spawned on the item, and highest level mod can have is the level of monster that dropped the item. Since all crafting items have one or more random mod, if, again if, the system works the same way it did in D2, then that is what is probably affecting the level req of your items.

    3. “The number of chests, shrines, and other interactable items (e.g. bookcases and loose stones) has been greatly reduced across the entire game”
      Hey, let’s not get carried away now!

      • There aren’t that many fewer chests, but the clickables are way down. Far fewer tree stumps, loose stones, etc. Whcih isn’t a bad change; they’re still there, but you don’t have one every screen, since 95% of them dropped nothing worth picking up anyway.

        • Well TBH if the drops per zone from clickables is about the same then it a change for the better.

    4. Well, I guess what a lot of people are wondering is whether significantly more invites are going out now that the patch is out.

      • > significantly more invites

        Like 10 new invites? It would be already significantly more, right now.

      • i highly doubt it.
        none of us know how many beta players there even are.  people keep trying to judge it by the number of public games which is going to be completely inaccurate since no one plays public games.  A patch this size, if I were a dev on that team..I’d want to be testing the server infrastructure amongst existing beta players only…just to make sure that the server distributes the patch efficiently.   (that is assuming the # of beta players is reasonably large by now and that enough of them try to update within a given time period)
        maybe once the patch has gone out to 75% or so of the existing beta players, then maybe I’d want to throw out a few more thousand invites. but that is up to the server team.

      • As a note, the Nephalem Altars are scattered throughout the world, so it is not 100% necessary to use it in town. I came across one on the 1st level of Tristram Cathedral.

    5. “The number of chests, shrines, and other interactable items (e.g. bookcases and loose stones) has been greatly reduced across the entire game”

      Is this a good thing or a bad thing? (can a beta player let us know?)

      I would have thought that this would be a bad thing, but maybe (hopefully) I’m missing something (like it was getting annoying having to click on everything, etc).

      • They were a bit excessive before, which lessened their charm/thrill. I really noticed when I found a chest playing after the patch. I think the drops might need to be turned up though, since the chests were coughing up like 1 gold stack and a white item, which made the thrill go away quickly.

    6. At first glance, I dislike the lowering of item level from vendors, the raising of item level from mobs, the reduction in chest (etc.) drops, and the narrowing of the variance among items of the same type. Diablo games are about sorting through mountains of loot, and it sounds like they’re trying to make the game have less but more valuable loot.

      • I think they are trying to emphasize item acquisition through questing and fighting monsters vs. hanging around town or running through levels just opening chests.  They want people to play through the whole game.
        In general I support this.  As a ‘completionist’ by nature, I like to explore and do everything.  However, the sheer number of afixes in Diablo games makes finding weapon upgrades from monster drops unlikely.  So in DII, it was nice (in Normal & Nightmare at least) to be able to keeping hitting vendors periodically until you got a simple blue weapon of your choice with the cruel prefix.  As opposed to the “+3 light radius, +2-3 fire damage, +10% more gold” blues & yellows you’d find from monsters.

        PS: I realize some people reading this are thinking

        “What? Who got items like that? When I’d make a new character, I’d just twink it with a bunch of uniques from my MF sorc”

        But not everyone likes to play that way.

    7. “The damage bonus granted to two-handed weapons over one-handed weapons has been reduced from 15%-38% from level 1-60 to 13%-32%.”
      Orbs, and Mojos will now always come with +Min/Max damage”
      Seems like there is little doubt that a 1h/oh combo will be better than a 2h weap for casters

    8. Since I haven’t got a chance to play the beta, I have no idea if any of these changes are any good, or not. The one that hit me as weird was the reduction in attack speed for the DH. Wasn’t everyone complaining that comparatively they sucked anyways? Or is the reduction in some of the damage for some of the other classes balancing this out? Meow?

      P.S. Is it me or did they give the WD a 20% reduction of ALL DAMAGE at level 10? Isn’t that a bit… You know… ridiculous? I mean Monk gets his super resists aka One With Everything at lvl 28 and the WD gets 20% damage reduction at 10? Meow.

    9. “All skills are now based off weapon damage.”

      Really not sure what I think of this. Not in the beta however, how far can things be simplified?

      • Really not sure what I think of this.

        Same here.  It obviously makes it easy for them to have spell damage scale up across 4 difficulties, which is no small feat.  It also makes it easier to balance DPS somewhat across the classes.  One class underpowered?  Just boost damage on their weapon types…

        But it just runs counter to my expectations.  How do you make your lightning more powerful?  Pour skill points into … err … get a more sparkly wand?

        • But it just runs counter to my expectations.  How do you make your lightning more powerful?  Pour skill points into … err … get a more sparkly wand?
          Actually, I think this is a great change.  Almost every fantasy based game out there has the following problem.
          — At lower levels, casters are over powered compared to melee classes.  All the caster needs to do to get more powerful is gain a level/skill/whatever.  The melee character needs to find that shiny weapon with the right combination of damage, speed, etc.
          — Once max level/skill level has been reached, the caster stagnates in terms of killing power.  You damaging skills are maxed out, so there’s nothing to improve.  But as better legendary items are introduced and found, better rares are crafted, melee power keeps increasing.
          Making both casters and melee care about their weapons isn’t just to make casters feel more excited about getting shiny wands.  It prevents the “if you want to MF, just run a wizard/witch doctor–casters don’t care about items as much” problem.

          • Your analogy is great, except it’s not applicable to the Diablo games, where casters have usually been more powerful, since spells were very damaging, could be used from more safety, and weren’t weapon-dependent, freeing casters up to focus on MF and other beneficial stats.

      • Skill effectiveness being based off of something that scales is at least better than static values. There are several skills still not showing a link to a scaling factor, which makes me wonder if they will be obsolete in the higher difficulties. For example, will the +126 attack bonus per target for soul harvest really make an impact on damage (justifying it being one of six active skills) in inferno? Or transcendence for the monk, that was just reduced in healing? Does the damage from zombie dogs scale at all or is that static? Mystic Ally for the monk is also still showing static values on the skill calculator.

        I’m sure there are many other skills and rune effects (that are probably destined to be obsolete compared to the percentage based skills). I guess there is always gear, but now that supposedly every stat is important to everyone, that kind of makes me wonder if heavy specialization will be effective for inferno.

    10. I don’t like quite a few changes, mostly because they are already making some skills semi-useless.
      For example a 3 second blind is pretty weak, 5 seconds was already pretty low. Cold duration down to 1 second from 3 seconds is also another example of this. Already making the game easier, for example Wretched Mothers can only spawn 1 zombie at a time now (how underwhelming).
      Less chests is just annoying… there was a ton of them in Diablo 2 and people still ignored them. They usually have decent drops so I like having a lot around.
      I thought they would wait a few months after release to start degrading abilities/things/monsters they can’t balance into the abyss of uselessness… Granted they didn’t do a lot of destroying skills but we all know how this works. It’s a progressive change that will keep slowly draining away at everything awesome in the game until everything is a nice, bland balance.

      • Yeah I know what you mean. Maybe things like nerfing the Wretched Mothers is because maybe in nightmare they spawn 2, hell 3 and inferno 4 at a time or something. The fact that they seem to be doing more balancing in inferno and what not lately seems to suggest that that might be the reason for the nerf… maybe…. hopefully.

      • Rayd- you’r wrong on this one.  Though I agree a 3 second blind is pretty weak, to the point where the (imho) most desirable rune stone becomes a bit of a joke (blind and confused- now they’ll barely even have time to get to each other… grumble grumble), the reduction in that one and the breath of heaven aren’t nerfs per se.  They are the same spirit cost per effect (in this case still 10 spirit/ sec blind), it’s just that you don’t have to have so much spirit stockpiled to use them, making them usable in more varied situations.  Now they are more viable “panic buttons”, you don’t overspend spirit as often (what use is a 5 sec blind on a group of baddies that are dead in 2 or 3 seconds, and who wants to spend 75 spirit to recover 7k hp when they’re only down 3k hp?), etc.  Less chests doesn’t mean no chests.  And per Flux, it’s not so much less chests as less dead bodies, loose piles of stones, etc.  Which, let’s be honest, has almost no impact on anything.  The only true “nerf” was to cold damage.  Which was probably because everyone was favoring that damage type, and could have been fixed in a more interesting fashion.

    11. I think theres a bit of skill animation changes as well.  I saw a little difference in some of the skills, i could be wrong tho.

      • I agree that the alter feels out of place in its location.  What are you going to do pack it up and move it with you when every you have a new base camp?
        Honestly, they should just use the Waypoints as the means to respec. This way you don’t have to go back to town if your close to one, and it doesn’t add anything to an already design space.

        • I think the idea with the altar was to not have your group held up because you are fubaring your way through the skill interface in the middle of a dungeon.  I know I get pissed in WoW when people go thumbing through the UI in a dungeon.
          Let’s not go overboard on the realism “pack it up and move it every time you have a new base camp”, otherwise we would be saying “what is up with these characters carrying (in their inventory) 2780 lbs of armor , 8 weapons, a salvage cube, 100lbs of gold, and a small briefcase full of runes?”  See how bumpy this road gets?

        • They’re more like the old Horadrim waypoint teleporters. Ancient mystical artifacts that can be used by the heroic folks.

        • The name is fine, but it doesn’t look like an altar… that thing looks more like a miniature obelisk… altars are more like tables… also it is really flashy for being in some random little town… are they going to have Cain set it up? It would make more sense that way instead of it just being some random magical thing they built New Tristram around…

    12. I am glad they changed the DH’s Impale to a non-bow/crossbow-dependent skill.  It makes a bow-less DH build more viable.  Cant wait to see the visuals!

      • how do u know any DH skill needs ranged weapons? sure: it would make sense, but who knows.. someone test it plz?

      • I’m not… throwing a knife sounds so bland compared to that mini explosion effect coming off your crossbow and driving a bolt far into a big demons head…

          • Yeah I saw a video of it after I posted that comment… I still think it’s kind of bland… I like the missle art of the spinning blade and how it sticks into the monsters after it’s hit but it still doesn’t convey the power that the old effect did… and what’s with that sparkly purple flash for the impact effect? It doesn’t really fit the dh at all… I’m hoping that part is placeholder… 😕

        • u ever threw grenades without a ranged weapon? hm? no u did not! so test it if u have a key… i dont have one.. u think i like begging people to test things for me and get ignored?

    13. Now that they released their big patch I hope they give thousands of beta keys to Game Stop, Amazon, etc now to give to people who pre-ordered the collectors edition, and the regular edition…

    14. “The level of an item is now much more likely to match or be close to the level of the monster from which it dropped, and the affixes that appear are much more likely to be from the upper range”
      The second part sounds bad, but maybe they changed the chance of getting high end range affixes from 0.1% to 1% (a ten fold increase!) I wonder if Blizzard would ever give out the odds on their item spawn mechanics. Vegas gives you the odds and payout for every table game they’ve got.

    15. Did they fix that skill cancelling thing? You know where you could cast magic missile then immediately cast electrocute almost at the same time? Or was that already patched?

    16. “Health globes now heal you over 1.5 seconds rather than over 5 seconds.”
      wow fast healing with health orbs.. 1.5sec that’ll be nuts in
      PvP even though it’ll probly heal the same amount, quicker gratification for healing

    17. Hm… it looks like they decided to not add that witch doctor passive that gave a small chance to spawn fetishes with each spell cast… in fact they hardly changed wd’s at all…

      Liking the sound of that new wizard passive, but I wonder if it’s worth taking over Evocation? I guess maybe if you have tons of precision and a fast weapon…

    18. Actually it’s been the complete opposite for D1 and D2. Casters were always weak to start off with because their skills were underpowered like everyone else and they couldn’t equip big bad swords to bash monsters with due to attribute limitations/weapon requirements. It wasn’t until the later levels when casters unlocked their powerful skills that they were able to wreck havoc, and by that point, caster damage and versatility (teleport, greater AOE) always trumped melee abilities.

      (my reply was to timesink btw)

    19. Experience rewarded from quests after level 4 is now based on the number of mobs you’d have to kill to earn the same amount of experience, rather than being a strict percentage of a level

      Erhm…. Say what?

      I don’t get the bolded part. Does it make sense to those who’ve played the beta?

      • Could possibly mean they… (“the system”) figures out approx. what and how many mobs you will encounter when running through a particular quest and the xp given by said monsters at your current level, and then gives you quest completion xp based on that instead of a level percentage?…

        Or, it could actually add up the xp you got while doing quest (A) and give you the same exact XP upon that quests completion?… Dunno exactly.

        Did anyone notice the 300% insta-kill whirlwind the Skeleton King inherited? 🙂

    20. [Quote]The level of an item is now much more likely to match or be close to the level of the monster from which it dropped, and the affixes that appear are much more likely to be from the upper range [/Quote]

      I think they should not do this. They are making this game much easier.

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