Diablo III Beta Patch 17

With the announcement that the beta will invariably come to a close on May 1st, we also have news of another, and possible the last, patch for the DiabloWikiDiablo III beta.

We’re currently in the process of preparing the next beta patch for release. As part of this patch, we’ll be wiping all characters. Items, auctions, artisans, followers, and friends lists will also be wiped, and your Beta Buck balance will be reset to 50.

While we do not have a precise ETA for when Beta Patch 17 will go live, we expect downtime to deploy the patch to be minimal. Please stay tuned to this thread for updates.

Based on the success with the last patch, we can hope that we’ll see another smooth transition for patch 17. Perhaps we’ll even see the beta back online earlier than expected like patch 16. We’ll post details of the patch notes as they become available. I find it a bit interesting that this patch will also require a character wipe, which makes me curious about what this patch will bring to the beta.

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23 thoughts on “Diablo III Beta Patch 17

    • Kaydee usually posts all the articles that come available when I’m sleeping or in traffic on my way to work.

      • Better yet, the both of them being quick on the Bliz posts gives me far more time to sit back and sip silver tequila while contemplating wiki articles.

  1. Feels like such a short while since the last reset. Of course that’s partly due to me not playing very much in the patch 16 reset, but still.

    Edit: Just checked and it’s only been about a week since the last reset. Short period of time indeed.

  2. Random trivia: This will now match the number of patches the SC2 beta received at #17. SC2’s final patch was only 5 days before the end of the beta and 2 weeks before the game launched.

    Looks like Blizzard does not slack on the tweaking and continues to make adjustments till the 11th hour. So far, things have only gotten better in the beta and I’m looking forward to what these new changes might be.

    • I was a part of the SC2 beta, and if memory serves me correct, we had to wait almost a month from the end of the beta to release. 

      Nevertheless, I think Blizz is making some last minute testing and tweeks.  I don’t expect anything groundbreaking at this point (ie. skill rune changes or addition/subtraction of features). 

  3. I just got into the beta. It was added to my account. How long does it usual take before you can login?
    When I try to log in it says that my account doesn’t have a d3 beta license.
    After months of waiting I want to play arrrrrghhh.
    Damn Blizzard why do you torture me so much ?

    • You should be able to as soon as it’s added to your account. Sounds like you’ve got a bug, or else perhaps there are delays and technical problems from adding 275k testers recently.

    • I was surprised this one had another char wipe, especially after we saw how few changes in the text info. Maybe since there are 275k new testers they want to put everyone back on a level footing for a fresh start, and then see how things progress over the last 2 weeks? which classes are played the most, equipment is the most useful, etc. Give them a last burst of player testing info for their final tweaks and changes pre-release.

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