With the announcement that the beta will invariably come to a close on May 1st, we also have news of another, and possible the last, patch for the DiabloWikiDiablo III beta.

    We’re currently in the process of preparing the next beta patch for release. As part of this patch, we’ll be wiping all characters. Items, auctions, artisans, followers, and friends lists will also be wiped, and your Beta Buck balance will be reset to 50.

    While we do not have a precise ETA for when Beta Patch 17 will go live, we expect downtime to deploy the patch to be minimal. Please stay tuned to this thread for updates.

    Based on the success with the last patch, we can hope that we’ll see another smooth transition for patch 17. Perhaps we’ll even see the beta back online earlier than expected like patch 16. We’ll post details of the patch notes as they become available. I find it a bit interesting that this patch will also require a character wipe, which makes me curious about what this patch will bring to the beta.

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