Diablo III Beta Invites Flying? Start Date Unclear…

Well, perhaps not “flying” but they are apparently being sent out, at least to some key media sources. The lead editor at CNET says he has one, at least.

Diablo 3 beta invite just showed up. Any cardio routines out there that target your index finger? —richbcnet

This tells us nothing about when the beta might start; it’s not unusual for invites to go out well in advance of a beta test going live, but it’s kind of surprising in this case as Blizzard generally keeps these things pretty close to the vest. Thanks to Valerius for the tip.

In related news, Blizzard’s official Taiwanese D3 site posted the same “grow your Diablo beard” promotion that we posted about yesterday. The difference is that unlike the “do it for the fun of it” US site, they’re offering actual prizes; D3 beta slots!

As several of our Asian readers noted, the deadline for contest entries is September 16th. That might be an indication that the beta will not start (at least for Taiwan) until after Sept 16th. Or it might mean nothing at all; as we know Blizzard beta invites are sent out in waves, and nothing in the contest rules says that the bearded winners will get into the beta on day one.

So now what? I don’t know! Neither news item in this post really tells you anything definite about when the beta will or will not start. Sometimes it’s just like that; all we can do is pass along the news we find or that readers tip us off to; the ability to pull it together into a neat package isn’t always guaranteed.

Update #1: The (alleged) text of the email various media peoples have received:

Greetings from Blizzard Entertainment!

We’re gearing up for the forthcoming launch of Diablo III and would like to extend you an invitation to participate in the beta test. If you are interested in participating, you need to have a Battle.net account, which you can create on our Battle.net website.

Send us your Battle.net account login name and we will flag you for access to the Diablo III beta test when we begin admitting press. You do not need to go through the opt-in process. Please note that we do not currently have a date to announce for the start of the beta test.

There will be no NDA associated with the beta test, so you’re free to write and take screen shots or video as you please.

To secure your place among the first of Sanctuary’s heroes, we’ll need to have your Battle.net account login name by Tuesday, August 30.

Thanks and see you all in the Burning Hells!

Update #2: Bashiok has confirmed that these are legit.

We have begun early media and fansite outreach in preparation for the upcoming Diablo III beta test. The email they are receiving clearly states that we do not have a date to announce for the start of the beta test.

While we appreciate the interest in the beta test, we’d like to take this opportunity to caution everyone of potential phishing attempts or scams. Emails from Blizzard Entertainment will NEVER ask you for your password, and if you are selected for participation in the beta test, you won’t need to click any links in any corresponding email that you’d receive from us. When the time comes, players accepted into the beta test will be able to sign in to their account at www.Battle.net and see a Diablo III Beta license as one of their game licenses, as well as the ability to download the beta.

In order to be eligible to participate in the Diablo III beta test, you should set up a Beta Profile on your Battle.net account, by following these instructions.

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39 thoughts on “Diablo III Beta Invites Flying? Start Date Unclear…

    • Think of these mythological beta invites as a golden ticket.  Start buying chocolate bars, just don’t be greedy otherwise they will suck you up a tube or have orange people roll you away and if you behave and don’t complain, they just may give you one!  That or Bash is just sitting behind his desk with a list saying “No Beta for You!!!!” like a soup Nazi as he crosses out your name.

    • What you really want to say is that your excited but have trepidations that you might not get in to the beta.

      I really think with the kind of beta they have been talking about, if you per-order the game you will probably get into the beta at some point.

    • “Later tonight I’m going to have a ménage à trois with two gorgeous lesbian sisters”

      Sounds totally legit.

  1. About the 16th. They have indicated (or did they say it explicitly?) that the beta will be rolled out through the regions starting with the US, then EU and eventually the rest. The 16th could be when they are planning to roll out for TW/SEA

    • I seriously doubt it. The date is probably just for the contest itself and have nothing to do with beta. Contest beta key are never align with beta start date as far as Blizzard’s history going.

  2. I keep getting e-mails from “Blizzard News” every week or so and I go, “YES FINALLY”.  Then I click the e-mail and it’s Dairy Queen advertising their new Nutter Butter Blizzard 🙁 🙁

  3. The emails sent out purportedly say that the deadline for press to submit their bnet account info is the 30th, so the beta technically still hasn’t begun yet. So maybe there’s something happening on the first.

  4. To clarify, no date for D3 beta yet. Per email: (from known Blizz source), “send us your Bnet account name and we’ll flag for access.” #cnet

  5. So I did some research at BluesNews archives and put together the following timeline from Starcraft II’s recent foray into beta testing.

    A fansite confirms that there are press beta invites being sent out. Note the wording of the news here is ambiguous that this is the first sighting of a press key. The first might have actually happened the day before (1/25/2010).

    2/10/2010: +15 days
    Mike Morhaime announces at a Blizzard Activision quarterly meeting that the SC2 beta will start later that month (February)

    2/16/2010: +21 days
    Starcraft 2 Beta Forums go live. It should be mentioned that the forums we have for Diablo 3 are not the beta forums, they’re just the community forums. There is a seperate beta forum that goes out that only people with beta keys can post in.

    2/17/2010: +22 days
    Starcraft 2 Beta begins.


    So, with the above timeline, the SC2 beta started 3 weeks after press sites began receiving their beta invitation emails.

    This puts the current timeline for a D3 beta start at Friday September 16 2010.

    It is interesting to note that Diablo 3 IncGamers is reporting that the Taiwanese D3 Community site lists September 16th as the deadline to enter into the Diableard contest.


  6. I think people are slightly misinformed about these invites. These are NOT for the general public, but for the press. This is why the email asks the receiver to reply back with their bnet account before Aug 30th, it’s so that Blizzard can automatically enter the accounts into the beta. The same thing happened with SC2, the press invites were sent a good several weeks in advance.

    Beta invites for regular users usually have a link to the client attached, as well as the beta key used to add the beta to their accounts right in the email. For users who opted in, I believe the email is simply a notification informing them that the beta has been added to the account and is ready to use.

    • Yes, and press usually get exclusive time with betas that the public does not. It can be anywhere from 1-3 weeks with Blizzard.

  7. I got mine and i’m not even media.  Blizzard probably found out how I am the most commited Diablo gamer.

  8. Valeriu? Did Fmulder change his user name? 🙂
    And BTW, does anyone have the home address of the lead editor at CNET? I have something I need to discuss with him in private 😀

  9. No keys exist yet. Not even for the press.
    Don’t let the trolling give you a panic attack.

  10. May I ask a question have you ever recieved  a mail titled ? Diablo 3 Beta Test Unveiled? My friends (I’m from Turkey also) received this mail. But I didn’t . And this mean I may not select for Beta ?. Sorry for my bad english

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