Wolfpaq, a frequent contributor to The Diablo Podcast, got is first taste of the Diablo 3 Beta last week, and wrote up his quick reactions. It wasn’t his first Diablo 3 play time ever; he’d been to Blizzcon Blizzcon 2009 and 2010 (and he’ll be there again later this week), but this was his first chance to play Diablo 3 without rushing through everything while on the convention show floor.

    His initial report is short; but it’s worth a look. Here’s the start; click through for his opinions on the difficulty and overall level of polish.

    Wolfpaq’s Beta Impressions

    A friend of mine recently let me borrow his D3 beta account for a few nights. Now I’m sure you’re bored to death of typical first impressions so I’ll be brief.

    The beta is fun. The game rocks. The skills are for the most part incredibly fun to use, and it is easy to see how the full release will keep me occupied for years to come. Now, rather than bore you with details that you can see in any number of youtube vids & streams, I’m just going to comment on what I think are a couple impressions I see repeatedly that I disagree with.

    1) The game is too easy. It’s a joke.

    It’s 1/3rd of the first of four acts of the first of four difficulties. Yes it is easy. However, what a lot of people are basing this impression off of are the 3 second skeleton king kill, the wizard disintegrate video, barbarians hitting 200 dps, etc. Guys, the beta ends at a level 9 boss. These people have hit the cap @ 13. The gear they are wearing is way beyond what could possibly drop in game (crafted). I’ve gone through several times and the game feels right when you’re playing the areas you are meant to play. This is really not a fair criticism at all.

    2) The game is very polished.

    The game is not polished. I have experienced several bugs during my very limited playtime. There is literally text that says “This will be replaced with game data” that I have seen in more than one place. Lots of functionality doesn’t work consistently (skipping in game cut scenes, for example). Item vendors are broken (always selling the same thing every game). Auction house is incomplete. Exploits being found every day. There is definitely quite a bit of polishing that needs to be done.

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