Diablo III Beta Hands-On: Wolfpaq

Wolfpaq, a frequent contributor to The Diablo Podcast, got is first taste of the Diablo 3 Beta last week, and wrote up his quick reactions. It wasn’t his first Diablo 3 play time ever; he’d been to Blizzcon Blizzcon 2009 and 2010 (and he’ll be there again later this week), but this was his first chance to play Diablo 3 without rushing through everything while on the convention show floor.

His initial report is short; but it’s worth a look. Here’s the start; click through for his opinions on the difficulty and overall level of polish.

Wolfpaq’s Beta Impressions

A friend of mine recently let me borrow his D3 beta account for a few nights. Now I’m sure you’re bored to death of typical first impressions so I’ll be brief.

The beta is fun. The game rocks. The skills are for the most part incredibly fun to use, and it is easy to see how the full release will keep me occupied for years to come. Now, rather than bore you with details that you can see in any number of youtube vids & streams, I’m just going to comment on what I think are a couple impressions I see repeatedly that I disagree with.

1) The game is too easy. It’s a joke.

It’s 1/3rd of the first of four acts of the first of four difficulties. Yes it is easy. However, what a lot of people are basing this impression off of are the 3 second skeleton king kill, the wizard disintegrate video, barbarians hitting 200 dps, etc. Guys, the beta ends at a level 9 boss. These people have hit the cap @ 13. The gear they are wearing is way beyond what could possibly drop in game (crafted). I’ve gone through several times and the game feels right when you’re playing the areas you are meant to play. This is really not a fair criticism at all.

2) The game is very polished.

The game is not polished. I have experienced several bugs during my very limited playtime. There is literally text that says “This will be replaced with game data” that I have seen in more than one place. Lots of functionality doesn’t work consistently (skipping in game cut scenes, for example). Item vendors are broken (always selling the same thing every game). Auction house is incomplete. Exploits being found every day. There is definitely quite a bit of polishing that needs to be done.

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  1. the game is much more easy compared to the 1/3rd of the first act of diablo 2. your argument is invalid.
    the game is full of bugs, because blizzard wanted to just stress test the servers, haha, yeah

    • Cant tell if troll   o_O

    • Oxiurus, you are comparing two games created a decade apart. Even if you happened to be in the D2 beta, how can you say that you remember exactly how easier or harder the D2 beta was compared to the D3 beta. Besides that, do you think the devs care that the beta for D3 is easier or harder than the beta was for D2? If any argument is invalid it would be yours.

    • Laugh from what I heard & seen it about the same in terms of hardness. Though only way to really tell is get a ton of Diablo newbs and let them play both for the same amount of time (recommend the length of time is short than the D3 completion time) and compare deaths etc. Oh 1/2 of the newbs should start with D2 then rest with D3 to rule out stuff learnt in one effecting the other.

  2. “Item vendors are broken (always selling the same thing every game)”
    This could be the intended behavior. The devs may want players to use vendors as an last resort to acquire gear. Basically they would provide us with the absolute minimum amount and quality of gear required to progress in the game, so if we’ll get really unlucky drops we won’t have to use completely obsolete items. If this is indeed their intention, then the vendors’ supply should be fixed.

    • They could make vendors a “choice of last resort” but still have them sell randomized magic items.

      • The problem with randomized items would be that the devs couldn’t provide you with a baseline gear set. Of course, that may not be their goal at all. It all depends on what they want to achieve with the vendors.

      • If vendor items were randomized like drops, then if you got unlucky drops and needed some useable items, you could just as easily get unusably bad random vendor items. Therefore the vendor items should be fixed to prevent unluckiness from making parts of the game impossible (as some places should be without half-decent gear) or overly frustrating.

    • I mean… these were awful level 0 blues with really bad affixes.  Completely pointless.  By the time you walk past the vendor in the first place you’ve already found better gear… And they were still offering the exact same crappy blues at level 13.  I’d be willing to bet that when the game goes live these vendors sell random blues that scale with your level.

      • In my proposed system the Tristram vendors should provide equipment only for the neighboring areas. You wouldn’t need better items there now would you? And there are no horrible affixes when you’re naked. 🙂

        By the way, I’m not saying that the supply of vendors won’t be random or that Blizzard will implement my ideas. It’s just that the fixed vendor supplies didn’t strike me as an odd thing at all and I wanted to provide a possible explanation for it. We’ll see how they’ll work when the game gets released.

        • haha well yeah that’s true.  I guess I’m just hoping that they make it like the D2 vendors where it actually is good to check out their stock occasionally… I liked that.

    • Apparently everyone is getting the crafting system. That is one way for the vendors to sell random items since you would be breaking the crappy items down for materials anyways. So I see no problem with them selling basic items like this. Cant you add things to the items via another artisan? Apparently some people have forgotten that. I am not surprised people have since they arent in the beta.

  3. since they added inferno mode, there is nothing wrong with the game being easier on normal..
    everyone understands  that they are trying to make the game fun for the whole audience, not just the hardcore gamers..as long as its harder than D2’s hell on inferno its fine  😈

  4. I want the game to be hard as well, yeah – but not Diablo 2 ‘kill-player-with-2-million-off-screen-ranged-attackers’ hard. That’s no fun at all.

  5. There are tons of bugs already fixed by Blizzard but simply not in the betaclient.

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