Diablo III Beta Box Art Revealed

Doomscream pointed me to found on the European Battle.net server on MMO Champion, where they credit a fan for discovering the image you see to the right. This image can be found on the European Battle.net server, along with the other game box artworks that show up in your Battle.net account.

To make that clear; if you are accepted into the DiabloWikiDiablo III Beta test, you’ll see this icon on your Battle.net account, just as you now see box icons for WoW, Starcraft II, D2, etc. Whichever games are attached to your account.

This image doesn’t mean anything special; obviously it’s not the final game box art, and we knew Blizzard would have to create some sort of icon/image for this purpose, and we knew it would be online fairly soon… but it’s still damn shiny to look at. Also, soon!

Incidentally, just this afternoon I recorded a DiabloWikiDiablo Podcast with Exile and Neinball, during which we discussed all things beta. How to get into the test, how many people will test, how long it’ll run, when it will begin and end, what Blizzard is looking to try out, what the D2 and other past Blizzard tests were like, and much more. It should be online Monday, so check back for that.

In the meantime, you may use the comments to SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE over this box art, if you so desire.

Update: In comments, RisingRed and CherubDown pointed out small and large versions of what looks like a D3 desktop icon, also found on Battle.net. You see the image to the right.

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    © Jhonen Vasquez, used with permission

  2. You know…
    sign of Beta.

  3. To be honest, I wouldn’t be shocked if the retail box looks a lot like that.

    • I would. That would be kind of shoddy and cheap. :p

      But squeee and all that fun stuff. Exciting little image.

      • Actually, I really like this box art, and I think it would be badass if the game box looked like this.

        It has a very simple, ominous “open me and see…” feel about it.  A feeling the Diablo genre does very well.

  4. Me want D3 now after seeing this box! I will pay top dollar!
    I have waited 11 years and this news as of late you are posting is making me finally feel like the beta is coming soon.
    I have waited so long and I am starting to finally get old.  I was actually young when Diablo 2 came out though!
    I can’t imagine how I will finally feel when I actually see the Diablo 3 box in the store and purchase it. It may be the best day of my life. The game better not suck!

    • Even if the game fails to meet our increasingly lofty expectations….will it matter?
      The first time I hear Blizzard’s logo glowing to life, the first chords of the intro cinematic, the soon-to-be-all-too-familiar music of the character selection screen…
      It’s actually almost-kinda-coming!

  5. So was the guy who found the image already accepted into beta or something? Is it a placeholder image? Or just a bug?

    • I would call it a placeholder image, of sorts. I think it will show up in your Battle.net account if and when you are accepted into the beta, right alongside all the other box-art images of games that you own. The guy who found it probably isn’t accepted or anything, since we know no one has been accepted as the beta is still unannounced. He probably was just digging around in various directories on the B-net site and found it lurking there, as they’ve uploaded the file in advance.

    • I figured someone just got nosy and tried guessing at image titles and found it that way.  The URL is:


      However, now that I try sc2, wow, warcraft, war3, d2, etc, in that URL, instead of “d3” I don’t get any images found. So there’s no way someone just guessed it by common image nomenclature.

      Maybe a tip off from a friend who works at Bliz, or on the EU website team?


      • It’s s2 for StarCraft 2, star for SC Antology, d2dv for Diablo 2, d2xp for Diablo 2: LoD, war3 for War3, w3xp for War3:TFT, wowc for WoW, wowx1 for WoW:BC and so on.
        Adding -ce after game name will show you collector’s edition, you can try d3-ce-big.png, it’s and empty box.

      • There are also images for your homepage games list, like d2dv.png. And huge versions for gameshop page like d2dv-huge.jpg. d3.png and d3-huge.jpg are empty but they exist. I don’t think Blizz will add random proxy-images.
        I believe they need at least these placeholders to add Diablo 3 to battle.net as a product. And that should mean they’re ready to upload d3 beta on server.

  6. Just hoping i get an invite into the beta now! Pleeease :3 SQUEEEEEEEE

  7. Soooo are people all ready seeing this glorious box?

  8. anybody can make this box art, what’s the big deal?

    • It’s black and all red n’ stuff!
      Dont you see?
      Seriously, I like the box alot. Hope the real box art is similar. Just completly black with just a big red logo, and minimal white text on the backside.
      No selling qoutes, no screenshots, no nothing, “We don’t need to sell our game with images and cool qoutes, this is diablo 3, deal with it”
      what a geek I am. lol

  9. Best news I’ve had all month. squeeee!

  10. so this means that there will not be beta giveaways? Because the beta isn’t a key, it’s actual part of battle.net account? is that right?

    • SC2 and Cata were this way but fansites still got keys to give out for contests.  Doesn’t guarantee Blizz will give out some for D3, but there’s still a pretty good chance they will.

    • There’s still a key attached. 
      Blizzard isn’t very fond of people selling beta keys, so lately they’ve been automatically adding the beta key to accounts that get into betas instead of making you manually enter the key. But for giveaways and whatnot, they’ll still mail you one.

  11. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m in the UK? Or if it’s because the site has its makeover, but the site randomly doesn’t load or takes A LONG time to load? Just wondering if this is a known bug?

    But on topic, nice info, august 1’st has never seemed so nice.

  12. I don’t really care if I get in beta to be honest, because I never do. I’m pretty happy just to be able to see people stream it.

    • Booooooring, I can’t imagine many worse things than watching utter noobs play an awesome game, spamming the hell out of the same spell over and over again like we see in those gameplay vids from stupid conventions.

    • I’m sure there will be possibilities to play the beta, even if one did not “get in”. 🙂

      • pay 1000 dollars on ebay for a beta diablo3 invited battlenet account so you can get exclusive looks at a small part of probably only act 1, awwwwyeahh thumbs up!

  13. Alright! No subtitles/tag lines or w/e. We don’t need such baggage. EVERYONE knows what DIABLO with three claw marks means.

  14. 🙁

    I’ll never get to see that on my BNet account… I can’t complete the opt-in process. I says that it couldn’t send the data to the server. So no Beta’s for me :'(

    • The same thing happened to me. Delete the program that you downloaded to send in your system information, clear your internet cache, re-download the program and try again. I did this, and it allowed the information to be sent. Good luck!

  15. Wonder if they will do the beta for Mac at the same time as for PC. The StarCraft 2 beta for Mac was much later than for the PC. Safest choice is probably to opt in using PC hardware.


    One week till press event!  Though I still think we’ll get the Beta start date on the conference call.

  18. Oh boy. Just imagine you logging in battle.net after the conference and seeing this shiny little box in you game list. ME WANT BETA!!!


  20. Just one question, i got some messed up between when the press event and the conference call is.. can anyone enlighten me please! 🙂

    Hmmm…. is this the 1st time Blizzard has done a “box art” for one their beta games or this is just another Blizzard promo?

  22. Even if beta is announced your more likely to get syphilis then into beta that week.

  23. If I time my druid and barbarian play through wide enough, I could finish the barbarian real close to game launch and I will be ready for D3 completely. and since I plan to play with the barb as first D3 play through, there will be a sense of continuity.

  24. We shall bring the great box offerings!/SQUEEEE

  25. I can’t wait until this game is published. I hope the Release of diablo 3 is this year!!! 😉

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