Diablo III Becomes Fastest-Selling PC Game Ever

I am not surprised when I see the numbers at all. My guess was that Diablo 3 would sell at least 4 million copies day 1 so I was not that wrong in my prediction. In the first day Blizzard sold 3.5 million copies of Diablo 3 and this did not include the WoW Annual pass with its 1.2 million subscribers. One week later and there are more than 6.3 million people playing Diablo 3 and it is still growing. The game placed itself as the fastest selling PC game ever and Amazon’s most pre ordered PC game ever.

“We’re definitely thrilled that so many people around the world were excited to pick up their copy of Diablo III and jump in the moment it went live,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “We also regret that our preparations were not enough to ensure everyone had a seamless experience when they did so. I want to reaffirm our commitment to make sure the millions of Diablo III players out there have a great experience with the game moving forward, and I also want to thank them for their ongoing support.”

“Regarding today’s announcement, we recognize that setting a new launch record is a big achievement,” Morhaime continued. “However, we’re especially proud of the gameplay feedback we’ve received from players worldwide. We’re pleased that Diablo III has lived up to players’ high expectations, and we’re looking forward to welcoming more players into Sanctuary in the days ahead.”

Source: IncGamers.com

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    59 thoughts on “Diablo III Becomes Fastest-Selling PC Game Ever

      • I couldn’t care less. By the time I get to inferno we will be at 2nd expansion 😀

    1. This is awesome. I love all the people complaining stating the game sucks and its broken and they will never buy the game or whatever, and look at the numbers. They are all still playing.

      • Just a vocal minority taking the fun out of it.  Keep your flame shields up because the next play in the playbook is that old gem “oh, well nobody will be playing a year from now”.

        False.  I will be playing a year from now. 

        • I find that year from now thing to be kinda funny. 

          As if, after playing for 6 months, and logging 500-600+ hours into the game total, I decide to stop playing, someone will say “Hah! I was right! The game was a complete failure!”

      • Well, the biggest reason they complain is they either kinda like the game, or they want to love the game and so by vocalizing their complaints they hope that the game will be improved in the way they want it to be improved.

        They already spent money on the game, no harm in playing it if they’ve got nothing else to do.

      • Yep, just like COD.

        Not saying D3 is shit or rehash or anything because it isn’t, but sales numbers does NOT by any means equate to game quality, it only relates to the degree of marketing success of the franchise. 

    2. The game is great.
      They just need to fix the end game itemization and the balance of the classes, as well as improve server stability.

    3. Fanboys can white-knight the game all they want. I didn’t say the game sucks. It doesn’t.
      The loot system sucks.

    4. Steps to becoming the most pre-ordered game of all time:
      1. announce game & begin taking pre-orders
      2. Take a loooooooooooooooong time to release game

      • Duke Nukem Forever was taking pre-orders long before D3 and it didn’t come anywhere near D3 in pre-orders.  Its about the quality of the game, not just the length in which it took to come out.

        • No, it’s about the quality and reputation of the previous installment in a series.

          • Yes that does play in a little but, Duke Nukem 3D was looked at as a good game back when it came out.

            • Duke Nukem 3D is still looked at as a game that helped define a genre. DNF if it had come out in 2000 or whatever, would have been a good game, but its old technology and has no “realistic” feel which is what all the kiddies want now. They all want COD clones, not Quake/Duke style games.

    5. What’s really insane is I noticed on xfire it’s played even more than League of Legends. That’s some serious shit.

    6. Yeah, I think the incgamers poll is fairly representative. A large majority has a positive or strongly positive impression of the game, with a very small minority being seriously disappointed or hating on it. That minority is just very, very vocal.

      • So a poll on a diablo fanboy website is representative of the playerbase as a whole?
        Doubt it.

        • I should save this quote. I think it’s the first time we’ve ever been called a fanboy site. Much more often we’re called haters and skeptics and cynics, since we have our own opinions and will tell you guys the truth about major community issues, rather than just automatically rubber stamp everything Bliz PR says.

      • We have seen this a million times before during the development, so – I guess one has to get used to it;)

    7. After metacritic user scores, much hate about the game and the story finish-time, another one of my predictions come true… again. 

      I said a long time ago that Diablo 3 would be the fastest selling PC game of all time.

      Check my banned forum account’s old posts and you’ll all see there. In the end history proves me right once again but blizzard fanboys can’t see and idiots like noodle tries to ban “permaximum” word from this site. 🙂 Really noodle, why do you ban everything which includes permaximum in it?

      • Sorry to disappoint you but your name isn’t in the censor list. Hope your ego isn’t too dented. 😉

        As for predicting the success of Diablo 3 sales. Well der.



        • Then why does noodle the moderator (lmao) ban all accounts with names which contains permaximum? 

          I don’t want to disappoint you my lady but if you were one of my admins in my sites I would be angry at you since you don’t even know what your moderators are doing.

          Also, if you have ever seen all of your predictions come true one by one each passing day, wouldn’t you have a few good problems with your ego?

          However I accept there’s a little bit similarity between me and Dr. Doom. That shouldn’t mean I’m a bad guy. On the contrary, I see myself as a gentle and nice person.

          • I know what the moderators are doing. I know you’re banned for demonstrating socially inept behaviour.

            As for your predictions, as Dyz said, Captain Obvious strikes again.

    8. 6 million players and no one is joining my public game for 40mins now. Feels like a great system.

    9. Wow, that’s ten whole weeks of WoW revenue!
      Hope it was worth peeling off a quarter of the WoW sub base and giving a crappy impression of the brand (and IP) to millions.  According to this, Europe is still down over 12 hours later…
      Heckuva job, guys!

      • Erm I’ve found the battle.net website to be the worst possible place to find info on server status. It has  been wrong for most of last week. Just log in and see – I’ve not had problems in the EU at all after the first 30 minutes from launch..

    10. I bought the game. And it sucks. Stop defending blindly when you didn’t even experience what blizzard wants to pass as “endgame”. There is a common aknowledgement of how retarded the itemzation is and how utterly crap the class balance is on inferno.
      Enjoy your normal run but stop blabering shit as if you know how the situation is at endgame.
      The game is so bad and broken on multiple levels its just depressing.

      • I know….. Because it’s too hard for you right?


        Seriously go cry somewhere else. You’re not that good 

        • Enjoying normal?

          Or you probably played a wizzard and made fortunes on ah while abusing a broken skill.

          • I’m playing barb in late hell and yeah it’s hard, and yeah I expect I’ll get owned when I first hit act 1 inferno, but isn’t that sort of the point? I’m just looking forward to figuring out a build that works.

    11. So… where are the analyst who said that Diablo 3 would sell 4 million copies by the end of the year?

    12. Diablo 3 sucks. Has anyone ever played dungeon siege 3? Similar fate for a similar game, dumbed down for consoles and children players only to be forgotten soon after. The people that praise D3, despite it’s game breaking flaws abound, are what I call \Brandon\ players. Brandon was a kid in high school that didn’t really \get\ Diablo 2 like the rest of us. While we were working on specific builds with large pools of items in order to duel, Brandon was off talking shit with his Baranar’s Star and skill points spread like jam on toast, even whilst getting two shot by my EDC. I’m sure he appreciated the game, as he had every right to, however, he didn’t \get\ the game. If you think Diablo 3 is perfectly fine, you don’t \get\ the game. This has been the worst game launch week for the fastest selling video game. As consumers we have failed.

      • Again stop flattering yourself. You’re not that good.

        Especially when you can’t handle changes.

      • Maybe you have never played any other games during launch, because I can name a few others that have been pure shit. Hell Wow was worse than this, and a couple of the Xpacs lol.

    13. i agree with the loot system being broken. also i can’t help but feel the attribute system is a little out of whack too. all in all a great game. with the exception of belial’s plan in caldeum…

    14. Blizzard beat even the most optimistic predictions.

      And the Real Money Auction House to SELL virtual stuff for real money is not even launched yet.

      Add the PvP and this is going to be the biggest commercial PC game since WOW.

      Wait till those ultra rare legendary stats WILL drop in a few  weeks time and see how many weapon systems will be sold for 250 dollars in no time.

      Diablo 3 will do for hack/slash what Wow did for MMO’s: make it mainstream.

      It COULD be made better, but the appaling lack of ANY decent competition is showing through these numbers.

      Games like SWTOR are the real garbage in this world…


      • People are compling that yellows are better than legendaries. From what I read Rares can only have so many affixs and legendaries can have up to 12. When people start “farming” inferno and some 10+ mod Legendaries drop the cash will flow lol.

      • Agreed that EA is horrible non-competition in every way…
        But the proof will be in the pudding in a year when we see how much damage D3 (and pandas) has done to the WoW sub base, and, by implication, the brand.

    15. I’m afraid you dont \get\ Diablo 3. Would you say the gem system is fine in it’s current state? Within the first week, it costs less to buy a square gem than to upgrade 3 chipped gems. Would you say the server’s stability is fine in it’s current state?  What about Items in general, such as useless whites and blue items being sold by the hundreds with over 1200 dps?  Would you say inferno mechanics are fine? People constantly skipping elite packs, the end-game of Diablo 3, to fight the bosses.  Would you say it’s fine to be able to dupe items on the auction hall and allow an account to be hacked every minute regardless of authenticators being used? This game is a debacle in my eyes, I would like to hear your opinion on these matters. 

      • Responses as requested:

        – It’s far too early to judge anything economy wise in the game. Sure crafting his problems right now, but it’s not permanently broken. This goes for gems too. There’s no point Blizzard tuning these things until the economy settles down, which will be after the launch of the RMAH

        – Server stability has been fine in the EU apart from one or two isolated bumps and the first 30 minutes or so after launch 

        –  How are whites and blues with > 1200 DPS worthless?

        – Killing the act bosses isn’t the point of inferno, that’s why they put in nephelem valor

        – I’ve still not seen any actual evidence (not just someone whining on a forum post) that authenticator protected accounts have been compromised.

        Also what’s with the use of \\’s? It looks kinda silly…

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