Diablo III Battle.net Digital Box Art

Blizzard has added two Diablo III box art icons to their selection of Battle.net virtual box images. These pics do not represent the actual Diablo III box art; what you’ll see in the store, should you choose to buy the game in that physical form. This is just the icon you’ll see on your account when you have Diablo III tied to it. Remember the Beta box art we first saw back in August?

Lest anyone think they’re fake, you can see them on Battle.net, here and here. Thanks to a several people for the tip, especially Adam for sending the links.

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  1. seriously it’s a Deathwing

  2. Looks nice! 🙂   And no it does not look like Deathwing at all ^^

  3. Flux you forgot thanks to Zule for the boxart tip 🙂 i found it yesterday

  4. Too much Deathwingy 🙁

    It could have been a good impersonation of Diablo if we hadn’t seen any pictures of Deathwing as of yet.. although we have been bombarded by Wow and Deathwing for a year..

  5. I would be pretty much satisfied if that was the irl box art!

  6. Now that is a good box art! Not only is there darkness but there is also TERROR!
    Diablo’s theme is darkness and terror, not just darkness.

  7. All of the other battle.net game box icons match with the retail box.
    Even the CE icons.

  8. Deathwing has a horn on his nose and HUGE jaw with teeth that come up to his eyes… NOT EVEN CLOSE.  Ok, maybe a little close, but let’s not fuel the WoW similarity trolls.
    Looks great… much better than the ‘shopped ones we have seen over the past 3+ years.

  9. You guys are crazy. It looks like a Hydralisk

  10. WTF is this, looks like a mixture of burned hydralisk and Deathwing. Doesn’t even look like Diablo, nor does it bring any association with him being Lord of terror…

  11. It is such a shame that they do not realise how important it is to make it look and feel like Diablo. At the moment, it is just a hybrid of burnt Hydralisk and Deathwing, absolutely NOTHING to do with Diablo. Have a look at the Diablo 1 box… if you cannot see the difference, then there is no hope… Not that there is hope anyway since Blizzard is not known for changing their minds with respect to things like graphics/art etc.   What a pity ;-C 😥

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