The biggest piece of DiabloWikiDiablo III Merchandise yet revealed, the giant Barbarian Overthrown statue, sold out quickly when first offered by SideShow Toys. Even at $300, enough fans had a want to snap up all 750 of the limited edition paperweights, and for the past year they’ve only been available via ebay, where prices generally started around $500.

    If you missed out the first time, it’s your lucky day, since SideShow Toys has a few new ones back in stock, at the original $300 cover price. If you wanted one the first time, or if you’re the type who buys things other people want in hopes of reselling them for a profit, go for it. The order page is here.

    We’ve got dozens more (often rather creepy) pictures of the making-of process in the Merchandise gallery, if your eyes demand moar.

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